Additional Listings
from Perdue Cemetery


The caretakers of Perdue Cemetery have informed us 
that the following listings are not located in this cemetery. 

We have removed them from the Perdue Cemetery page 
and are listing them here in hopes someone will recognize 
the names and help us place them with the correct cemetery.

Thank you,
LaRae & Eireann


[text as it was on the page]

these were added later; (dates taken from gravestones)

Bohn, Jessie, b: 1899, d: 1940, James W's mother)
Bohn, James W., b: 2/12/1924, d: 3/3/1943

Brammer, Rosa Bell, b: 1847, d:1939 (married to Green C)
Brammer, Green C., b: 1847, d: 1928

Freeman, Sr., John O., b: 4/4/1922, d: 7/31/1982 (Charles/Ruby Johnson's son-in-law)

Huff, John R., b: 1863, d: 1903
Huff, Eliza B., b: 1868, d: 1935, married to John R.

Johnson, Charles H., b: 1896, d: 1971
Johnson, Ruby M., b: 1898, d: 1985, married to Charles H.
Johnson, Junio, b: 1920, d: 1935, Charles/Ruby Johnson's son 


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