Overton Cemetery

Overton Cemetery

Section 5, Township 49, Range 32W
Van Horn Road and Evanston
Contributed by Mrs. Lizzie Moore of Liberty, MO

Jesse Overton came from New Orleans, LA., to Jackson county, MO., before the Civil War. His wife was Debrah Cameron, daughter of Dave and Rachel Rose Cameron. They were from near Dallas, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Overton were buried in this cemetery. She died during the second year of the Civil War, after the battle of Wilson Creek. There were also eight of the Overton children and thirty of the Overton slaves buried there. Mary Jane Wales, wife of William P. Overton, oldest son of J. and D. Overton, d: 1852; age: 23 years, she was from Boston, MA., and was the daughter of Loring and Marie (Du Pont) Wales.

John Maxwell and daughter, Emma, later moved to Independence cemetery
John Maxwell's wife was Matilda Overton
Mrs. Tom Duncan
Mrs. John Wallace
William Smitzen
Mr. and Mrs. Dorton
Dave Farlow, removed to Independence cemetery
Three children of James Franklin Overton, youngest son of Jesse and Debrah Overton

As Jesse Overton and Aaron Overton were related by marriage, some people might think that they
came from the same Overton family, but Mrs. Moore emphasized the fact that there was no blood relationship.

Copied by Miss Jessie M. Crosby


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