Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery

Kaw Township

Elmwood Cemetery comprises 50 acres of beautifully shaded land between Elmwood
Avenue and Van Brunt Boulevard, 12th and 15th Streets.

According to the records in the office of the Secretary of Elmwood Cemetery Society,
the first lots were sold in the year 1872. At that time it was a private enterprise
and it was so conducted until taken over by this Society. The first interment recorded is that of "infant Ayres." The block number and lot are indicated, but further information
is not obtainable for the record is not complete and there is no marker at the grave.

Elmwood Cemetery Society was incorporated under the laws of Missouri in 1896, and a charter
granted for 999 years. Because of the rapid growth of Kansas City, various small cemeteries
and family burying grounds were abondoned. The lists show that in the 80's, many
families made the change to Elmwood Cemetery.

The name of the pioneers of Jackson County and of the State of Missouri who are buried there are
too great in number to be fully given in this book. Those desiring further information are
referred to the files in the office of Elmwood Cemetery.

The following list of those who purchased lots in Elmwood Cemetery up to the year 1876, has been copied from those files:

Purchaser, date of purchase, lot description and block letter

Lyman O. Chapin, lot S 1/2 100, block L
John Baneolin, lot 18, block L
Sans W. Bonton, lot SW 1/4 67, block L
J. P. Weller, May 22, 1873, lot NW 1/4 38, block L
Martha M. Hicks, October 2, 1873, lot 29, block L
C C. Clemons, May 29, 1873, lot SE 1/4, block L
Mrs. Marion West, June 12, 1873, lots 85-86, block K
Louis Dauzer, June 17, 1873, lot E 1/2 66, block L
Frederick Eitilgeorge, June 17, 1873, lot E 1/2 24, block L
A. G. Trumbull, June 17, 1873, lot W 1/2 26, block L
Henry Meyer, Oct. 10, 1873, lot N 1/2 110, block L
Henry N. Ess, October 11, 1873, lot 117, block K
Robert H. Drennon, Oct. 13, 1873, lot E 1/2 67, block K
Dr. A. B. Taylor, Oct. 13, 1873, lots 23-24, block K
C. Wertz and son, Nov. 11, 1873, lot E 1/2 64, block L
Mrs. Louis King, Nov. 14, 1873, lot 66, block J
Geo. W. Evington, Feb. 11, 1874, lot NW 1/4 17, block L
D. W. Wells, June 30, 1874, lot 119, block K
Robert J. Holmes, July 11, 1874, lots 2-3-4, block N
Carl Spengler, Aug. 26, 1873, lot E 1/2 33, block L
E. A. Axtel, Sept. 29, 1874, lot E 1/2 36, block L
Thomas M. Speers, Sept. 29, 1874; lot 1/2 112, block K
E. L. Patch (canceled) Oct. 2, 1874, lot NE 1/4 167, block L
Mrs. I. P. Weeks, April 1, 1875, lot SW 1/4 106, block K
J. W. Dunlop, April 17, 1875, SE 1/4 32, block L
A. W. Allen, April 17, 1875, lot W 1/2 36, block L
Kansas City Kranken Schutz, May 25, 1875, lot 69, block L
Mrs. Tripp, Sept. 1, 1875; lot NE 1/4 112, block K
Charles Brooke, Sept. 25, 1875, lot N 1/2 32, block L
John E. Jewett, Sept. 25, 1875, lot N 1/2 103, block K
Stephen P. Twiss, Sept. 25, 1875, lot E 1/2 12, block L
Jane P. Skinner, Nov. 12, 1875, lot 118, block K

Compiled and copied by Mrs. Max A. Christopher, Regent Kansas City Chapter,
D. A. R. 1931-34


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