Abandonded Cemetery

Abandoned Cemetery

On Farm owned by Mr. J. H. Phillips, Lone Jack, Missouri
Section 32, Township 47, Range 29W

The data on all the cemeteries in Van Buren Township, with the exception of Koger and Adams, was compiled and copied by Mrs. Hale Houts, assisted by her son, Oliver Lee Houts.

The following information is supplied by Mr. Phillips regarding the cemetery on his farm; there being no markers and the descendants seemingly not interested in its care and preservation, it has been converted into a corn field.

The following burials are known by Mr. Phillips to have taken place:

Mrs. Hopper, d: 1855 (remaining members of her family moved to California)
Mr. James, first school teacher of Mr. J. H. Phillips' father (Mr. J. H. Phillips was born in 1855)
Mr. Jesse Riding's mother, maiden name Bradley

Mr. R. W. Pilcher supplied the following pertaining to members of the Pilcher family who were also buried in this cemetery:

Daniel Pilcher, buried on Phillips' farm in 1848, age: 40 or 50 years
Isaac Pilcher and James Pilcher, buried in 1847 or 1848, ages: 10 or 12 years old


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