Hutt Farm

Cemetery on the Hutt Farm

Formerly known as the Alexander Farm
Section 35, Township 47, Range 29W

Families by the names of Alexander, Crisp and Graham were buried here. The tombstones have been removed from the original site and only two are in such condition that the inscriptions can be read:

Crisp, Ruth, wife of Reddin Crisp, d: Decmeber 7, 1852; age, 69 years

Graham, Daniel, d: September 13, 1858; age: 64 years

Other burials:
(The following data was supplied by Mrs. Luther Rowland, Cockrell, Mo., a grandaughter of Danial Graham.)

Graham, Celey, wife of Daniel Graham

Crisp, Reddin

Edmonston, Mary and Martha (twin)

N. B. The Edmonstons were related to the Grahams, Celey Graham was thought to be a sister of Reddin Crisp.


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