Parrish Cemetery

35th Street and Bales Avenue

This plot of ground, 118 x 114 feet, was set aside as a burying ground by William Parrish in 1849. The first burial in the cemetery was in 1851 when Miss Missouri Parrish, a daughter of the founder, was interred. Mr. Parrish came to Kansas City in 1827.

In 1926 the bodies of those buried in this cemetery were exhumed and moved to Forest Hill Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri

Others buried there:
William Parrish
Robert L. Hall, a son-in-law, d: 1876
Andrew Johnson, a son-in-law, d: 1882
Eliza Jane Johnson, a daughter, d: 1882
Mary R. Montgall, a daughter, d: 1869
Henry C. Parrish, a son, d: 1860
Angeline Parrish, a daughter, d: 1889
Mary R. Montgall, a granddaughter, d: 1881
William Parrish, a son, d: 1873
Eliza Parrish, wife, d: 1871
Joseph Braden, a brother-in-law, d: 1880
Missouri Parrish, a granddaughter, d: 1881
William A. Priest, a grandson, d: 1859
William Montgall, a son-in-law, d: 1871
Three infant sons of Wm. Montgall, d: 1859, 1861, 1863
Margaret Bradley, a daughter, d: 1886
Ralph Bradley, a grandson, d: 1879
Margaret Bradley, a granddaughter, d: 1882
Maletus Bradley, a grandson, d: 1863
James W. Bradley, a grandson, d: 1851
Thomas E. Bradley, a grandson, d: 1851
Edith Bradley, a granddaughter,d: 1880
Levi W. Bradley, a son-in-law, d: 1882


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