Chiles Burying Ground

Chiles Burying Ground

Section 14, Township 50, Range 31

John Henry Chiles and his wife, Sarah, were buried on their farm. Mr. Chiles died before his wife did and Mrs. Perrin remembers that Mrs. Chiles died about 1848. There are no markers at their graves. They came from Clark County, Kentucky, to Jackson County, Missouri. They were the parents of the following:

John, b: Nov. 25, 1790
Richard, b: Nov. 20, 1792
Susan, b: Aug. 14, 1793
Henry, b: Feb. 1, 1796
Christopher, b: Dec. 18, 1800
James, b: Aug. 16, 1803
Joel Franklin, b: Jan. 20, 1806
William, b: Feb. 20, 1808
Joseph Ballinger, b: July 16, 1810
Alexander M. E., b: Nov. 14, 1814

All of their children settled in Jackson County, Missouri.


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