Robinson-Moore Cemetery

Robinson-Moore Cemetery

Located on the Charles Morgan Farm, between Oak Grove and Mecklin. This little cemetery is located on a small rise about 750 feet East of the Outer Belt Road and about 600 South of Renick Road. It has been sadly neglected for many years, and the unfenced area is full of downed trees and has become a resting place for cows, who have trampled all the stones. It was in poor condition when read by the DAR in 1933; perhaps that is why several corrections to that report are reflected in this new reading.

(A large shaft, fallen:)

Moore, Robert R., d: March 30, 1874, age 67 years, 8 days
Moore, Sarah J., wife of R. R. Moore, d: Jan. 12, 1858 or 3; age: 27 years, 12 days
Moore, H. B., son of R. R. and S. J. Moore, d: Nov. 3, 1850; age: 7 months, 1 day
Moore, M. L. daughter of R. R. and L. W. Moore, d: Nov. 7, 1859; age: 16 years, 8 months, 19 days
Moore, N. A., son of R. R. and L. W. Moore, d: Oct. 30, 1866; age: 25 years, 8 months
Moore, Isabel, wife of R. R. Moore, d: Oct. 24, 1846, age 33 years, 2 months, 15 days
Moore, infant daughter of R. R. & I. W. Moore, d: May, 1842

(broken bottom portion:)
(Moore?), (infant), borne Sept. 21, a.d. 1844, died 27 Nov. age 67 days
(a small shaft with no markings.)
(the following footstones:)
M. R.
R. J.
B. R.

(Large flat stone, broken in half:)

Robertson, Mary, wife of R. B. Robertson, b: June 5, 1821, d: May 4, 1884, age 63 years, 10 months, 29 days

The DAR did not find the above stone, but reported instead:

Robinson, Martha A., b: Sept. 21, 1844, d: ??? (date obliterated)

Part of the cemetery has been plowed up and stones lost or removed.


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