Chrisman Cemetery

Chrisman Cemetery

Section 33, Township 50, Range 31W

Chrisman, Sanders
Chrisman, Elizabeth, wife of Sanders Chrisman
Chrisman, two children of Mr. & Mrs. Sanders Chrisman
Goforth, Eliza Ann, wife of E. G. Goforth, d: Jan. 18, 1876; age: 38 years, 2 months, 30 days

There are 15 graves marked with native stones but without inscriptions on them.

Copies July 12, 1833, by Mrs. Ernest L. Harris and Miss Jessie M. Crosby

There is also another CHRISMAN CEMETERY, Section 15, Township 47, Range 32
Belcher, Elizabeth, wife of J. M. Belcher, d: Jan. 30, 1872; age: 44 years, 5 months, 24 days

Chrisman, James M., b: Feb. 25, 1834, d: March 6, 1900
Chrisman, Permelia, daughter of James M. Chrisman, b: Sept. 26, 1860, d: July12, 1886

???, David, son of Permelia

Information secured from ???? of the following also buried this cemetery:

Chrisman, Gabriel
Chrisman, Cynthia, wife of Gabriel
Chrisman, Monroe
Nave, Amelia Chrisman


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