Hickman Cemetery

Hickman Cemetery

Section 30, Township 48, Range 32W

Information furnished by Mrs. Henry Chick. Thomas Isaac Hickman came from Kentucky to Jackson county, Missouri, in 1844 and settled on a farm, where later he set aside a family burying ground. The members of the family buried there are:

Hickman, Thomas Isaac, d: April, 1866
Hickman, Harriett Brooking, wife of Thomas I. Hickman, d: March 1874
Hickman, Elizabeth Frances, a daughter, d: in 1846

Fletcher, Waller, a son-in-law
Fletcher, William, son of Waller Fletcher
Fletcher, Martha, daughter of Waller Fletcher

Inscriptions taken from other tombstones in this cemetery are:
Briant, Martha H., d: Feb. 7, 1848; age: 2 years, 2 months, 13 days
Briant, Robert S., d: Dec. 24, 1847, age: 16 years, 3 months, 17 days

Ragan, Archibald H., son of S. C. and J. G. Ragan, b: Nov. 5, 1873, d: Feb. 22, 1875

N. B. There were a few slaves buried in the east side of the cemetery on the west side of the present road.

Copied by Miss Jessie M. Crosby


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