Webb2 Cemetery

Webb2 Cemetery

Section 11, Township 49N, Range 30W

One one date given. Approximate dates supplied by Mrs. Mollie Williams of Grain Valley, granddaughter of John and Susan Barnett

Barnett, John, d: about 1893, over 70 years old
Barnett, Susan, wife of John Barnett, d: about 1879; age: about 55 years
Carson, John, husband of Susan Carson, d: April 1, 1877; age: 63 years
Graham, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Susan Barnett, d: 1888; age: about 48 years
Graham, Billie, son of Elizabeth
Graham, R. J.
Graham, S. E.
Graham, J. H.
Owings, Richard, d: 1899; age: 59 years
Owings, Mattie, wife of Richard Owings, and daughter of John and Susan Barnett, d: about 1920, age: 73 years
Owings, Delly, son of Richard and Mattie Owings, d: 1915; age: 35 years
Owings, Leona Ellan, d: 1878; age: 3 weeks
Owings, Johnnie, d: 1873, age: 2 years


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