Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

The King Burying Ground
Section 17, Township 47, Range 33W

Near 130th Street, between Holmes Street and Wornall Road, on the old King Farm, is located this community burying ground. Mr. Urial Holmes, who came to Missouri from Tennessee with his parents in 1853, relates the fact that this site has been used for burials many years prior to the time his parents came to Missouri. About 1878 Mr. Holmes and Dr. J. E. Watson platted the ground into lots and named this community burying ground, "Mount Pleasant Cemetery." The following inscriptions were copied from the stones in this old cemetery, by Mrs. Milton McGee Vincent and Mrs. Max A. Christopher.

Bart, Faldine (no stone)
Baxter, Peter Howard, b: 1837, d: 1898
Barger, Elizabeth, b: April 15, 1830, d: Jan. 9, 1894
Barger, James, son of H. and E. Barger, b: May 22, 1867, d: March 6, 1870
Barger, Marietta, wife of Henry Barger, d: Sept. 12, 1864; age: 36 years, 4 months, 2 days
Barager, Henry, d: June 19, 1878; age: 65 years, 3 months, 2 days (note the difference in spelling the name of members of the same family)

DeLong, Martha K., d: Nov. 19, 1860; age: 28 years, 6 months, 2 days

Harris, ("Granny") Phoebe, wife of Richard Harris, b: 1799, d: 1887. No stone at her grave. Information gibven by Urial Holmes, grandson. Her maiden name was Harris also. Her husband, Richard Harris, went to Tennessee from Virginia in 1827 and died in Hawkins county, Tennessee.
Holmes, Urial, b: Oct. 5, 1811, d: July 27, 1855; age: 43 years, 22 days
Holmes, Sallie E. J., wife of U. Holmes, b: Jan. 26, 1821, d: March 1, 1870; age: 49 years
Holmes, Mary V., daughter of H. H. and R. M. Holmes, d: Sept. 25, 1899; age: 1 year, 2 months
Hays, Albert E., son of W. L. and Mary Hays, b: Sept. 15, 1886, d: Oct. 8, 1888
Hays, William L., and wife Mary Hays, d: in 189?, and buried in this cemetery. No stones.

King, William, d: April 3, 1857; age: 69 years, 6 months, 8 days
King, J. L., husband of Dora King, b: Oct. 18, 1846, d: Dec. 27, 1891
Knoche, Louis, son of E. and G. Knoche, b: July 29, 1860, d: Oct. 1, 1871

Lee, Earl E., son of G. W. and Dora Lee, d: July 8, 1906; age: 15 years, 9 months, 26 days
Lee, Geo. W., d: June 18, 1907; age: 49 years, 8 months, 14 days

Miller, David S., b: May 4, 1805, d: Feb. 17, 1879
Manion, James W., b: Jan. 5, 1804, d: Nov. 2, 1856
McCraw, Thomas W., b: 1839, d: 1930
McCraw, Jane, wife of Thomas W. McCraw, b: 1845, d: 1893
McCraw, Alonzo, b: 1872, d: 1889
McCraw, Thomas, b: 1880, d: 1897 McPherson, Edward, b: Dec. 20, 1809, d: Aug. 27, 1889
McPherson, Angeline, wife of Edward McPherson
McPherson, Lydia Barlett (first) wife of Albert McPherson, d: 1877. No stone. Was buried by the side of Almeda Treadway (information given by Roy McPherson, a son).

Parsons, Baldwin, husband of Elizabeth Parsons, b: May 12, 1803, d: April 23, 1862

Townsley, Oma, daughter of Theo. and Sallie Townsley, d: Sept. 28, 1885; age: 4 years, 11 months, 14 days

See, William M., son of J. and N. See, d: July 5, 1849; age: 21 years (This young man died while enroute west with his parents in 1849. This cemetery is a short distance from the old Santa Fe Trail and the Oregon Trial. After 84 years, the marble head stone and the stone vault, above ground, are in excellent condition.)
Savage, Nellie May, daughter of F. C. and S. Savage, d: Jan. 29, 1890; age: 1 year, 4 months, 14 days
Shelton, John, b: Oct. 1788, d: April 25, 1854
Shelton, Mary, wife of John Shelton, d: Dec. 18, 1878 (stone broken)
Shelton, John E., son of J. and M. Shelton, b: Dec. 14, 1835, d: March 30, 1840
Shelton, Alvis H., son of J. and M. Shelton, b: April 23, 1824, d: Jan. 21, 1859
Sharp, Moses T., b: July 28, 1846, d: March 19, 1887 (N. B. body moved to the Belton Cemetery, Cass county, the old stone not moved)
Sharp, T. B., b: Nov. 9, 1806, d: Feb. 18, 1889 (N. B. his wife, Demarius Sharp, d: Aug. 15, 1870; buried on the Gill Farm)
Sharp, Bonnie, daughter of W. F. and C. Sharp, d: April 20, 1890; age: 11 months
Self, John F., b: Nov. 30, 1803, d: Feb. 1, 1889

Watson, Dr. John E., b: in Pennsylvania, Nov. 26, 1834, d: Oct. 1, 1881
Wisdom, Jane, wife of G. W. Wisdom, d: March 5, 1876, age: 41 years, 2 months, 11 days

Holmes, Nora, wife of Richard "Dick" Holmes, d: May 12, 1906, age: 55 years, 10 months, 26 days (N. B. was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, and at the death of her husband the body was moved to Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Stanley, Kansas)
Holmes, Richard "Dick", b: May 21, 184?, d: July 15, 1926; buried at Stanely, Kansas, Pleasant Valley Cemetery


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