The Knoche Burying Ground

The Knoche Burying Ground

Section 47, Range 33W

The head of this family who came to America and to Jackson county, Missouri, a few years prior to the Civil War, was Johannes Franz Knoche, who with his wife, Elizabeth (Strochbine) Knoche, were born, reared and married in Prussia. Franz (Frank) Knoche was a soldier in the Prussian army before coming to America. In sections 28 and 29 in Washington township the Knoche family purchased farm land in the locality known today as 140th and Holmes.

On this farm was a family burying ground. This land was in the path of the fast-growing demand for smaller acerage and this old Knoche farm was sold. About the year 1916 "Jim" Knoche, a descendant of the immigrant ancestor, helped to remove all of the bodies which had been interred there, to the cemetery in Belton, Cass County, Missouri.

The following inscriptions were copied from the stones of members of this Jackson County family, which are found on the lot at the cemetery in Belton, Missouri:

Chandler, Elijah, b: Jan. 11, 1821, d: Nov. 15, 1906
Chandler, Jane, wife of E. Chandler, d: July 10, 1890; age: 64 years, 9 months, 18 days

Knoche, Johannes Franz, b: Nov. 8, 1796, d: Oct. 10, 1865
Knoche, Elizabeth, b: Oct. 12, 1804, d: June 9, 1891
Knoche, Henry, b: Feb. 24, 1839, d: Aug. 26, 1918
Knoche, Amalie, b: Feb. 7, 1855, d: Dec. 20, 1891, age: 36 years, 10 months, 21 days
Knoche, George Ludwig, b: May 19, 1850, d: Sept. 5, 1897
Knoche, Julia, b: May 20, 1883, d: June 1, 1884
Knoche, Ch. Enoch, b: March 20, 1876, d: Nov. 18, 1877
Knoche, John, b: Sept. 7, 1828, d: Oct. 29, 1915
Knoche, Anne E. b: Jan. 17, 1846, d: Oct. 24, 1919
Knoche, Louis, b: Dec. 9, 1834 (no dates for death)
Knoche, Katherine, wife of Louis Knoche, b: April 30, 1843, d: Dec. 8, 1909
Knoche, Daniel, b: Nov. 10, 1852, d: Aug. 18, 1917
Knoche, Mary, wife of D. Knoche, b: April 21, 1868, d: Aug. 7, 1883
Kuntz, John, b: May 9, 1855, d: March 12, 1908

Rector, Bennett, b: 1870, d: 1925
Wallace, Charlie, son of T. W. and E. Wallace, b: Jan. 9, 1874, d: Feb. 10, 1880


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