Boone Hays Cemetery

Sixty-third Street and Brooklyn Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri

This land was a part of the farm of Daniel Morgan Boone. In 1836, he sold it to Boone Hays. The first person buried there was a Mr. McCorkle, who worked for Daniel Morgan Boone.

The following members of the Boone family were buried there:

Col. Daniel Morgan Boone, b: Dec. 23, 1769, d: July 13, 1839
Sarah Griffin Lewis, wife of Daniel Morgan Boone, b: Jan. 29, 1786, d: June 19, 1850
Edward Boone, b: July 30, 1813, d: 1860
Elizabeth Levica Boone, wife of Jesse White, b: April 22, 1815, d: 1850
James Boone, b: 1819, d: 1852
Lorinda, wife of James Boone, d: 1865
William, son of James Boone
Cassandra Boone Cosby, b: Nov. 3, 1821, d: May 20, 1845
Morgan Boone, b: Aug. 3, 1824, d: 1852
Disa Stewart, wife of Morgan Boone, d: before 1851
Daniel Boone, b: March 27, 1809, d: 1880 (removed to Forest Hill Cemetery)
Samuel Hays, son of Boone Hays, b: Dec. 12, 1824, d: Dec. 6, 1872
Rebecca Berry, wife of Samuel Hays, d: June 1873
Mrs. Mariam Hays McMurtry, b: March 12, 1826
Mr. and Mrs. Linville Hays (removed to Belton, Missouri)
Upton Hays, d: 1867, age 6 years
Mrs. Cepriande Philabert (removed to Forest Hill Cemetery)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thompson
Lucinda Thomas Davis (removed to Independence, Missouri)
William Benham Carichael, b: March 9, 1828, d: April 21, 1890
Jerusha Mattison Cornett, wife of Wm. B. Carmichael, b: Jan. 5, 1840, d: Oct. 7, 1900
Martha Hefford, wife of J. R. Reynolds, d: July 1880, age 60 years
Henry Clay Rout, b: April 6, 1838, d: Aug. 24, 1863 (removed to Forest Hill Cemetery)
Eliza M. Hays, wife of H. C. Rout, b: 1844 (removed to Forest Hill Cemetery)
Frank Thomas (removed to Forest Hill Cemetery)
Leon Thomas (removed to Forest Hill Cemetery)
Three Rout children (removed to Forest Hill Cemetery)

In collecting the early records of the county, the committee found a difference of opinion as to where Daniel Morgan was buried. Some say he was buried in Westport Cemetery; others say he was buried in the Boone Hays Cemetery.


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