William Moore Graveyard

High on the pastureland at the rear of the present large stone mansion of DR. ROBERT E. BRUNER, is the Moore graveyard. The mansion at 14909 Little Blue Road was built by HANS DIERKS (Kansas City lumberman in the early 1900's) and later became the retreat of JAMES PENDERGAST. The cemetery was established on the William Moore homestead when DRUSILLA MOORE died in 1842. William Moore's death followed in 1843. A pioneer neighbor, MR. KERR, a close friend, was invited to share the graveyard, and for a few years members of the Kerr family were buried there.

80 years later, the Daughters of the American Revolution decided to mark the grave of William Moore, the veteran soldier. Through the efforts of the Moore descendants a native stone boulder was hauled to the site and securely embedded in concrete, and two bronze markers were fastened, since Moore had served in 2 wars.

Dedication services were held July 8, 1928, by the DAR's led by the regent, MRS. HENRY J. OTT. The JAMES KEARNEY Chapter of the United Daughters of 1812 and its president, MRS. GEORGE W. TOWNSEND, were also present.

The land on which the graveyard was located changed owners many times. Finally it became the property of JOHN KERR, son of the old pioneer friend of the Moores. When John Kerr sold the property he kept or reserved the little plot of the graveyard. Then, in order to preserve it more permanently, he deeded it to the County Court, and it was placed under the County Park System.


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