Perdue Cemetery

NW Quarter Section 35, Township 48, Range 30W

This cemetery lies West of Brown Road and about 1/2 a mile South of Colburn Road. It is on the crest of a small rise and in excellent condition, surrounded by an animal-proof fence about 50 feet square. There are no recent burials. The DAR read only 5 stones in 1933, though there were about 15 stones there at the time. Three of the stones (*) are in extremely poor condition and scarcely readable.

From the West side:

Perdue, Mark, b: June 12, 1823, d: April 19, 1900
Perdue, Dorcas, wife of Mark Perdue, d: March 28, 1880; age: 57 years, 4 months, 29 days
Perdue, Orpha E., daughter of Mark & Dorcas Perdue, b: 1854, d: 1931
Harris, Maggie M., wife of N. O. Harris, b: Oct. 18, 1885, d: Jan. 25, 1907
"infant" (no names)
Leonard, Mary Ellen, b: 1849, d: 1921
Perdue, W. C., b: Sept. 7, 1847, d: Sept. 4, 1914
*Perdue, (June?) (rest unreadable)
*Perdue, Mamie, daughter of Mark & Maggie Perdue, d: July 13, 1885?
*Perdue, Paul, son of Mark & Maggie Perdue, called home May (4)?, 1897
(Footstones:) Leana (no other data)
Perdue, Lela, daughter of T. B. & Leota Perdue, March 14, 1897 (only date)
Brown, Sarah S., daughter of J. C. & D. V. Brown, d: Sept. 20, 1897
(4 grooved bases, stones missing)
Metal marker in corner:
Perdue, Orpha E. b: Sept. 22, 1854, d: Jan. 21, 1931
Footstones piled in corner: "DP", "WEP", "LJP", "MP"
Portion of broken stone, "son of Mark & ????per????, bo?? Mar. 1, ???, di???, Aug.???
In 1934, the DAR also found these monuments:

Perdue, Luke, son of Mark and Dorcas Perdue, b: July 12, 1842, d: Sept. 1856
Perdue, Odly, daughter of W. T. and S. Smith, b: Nov. 17, 1876, d: Sept. 1, 1877


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