Jackson County Cemeteries

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5 Small Cemeteries
Abandoned Cemetery
Adams Cemetery
Allen Cemetery
Alley Cemetery
Anderson Cemetery
Bartleson Burying Ground
Bates Cemetery
Belcher Cemetery
Blue Ridge Cemetery
Blue Springs Cemetery
Bone Hill Cemetery
Boone Hays Cemetery
Bridges Cemetery
Brooking Cemetery
Broomfield Cemetery
Brown Cemetery
Buckner Cemetery
Burns Cemetery
Camp Cemetery
Campground Cemetery
Chapel Hill Cemetery
Chiddix (or Johnson) Cemetery
Chiles Burying Ground
Chiles Cemetery
Chrisman Cemetery
Christopher Mann Cemetery
Clements Cemetery
Confederate Cemetery
The Confederate Soldiers' Cemetery
Corinth Cemetery
Corn Cemetery
Courtney Cemetery
Cowherd Cemetery
Cummings Cemetery
Cusenbary Cemetery
Dalton Cemetery
The Davis Burying Ground
Dixon Cemetery
Douglas Cemetery
Drake Cemetery
Duncan Cemetery
D. W. Newcomers
Elmwood Cemetery
Flanery Cemetery
Forest Hills Cemetery
Franklin Cemetery
Ganzer Cemetery
Gardner Cemetery
George Cemetery
Gore Cemetery
Gosney Cemetery
Grange Cemetery
Green Chapel Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery
Hall Grave
Hall Cemetery
The Hardup Cemetery
Hare Cemetery
Luttrell Cemetery (a.k.a. Carr Cemetery)
Hedges Family Burying Grounds
Herrington Cemetery
Hickman Cemetery
Hill Cemetery
Hink Cemetery
Holiness Cemetery
House Cemetery
Howard Cemetery
Howell Cemetery
Hudspeth Cemetery
Hutt Farm Cemetery
Hylton Cemetery
Irwin Cemetery
James Bridger
Johnson Cemetery
Jones Cemetery
Kaw Township
Keeney Family Burying Ground
The Kerby Burying Ground and The Ervin Burying Ground
The Klapmeyer Burying Ground
Koger Cemetery
The Knoche Burying Ground
Lane Cemetery
Latimer Cemetery
Lee's Summit Cemetery
Lewis Cemetery
The Lipscomb Family Burying Ground
Little Shoal Cemetery
Lobb Cemetery
Log Creek School Cemetery
Lone Jack Cemetery
Long Cemetery
The Martin Corn Cemetery
Mason Cemetery
McGee Cemetery
McGuire Burying Ground
McPherson Cemetery
Mecklin Cemetery
Moore Cemetery
Morgan-Walker Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mt. Washington Cemetery
Necessary Cemetery
Noland Cemetery
Oak Grove Cemetery
Oakland Cemetery
Oldham Cemetery
Oldham - Thompson Cemetery
Overton Cemetery
Palestine Cemetery
Parrish Cemetery
Perdee Chapel Cemetery
Perdue Cemetery
NOTE: Additional Listings from Perdue Cemetery
Pitcher Cemetery
Pleasant Gardens Cemetery a/k/a Rheems Cemetery
Porter Cemetery
Poteet Cemetery
Reed Cemetery
Rice Burying Ground
Richards Cemetery
Robertson Cemetery
Robinson-Moore Cemetery
Rogers - Webb Resurrection Day Cemetery - NEW!
Salem Baptist Church Cemetery
New Santa Fe Christian Church Cemetery
Scott Cemetery
Sechrest Cemetery
Shelly Park Cemetery
Sibley Cemetery
Six Mile Baptist Church Cemetery
Slaughter Cemetery
Small Burying Grounds
Some Small Extinct Cemeteries
Smith Cemetery
Soldiers' Cemetery
Stanley Cemetery
Stanley-Hall Cemetery
Staples Cemetery
St. Clair Cemetery
Stegall Cemetery
Stephenson Cemetery
Early Catholic Cemeteries
St. Mary's Burials
Strode Cemetery
Talley Cemetery
Tatum Cemetery
The Gill Farm
Thompson Burying Ground
Underwood Cemetery
Union Cemetery
Unnamed Cemetery
Wade Family Burying Ground
Walker Cemetery
Watts Burying Ground
Webb Cemetery
Webb1 Cemetery
Webb2 Cemetery
Weir Cemetery
Wells Cemetery
Wells Family Burying Ground
Westport Cemetery
Westport Hidden Burial Ground
Whitsett Cemetery
William Moore Graveyard
Williams Cemetery
Woodlawn Cemetery
Woods Chapel Cemetery
Yankee Cemetery
Young Cemetery


Confederate Soldiers Buried On Mockbee Farm
Death Certificate For George Ross


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