Morgan Walker Family Cemetery

Morgan-Walker Inscriptions for Quantrell

Here is what the monument about Quantrell at the entrance of Morgan Walker Family Cemetery-Blue Springs, MO on Hwy. 7 on the James Lewis School Property, about 30-40 yards from the school building.


All of the original stones are gone (apparently stolen). There is a big old marker two newer monuments, one at the entrance of the cemtery and the other a short distance. There is a lot of glass from broken beer bottles. The monument at the entrance states burials with full dates. The other monument talks about how William Clarke Quantrell, infamous Civil War guerilla started on the Moral Walker Farm.

A short distance from here stood the house of James Morgan Walker. Where the Civil War guerilla leader William Clarke Quantrell began his career.

Walker originally from Kentucky, settled here on land purchased from James Lewis in 1843. He owned 2,000 acres of land, which included a 2 story home, facing east, containing 9 rooms. The home burned right after the Civil War. Walker died in 1866 and is buried in the family cemetery just north of here.

On the evening of December 10, 1860, Quantrell and 5 Kansas abolitionists came to "steal" Walkers slaves, but Quantrell had secretly told the family of the plan. An ambush was set. That night one abolitionist was killed, two were killed the next day, while 2 escaped.

One year later, Andrew Walker Morgan's son, joined Quantrell and ten other Jackson county men in pursuit of a band of Kansas Jayhawkers who were looting homes in the area. This was the beginning of the Quantrell guerilla band.

Walker Cemetery known burials:

Franklin, Sarah Jane, daughter of John & Lucy Franklin, b: Oct 21, 1837, d: January 5, 1840
Walker, James Morgan, d: Sept 7, 1866, age 72 years, 6 months, 14 days
Walker, Polly, wife of James M. Walker, d: Oct 6, 1876, age 74 years, 6 months, 26 days
Walker, Dudley, son of J. M. & P. Walker, d: Dec 18, 1839, age 6 months
Walker, Jefferson, son of J. M. & P Walker, d: 1840, age 8 years, 8 days

According to family members there are more than 5 people there.



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