Robertson Cemetery

Robertson Cemetery

Section 18, Township 49, Range 30 W
Located on the R. H. Elrod Farm

DeWitt, Dan; no stone left; information supplied by Mrs. Sheley, wife of Dr. O. C. Sheley of Independence, and granddaughter of John and Nancy Cox Robertson
DeWitt, wife of Dan, and sister of Nancy Cox Robertson
M. D., no further information or dates
Robertson, John, b: May 21, 1788, d: July 8, 1859
Robertson, Nancy Cox, wife of John Robertson, b: June 15, 1799, d: April 25, 1855
Robertson, A. H., b: March 8, 1833, d: Sept. 6, 1908
Robertson, Melinda, wife of A. H. Robertson, b: March 6, 1852, d: Feb. 6, 1907, children of A. H. Robertson and Melnda
Cora B., wife of W. S. Angel, b: Jan., 1870, d: April, 1894
infant daughter, 1882
John and Nancy Cox Robertson were among the first settlers of Jackson County, coming to Missouri from Kentucky. A. H. Robertson was the son of John and Nancy Cox Robertson.

Information supplied by Mrs. O. C. Sheley of Independence

Copied September 22, 1933, by Miss Julia Kinney and Miss Ethel Merwin


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