Some small Extinct Cemeteries

Some Small Extinct Cemeteries

Kaw Township

Once located within the present city limits of Kansas City, Missouri
Data and records concerning these old cemeteries have been collected and compiled by Miss Jessie M. Crosby. They are:

Data contributed by Mrs. J. E. Bales of Lee's Summit, Missouri

There was a family burying ground on the Walter Bales farm. The bodies of those buried there
have been removed to the Bales lot in Elmwood Cemetery.

An interesting claim of the Bales family is that when Walter Bales settled here, he was
much distressed because of the lack of schools in the locality, and to promote education, he
built the first school house.

Section 18, Township 48, Range 32W
Jesse Barnes and his wife were early settlers of Brooking Township. He owned the NW quarter of Section 17, Township 48, Range 32. They were buried on the NE quarter of Section 18, Township 48, Range 32W. The markers at their graves have disappeared but Morris Hartman remembers the dates on Mr. Barnes' tombstone as being born 1776, d: Oct. 15 or Nov. 15, 1849.

William Gore, who was murdered near this burying place, was buried here, but was later removed to the Palestine Cemetery.

Cypress Avenue, between 24th and 25th Streets
Data contributed by Mrs. Samuel Hudson Laws

"The Campbell cemetery was on the farm of John Wallace Campbell, which he bought in 1833.
The cemetery would not be located on what is Cypress Avenue, between 24th and 25th Streets.
John Wallace Campbell and wife, Eliza Ann Laws Campbell, were buried there, and in 1898, owing
to the ground being taken into the city, the bodies were taken up and moved to the Brooking
Cemetery. John Wallace Campbell was b: Feb. 12, 1810,d: June 26, 1853. Eliza Ann Laws Campbell,
wife of John Wallace Campbell, d: May 11, 1848 (have no record of her birth)."

Section 31, Township 49, Range 32W
Collings, Ann Yates, b: Feb. 24, 1822, d: March 11, 1905
Collings, Frank, d: 1860; age: 23 years
Collings, William Hellier, b: May 11, 1821, d: April 25, 1904
Collings, Caroline, wife of Wm. H. Collings, Jr.
Compton, Amanda, b: Feb. 16, 1817, d: Dec. 13, 1904
Compton, Joel, b: Sept. 7, 1816, d: Sept. 21, 1892

12th Street and Hardesty Ave., Kansas City, MO
Contributed by Mrs. L. W. King (nee Collins)

This land was owned by Ancel Collins and Thomas West.
Collins, Michael
Collins, Rebecca Noland, wife of Michael Collins, daughter of Ledstone Noland, Mr. and Mrs. Collins,
died before the Civil War.
Collins, Leander
West, Mrs.
Wimsatt, infant daughter of Arland and Elizabeth Wimsatt
These bodies were removed about 1888 to Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri
There were other graves in this cemetery which have never been removed but all record of them has been lost

Section 5, Township 48, Range 32W
Cox, William, d: before 1854. He came to Jackson County in 1831 from Scott County, VA (Lynch River)
Cox, Nancy Ervin, wife of Wm. Cox, d: before 1854
Cox, John, d: May 28, 1898; age: 77 years, 1 month, 2 days
Cox, Charlotte Price, wife of John Cox, b:Jan. 18, 1832, d: 1915
Cox, Mary, wife of Henry Cox, d: April 13, 1854; age: 24 years, 2 months, 23 days
Cox, James M., son of J. and C. T. Cox, d: Nov. 20, 1863; age: 1 year, 6 months, 10 days
Cox, Miriah, daughter of J. and C. T. Cox, d: Jan. 13, 1867; age: 3 years
Cox, Birdie, daughter of J. and C. T. Cox
Cox, Mary, wife of G. I. Cox
Price, Martin, d: Dec. 1890
Price, wife of Jack Price
Rice, Eviline, daughter of James Rice; married first, ? Hilton; second, Henderson Graves (no marker)

27th Street and Van Brunt, Kansas City, MO
Data contributed by Mrs. Samuel Hudson Laws

Alfred Laws was killed on his farm by bushwhackers during the Civil War. He was buried
in the Green Cemetery.

Brooklyn Avenue and 30th Street, Kansas City, MO
Data contributed by John Frank Lee Holloway

"My grandfather, James Allen Holloway, came to Jackson county from Kentucky in the year
1846. He purchased 200 acres of land now a portion of Kansas City. A portion of the land
has been set aside as the Spring Valley Park, and it was at the springs there, that Grandfather
got his water for his home as well as his stock. The Burial Lot was located on the East side of
Brooklyn and about 100 feet north of 30th street. This burial lot was condemned by the city some 35
years ago. My father, Ben T. Holloway, was ordered to remove the graves, which he did, after
opening some 30 graves and placing whagt could be found of the remains of one large walnut box, he
had the bodies placed in our family lot in Elmwood Cemetery.

I have no knowledge who was buried there, outside of my grandfather, who died at 67 years and my
father's first wife, "Cannin" (Millie Canine). She was one of the old families of Jackson county.
There were a number of the children of the Holloway slaves buried in the lot, and, I judge, my father's
mother, my grandmother Holloway ("Timpy" Holloway), who died about 1850, for my father was but 9 years
old at the time of her death. My father's oldest brother was named James Holloway, and he died in the
Civil War, so I presume he was buried in the lot. My grandmother Holloway was a Thornburg."

Kansas City, Missouri
Contributed by Mrs. Mattie Stevenson, daughter of Silas Holmes

Silas Holmes came to Kansas City in 1844 from Kentucky. He died Aug. 15, 1855, and was the first
one buried in this plot on his farm.
Bailey, Alfred
Bailey, Betsy, wife of Alfred Bailey
Bailey, Alice, age: 2 1/2 years
Bailey, William, age: 2 years
Mrs. Locket and baby, died of cholera
Mr. Knight, a young man living near
Three members of a family living near died of cholera, a father and 2 daughters; Mrs. Stevenson
could not remember their names
Mrs. Stevenson is a daughter of Silas Holmes
These remains were removed to Elmwood Cemetery

6th and Bluff Streets

The Jarboe family had a burying ground at 6th and Bluff streets. The bodies of those buried there
were later removed to the Catholic Cemetery.

Section 29, Township 50, Range 32 W

The farm of Phillip Knoche was situated where the Blue river empties into the Missouri river. The
family burying ground was on this farm. Sometime later 1890 the bodies of those buried there were removed
to Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri.

Section 1, Township 48, Range 33 W

There were several members of John Melton's family buried on this farm.

Section 36, Township 49, Range 33 W

Rice, B. L., b: April 6, 1822, d: Jan. 17, 1918
Rice, Jane, wife of B. L. Rice, b: Sept. 27, 1827, d: Feb. 1, 1901 Benjamin L. Rice went to the Mexican War with Col. Doniphan.

Section 5, Township 48, Range 32 W

Rice, Archibald, b: Dec. 18, 1782, d: Oct. 14, 1849 He came to Jackson County, Missouri, in 1832 from North Carolina
Rice, Sallie, wife of Archibald Rice, b: Feb. 29, 1794, d: Aug. 5, 1852
Rice, Mary, b: July 20, 1820, d: Nov. 8, 1826
Rice, Martha B., b: Aug. 15, 1822, d: Nov. 24, 1838
Rice, Mary Ann, b: March 29, 1827
Rice, Mamervia R., b: April 9, 1829
Rice, Louisiana, b: March 10, 1835, d: Feb. 2, 1848
Rice, Quintiller, b: Oct. 1, 1831, d: July 31, 1848
Stone, Sarah R. Rice, d: May 25, 1866

Section 32, Township 49, Range 32 W

Rhoades, George T.
Rhoades, George W.
Rhoades, Mary A.
Stovall, Harry, son of John Stovall
Thompson, three children of M. T. Thompson
Woodson, three children of A. M. Woodson These bodies have been removed to the Brooking Cemetery

Section 6, Township 48, Range 32 W

Brusaw, Leonard, son of Leonard Brusaw
Cox, Delie, daughter of Carter Cox
Cox, Julia, wife of Carter Cox
Cox, Magg, wife of Carter Cox
Cox. W. W.
Mockbee, Reuben, d: 1878
Morris, Cora May, b: May 15, 1868, d: March 15, 1870
Morris, John Henry, b: June 27, 1866, d: June 29, 1866
Morris, William, d: 1873
Searcy, Christopher Reed, d: 1897; age: 40 years
Searcy, Sarah Jane Cox, wife of Christopher Reed Searcy, d: Oct. 1915; ag: 67 years. These bodies have been removed to the Brooking Cemetery. Graves not marked.

Brighton Avenue and 24th Street, Kansas City MO
Contributed by Mr. Robert L. Smith (relative)

Jackson, Carrie, daughter of Isaac and Mariah Jackson
Smith, Arthur
Smith, Ann Maria, wife of Arthur Smith
Smith, Bell, daughter of Wallace and George Ann Smith
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Ruth, wife of Thomas Smith
Steele, Larkin
Steele, Cassie Owens, wife of Larkin Steele
Steele, Jennie, daughter of Richard and Lizzie Steele
Mr. Seabold
These bodies were removed to Elmwood Cemetery

NW corner of 12th and Main Street, Kansas City, MO
Contributed by Mrs. Louis E. Newman, granddaughter of Thomas Austin Smart

Mr. Smart gave the lot on this corner of the First Christian Church, where the church
was built in 1859, but retained the privilege of the Smart burial grounds in the rear of the

Thomas Austin Smart, son of Elisha and Ann Glover Smart, was born in Campbell county, VA., near
Lynchburg, on March 16, 1806, and died in Kansas City, Missouri, Sept. 18, 1879. He was
raised in Montgomery county, KY., where he moved with his family at an early age. He, with his
wife, Harriet Louise Thompson Smart, settled in KC in 1839. There were 9 children by this marriage.

Harriet L. Thompson Smart, 1st wife of Thomas A. Smart, died of cholera May 6, 1849, at the
age of 40 years, 2 months.

Martha Smart, a daughter, died March 10, 1861; age: 15 yearfs, 2 months

Mrs. Newman believes that these two were buried in the Smart Cemetery, as were probably George,
William, Robert, Thomas and Mary, children, who died quite young. There is no record to be
found of the death of these last named children. No bodies were removed from the Smart graveyard
so far as Mrs. Newman can ascertain, except that of Mrs. Smart.

Mary A. Smart (second wife of T. A. Smart), d: July 11, 1892
Thomas A. Smart was buried in Union Cemetery
Mrs. Eliza Ridge, a daughter, is buried in the Dr. I. M. Ridge lot in Union Cemetery
Mrs. Caroline Graves, a daughter, was buried in Mt. Washington Cemtery, b: April 21, 1829, d: 1919
Mrs. Harriet M. Bryant, a daughter was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Independence, MO., b: March 4, 1850, d: April 8, 1920
NOTE: The three last named were daughters of Thomas A. Smart and wife, Harriet L. Smart

Section 6, Township 48, Range 32 W

Davenport, George, b: 1842
Susan, b: 1848, d: 1914
Goins, B. E., b: 1847, d: 1919
Mariah C., wife of B. E. Goins, b: Dec. 25, 1835, d: Oct. 20, 1913
Rice, Nathaniel, d: Jan. 10, 1892; age: 63 years, 9 months, 6 days
Harriet L., wife of N. Rice, d: Sept. 9, 1872; age: 37 years, 10 months, 29 days
Serelda J., wife of N. Rice, d: Aug. 28, 1873; age: 44 years, 11 days
Rice, infant daughter of Nathaniel and Harriet L. Rice, b: Feb. 1863
West, James N., d: Aug. 2, 1871; age: 69 years, 8 months, 18 days
West, Dicea, wife of James N. West, d: June 8, 1883; age: 74 years, 4 months, 15 days
West, Mary E., daughter of James N. and Dicea West, d: Nov. 14, 1862; age: 20 years, 6 months, 5 days
West, Henry M., son of J. N. and D. West, d: Nov. 24, 1873; age: 35 years, 6 months, 7 days
West, Mary A., wife of J. H. West, d: Sept. 6, 1856; age: 19 years, 6 months, 2 days
West, Mary A., daughter of J. H. and M. A. West, d: Nov. 18, 1862; age: 7 years, 2 months, 28 days

Section 3, Township 48, Range 32 W

There were a number of graves near the old West Fork Baptist Church.
The only record obtainable is that of:
Thomas Dehoney, b: 1784, d: March 31, 1853
Martilia, daughter of Thomas Dehoney, b: Sept. 8, 1824, d: June 20, 1851 Thomas Dehoney married Harriet Gatewood Feb. 12, 1819


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