Pitcher Cemetery

Pitcher Cemetery

Section 17, Township 49, Range 32W
33rd and Blue Ridge Boulevard
Blue Township

This small family cemetery lies about 75 yards West of the intersection of 33rd Street and Blue Ridge Blvd, (once a part of Westport Road). It has been in very poor condition but in 1990 it was restored by Kathleen Tuohey and a dedicated force of volunteers, and is now excellent. Besides the stones listed, there are about 40 field stones. In 1861 during the Civil War, there was a skrimish along Westport Road, and those who fell are said to have been buried there. According to W. Z. Hickman and his "History of Jackson County" (1921) three men died: Col. Holloway, Bud McClanahan, and Charles Harbaugh; but there is no record of their burials. One Revolutionary War veteran lies here: Ledstone Noland. The following listing is from the 1933 reading by the DAR supplemented by additional data from Kathleen Tuohey. Stones still readable in 1990 are marked with an asterisk (*).

Baker, Sarah Hall, daughter of Jesse and Lydia Hall, died 1875
*Barker, Rebecca, b: 1830, d: 1912
*Bishop, David, d: May 3, 1876, age: 75 years, 11 months, 19 days
*Bishop, John N., b. July 9, 1853, d: Feb. 27, 1894
*Dunham, Elizabeth E., wife of Ambrose M. Dunham, d: Aug. 16, 1857
*Dunham, Harley, b: Oct. 7, 1855, d: May 3, 1856
Glascock, E. L., d: Nov. 30, 1867; age: 70 years
Glascock, Henrietta, d: Nov. 5, 1865: age: 84 years
*Hall, Lydia, b: Dec. 24, 1813, d: Sept. 2, 1887
Hamilton, Gertrude M., daughter of Thos. and Annie Hamilton, d: July 4, 1899, age: 1 year, 9 months, 28 days
*Hays, Lizzie M., daughter of G. W. and A. R. Hayes, d: Dec. 25, 1871
*Henkle, George W., b: Nov. 22, 1810, d: April 19, 1857
*Henkle, George, son of G. W. and A. E. Henkle, b: March 28, 1849, d: August 18, 1855
*Lane, Jimmie C., b: 1905, d: 1906
*Lane, Louise Virginia, b: 1864, d: 1912
Mason, Grover Brock, son of W. R. & J. B. Mason, d: Oct. 29, 1895; age: 1 year, 1 month, 19 days
*McCormick, D. J., b: Sept. 23, 1824, d: Sept. 25, 1900; "She Believed and Sleeps in Jesus"
*Noland, Ledstone, Smith's N. G. Mil. Revolutionary War
Noland, Mary, wife of Willian Noland, Sr., b: June 19, 1801, d: December 18, 1871
Noland, Nancy H., wife of J. D. Noland, b: Feb. 18, 1848, d: Jan. 30, 1868
*O'Dority, Hugh, Co Co, 21 Mo. Inf. (Civil War marker)
*Sanders, Nannie, wife of C. E. Sanders, b: Sept. 14, 1868, d: July 20, 1901
*Stewart, Susan, d: Jan. 14, 1879; age: 75 years, 3 months, 5 days
*Trimble, A. W., d: 1912?
Tyler, Charles H., b: March 13, 1845, d: May 30, 1896

*(Unknown), John, Cpl. WWI, d: 1914

The above inscriptions were copies from the tombstones. The following record of interments was furnished by Mr. John H. Twyman of Kansas City, MO. These were all members
of his mother's family and were buried in this cemetery:

Armstrong, Sallie Harrington, wife of William Armstrong
Armstrong, William
Brock, John
Brock, perry, and his wife
Hale, Elsie, d: 1859
Hale, Farlow J., b: Nov. 12, 1840
Hale, James L., son of Bennet Hale, b: Oct. 29, 1832
Hale, John
Hale, Lusia J., b: Dec. 5, 1836
Hale, Nancy, b: Oct. 28, 1832
Mason, Ember, and his wife

Mrs. M. A. Pitcher contributed the following names of the family buried in this cemetery:

Pitcher, Col. Thomas Pitcher, served in Price's army in the Civil War
Col. Thomas Pitcher's wife
A daughter of Bolley Pitcher
Lafayette Pitcher
Bettie Frye Pitcher
Nancy Noland Pitcher d: about 1866
Bess Pitcher, daughter of Baldwin Pitcher

During the Civil War there was a skirmish near the Pitcher School house. It is
claimed that these killed were buried in the Pitcher cemetery:

Hinkle, George Washington, and wife
Armstrong, William
Armstrong, Sallie Harrington, wife of William Armstrong

The last two names were contributed by a granddaughter
Compiled and copied March 3, 1933, by Mrs. Max A. Christopher and Miss Jessie M. Crosby


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