Weir Cemetery

Section 19, Township 50N, Range 30W

Moore, George S., b: Dec. 13, 1818, d: April 4, 1851
Moore, there were several of the Moore family buried in this cemetery
Morgan, Martin M., b: May 27, 1803, d: July 6, 1849
Morgan, Nancy D., wife of Benjamin F. Morgan, b: Sept. 21, 1834, d: Dec. 21, 1854
Morgan, there were other Morgans buried in this cemetery
Weir, Andrew H., d: Jan. 9, 1881; age: 62 years, 3 months, 29 days
A stone "died June 17, 1855" (the stone is broken)

This is one of the most neglected cemeteries in the county. It is known that some of the
Hudspeth family were buried there. There is a suggestion of what was, long ago, a rock
vault. Many of the tombstones have been missing for years and the cemetery is becoming a place
of tradition only.

Copied June 21, 1933, by Miss Jessie M. Crosby


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