Long Cemetery

Long Cemetery

Section 26, Township 50, Range 32W

This small burial ground lies about 800 feet South of Kentucky Road, opposite the entry of Courtney Road from the North. It is on the E side of a small pond, surrounded by a fence about 35 x 45 feet, and in good condition. Protecting this property were 2 large dogs, one of which was a monster that came up to my waist.

This one is a puzzler. It must hae been quite overgrown when read by the DAR in 1933, as the report was quite incomplete and serval stones, apparently there at the time, were missed. In November, 1991 these markers were found:

Ward, James R., d: Jan. 17, 1847, age 33 years
Footstone, initials MJS
Short, Mary (Mae?), daughter of G. W. Short, d: Dec. 27, 1872, age 3 years, 11 months, 16 days
Walker, Laura J., wife of L. H. Walker, d: July 16, 1878, age 23 years, 9 months, 28 days, Footstone LJW
Long, Robert Nicholas, b: Oct. 27, 1823, d: March 29, 1885
Long, Frances Agnes, b: July 28, 1836, d: May 5, 1916

These additional stones were reported by the DAR in 1933:
Long, Aletha A., wife of Robert Nicholas Long
Lucas, Coretta (no dates)

Contributed by Mrs. Hale Houts and Miss Jessie M. Crosby


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