Broomfield Cemetery

Seventy-fifth Street and Indiana Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri

Mr. Samuel Broomfield set aside one acre of his farm as a neighborhood burying ground. This cemetery was destroyed when 75th Street was opened. Mr. F. X. Self is the authority for recording the following as having been buried there:

The wife and only child of Samuel Broomfield
Warren Self, d: 1866
Two children of S. L. Woolf
Two wives of Griffith Dodson
Mrs. Price

The following record of removals from Broomfield Cemetery to the Palestine Cemetery was furnished by Mr. Greenberry Ragan, acting sexton of the Palestine Cemetery.

Date of removal, April 11, 1916
Nash, Riley; age: 52 years
Nash, Raymond, a baby
Nash, 2 babies
Cooper, a baby

Cared for by Mrs. Cooper:

Burch, baby; age: 2 days
Burch, Charles T.; age: 14 days
Burch, David; age: 61 years
Burch, David, Jr.; infant
Burch, John; age: 2 years
Burch, Mary; age: 74 years
Nash, Garrett; age: 45 years
Nash, Baby J. H., infant
Nash, Tabitha; age: 14 years
Williams, baby, infant
Williams, George; age: 4 years
Williams, John; age: 7 years
Williams, Martha; age: 95 years


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