Early Catholic Cemeteries

Early Catholic Cemeteries

Kaw Township

The first Catholic cemetery in Kansas City was a plot in the ten acre tract bought by
Father Roux. It extended from Pennsylvania Avenue on the West to Jefferson Street.
Father Donnelly said of an earlier cemetery:

"There is a reason to believe that the first Christian who died in the vacinity of Kansas City
were buried at the summit angle of the bluff, just east of the foot of Grand Avenue. I saw
the rude cross there in 1848." 

The cemetery site at 31st and Jefferson Street, the present St. Joseph's Orphan Home, was
never used for burial purposes, because of its rocky soil which made it unsuitable.
When Father Donnelly purchased the forty acres comprising Mount St. Mary's Cemetery in 1876,
burials ceased in the old cemetery. Eventually all the bodies were transferred to Mount St.
Mary's cemetery, where the records are kept in a fireproof vault by its superintendent.
The St. Peter's and St. Paul's Cemetery situated at 24th and Brooklyn Avenue was established
in 1876 by the German speaking Catholics of Kansas City and abandoned in 1920, when most
of the bodies were transferred to Mount St. Mary's Cemetery.

Rev. Bernard Donnelly, resident Catholic pastor in Jackson County, Missouri, kept the records
in his own handwriting. The following summary was written by him in the year 1873, on the
completion of Volume 1 of these records and the beginning of Volume 2. Copied from the original
by Dorothy E. Buzby.

May 14, 1873

"This book commences the second volume of the Records of the Dead in the Catholic Congregations of the
City of Kansas, Jackson County, Missouri. All the records of the dead since the end of the year 1845
are contained in one single volume up to the foregoing date, a period of over 27 years and 4 months.
It is a long time to witness, by one pastor, the Lamentations uttered and the tears shed by friends
and relatives over the graves of 1,400 and about 6 persons since the end of the year 1845 up to May 14,

"I am now about commencing a volume after having finished one -- but who will finish this one? Will my
own name be written in this volume amongst the names of the departed, by some friendly pastor? Who will he
be? when will the time of Record come? Where shall be my burying place? Of these things I am ignorant.
He who created me -- who conducted me to this place -- whose love and providence I have experienced up to this
date -- He alone knows and foresees all these -- He who said, "Quae est enim vita vestra? Vapor est ad modicum
parents, et deinceps exterminabetur. Plange quasi virgo plebs mea; ululate sacerdotes in cinere et; quia venit dies
Domini magna et amara valde."

"I desire here to say that I wish to be interred in the midst of my flock -- in the present old cemetery of Kansas
City -- in the spot which I have already pointed out to my friends -- where the cross was planted by Faster DePointe, and around which are interred the mortal remains of those who first invoked and professed the name and doctrines
of my Divine Redeemer in this portion of the world, and whose remains I officially consigned to the dust during 28 years of my pastoral life. I am unable to state how many were buried in our old cemetery previously to the year
1845, but the first volume in my own handwriting has recorded in it the names of all those who died in Kansas City,
Westport, and the country around since January 1, 1846. Many were brought for interment from Clay and Wyandotte and
from more distant parts -- about 14 years ago, three corpses were hauled in from southern Kansas, a distance of 150
miles from Kansas City; the three were in one wagon.

"The spot where the first Catholics of Westport Landing were buried, was the summit of the bluff South of Sherman
house and east of the foot of Grand Avenue. The remains of at least one hunter were removed from there in my own
memory and reinterred in the Laliberte Lot in our present old cemetery.

"The original graveyard was but a small one fenced by oak pickets, dressed by the axe, sharpened at the upper end and stuck close together uprightly in the ground and enclosing less than half an acre. About the year 1858 the property in the neighborhood was laid off in lots and streets extended. At this period I extended the cemetery on all sides -- so as
to be bounded on the north by 11th Street and on the east by Pennsylvania Avenue, on the west by Jefferson Street, and on
the South by 12th Street, making a square of 270 feet free of street and sidewalks. I was obliged to put up new fences on
all sides at this period. I sold a few family lots at $2.50 each a few more at $5.00 each, and more recently a few $10.00
lots. The sale of these secured me the means of putting up the new fences. About 3 years ago I introduced the custom of charging $2.00 for each grave lot from which I derived a portion of the means to enable me to pay the interest on money
borrowed to purchase land for a new cemetery, 40 acres.

"At length the long expected railroads reached Kansas City, the bridge across the Missouri was completed, the city was
built up rapidly, property became very valuable in city and vacinity, the Catholic population was numerously increased and funerals became much more frequent than previously. Now I commenced to reflect more seriously on the necessity of securing more ample territory for the interment of the dead. To accomplish this many difficulties presented themselves. Firstly, owners of land beyond the city limits were unwilling to sell land at any price for cemetery purposes -- secondly, the prices asked were high, and thirdly -- I had not a dollar in my possession. At length I secured a 10 acre lot directly south of the old cemetery on the level summit of the hills south of McGee Creek and 1/8 of a mile of the line of Broadway. One corner of the lot joined the land of Mobillon McGee.

"These 10 acres cost me $2,200. I found my new purchase heavily and finely timbered. I now considered that I had a good
tract of well located land for a new cemetery. I had also purchased a few years before a tract of 20 acres from Mr. Guinotte,
and also the adjoining 10 acres from Mr. Bingham. These 30 acres I intended to use as my fire wood tract but finding that I had brick clay on my church lot and brick materials in great demand, and that I had two kinds of wood usually employed in
the making of brick, I conceived the novel idea of brick and ----- the wood on both tracts to aid in paying for the land.
I undertook the job and succeeded beyond my calculations, in two season of fatiguing labor and constant attention I had
16,000,000 bricks manufactured. I sold a portion to pay expenses, and donated the remainder to Convents and Churches. The extension of the city limits in the direction of the 10 acres now began to alarm me. I began to foresee the danger of again having our cemetery within the city bounds. Impelled by this idea I bought a tract of 40 acres from Mr. Levi Owings, S. E.
of McGee's addition which has cost me up to this date (July 1, 1873), $8,175 -- principal, interest, taxes, fencing and roadmaking. I have had a great desire to save the 10 acres -- but I have been compelled to mortgage them for $4,000 in order
to make the final payment on the 40 acres and in order also to save the new church at Westport from sheriff's sale at the suit
of the mechanics. In a few days I hope to have the debt on the 10 acres reduced to $3,000; but where shall this sum be found? I have not but a small parish -- a scanty support -- I am 63 years old today -- I have not had an entire day of rest for 30 years --
I am very tired -- weary with watching, loaded with cares -- perplexed by my own worthlessness, desponding yet hopeful -- baffled but determined to preserve, desiring to be dissolved and to be with Christ, but if He has any more work for me to do 'non recuso laborem.'

"The kind of citizens of Kansas City have generously tolerated our graveyard up to the present although it has been in the power of the
authorities to interdict interments. For this tolerant forbearance I feel exceedingly grateful."

The original records of deaths, kept in the vault of St. Mary's Cemetery, Kansas City, MO, were translated from the Latin by the
courtesy of Rev. John Doyle, and copied by Miss Dorothy E. Buzby.

Entries made in the handwriting of Rev. B. Donnelly

Edward Petelle, d: Jan. 1, 1846, age; 40 years
Mary Dripps, Otto Nata, d: June 1, 1846, age: 36 years
Virginie Philibert, d: June 15, 1846; age: 2 months, infant daughter of Gabrelio and Mario Philibert Julie Philibert, d: Aug 15, 1846, age: 6 years
Charles Gerrier, d: Aug. 16, 1846, age: 63 years
Marie Q. Belmarre, d: Aug. 7, 1846; age: 15 months, infant daughter of Maysi and Adelio Belmarre
L. Felix Canville, d: Aug. 4, 1846; age: 4 months, infant of Aandred B. and Louisa Canville James grey, d: Feb. 10, 1847; age 14 years
Victor Lagoutrie, d: April 18, 1847, age: 11 years
Maurice Le Duc, d: Jan. 4, 1847; age: 64 years
Rose Etu, d: Dec. 20, 1847; age: 1 year, 20 months, daughter of Rosa Maria Etu and marita Theodoro Etu
Marie Calice Montredie, d: June 18, 1847; age: 49 years
Bertrand, d: Nov. 10, 1847, age: 51 years
Solomon Revard, d: March 9, 1848; age: 23 years, son of Ludovici; moved to cemetery July 24
Andrew Petit Roy, d: Feb. 3, 1848, age: 34 years
Celeste Bowers, d: Aug, 1848; daughter of Calixti Montredie
Philibert, d: Aug. 17, 1848; age: 15 days
Teresa Jarboe, d: Nov. 6, 1848; age: 8 years, moved from Platte county 14 years after death
Mary Judson, d: Jan. 6, 1849; age: 12 days; born to George Judson and Agnes Gray Judson
Philomele Vertfenille, d: Jan. 20, 1849, age: 1 year, born to Joseph and Elisabeth Novolette Olive Mellanger, d: Feb. 23, 1849; age: 1 year, daughter of Pierre and Adeline Montardi Mellanger
Mary Cunjeon, d: Feb. 23, 1849; born to Curjeon and Marguerita
Joseph Deslories, d: March 17, 1849; born to Antonie and Louise Roy
Jean Baptiste Bernard, d: April 22, 1849
Mary Adeline Curyeon, d: April 23, 1849, age; 3 years, died of cholera
Josephine Gouin, d: April 24, 1849, age: 7 years, died of cholera
Leonard Mesmoit, d: April 27, 1849, age: 26 years, removed May, 1881 to Lot 284 11-B
Mary Elizabeth Gouin, d: April 24, 1849, age: 2 years
Mary Chouteaus, married, d: July 1, 1849, age: 44 years, died of cholera
Auguste Janio, d: July 11, 1849, age: 23 years
Julie Lessert, d: Aug. 2, 1849, age: 12 years, daughter of Clement and Julie Roy
Agnes Judson, d: Aug. 27, 1849; wife of George
Lesage, d: June, 1850; age: 1 year, 4 months, son of John Lesage and Frances Roy
Frances Farrier, d: June 10, 1851; age: 21 years, wife of Louis Farrier, daughter of Francis Mangeon and Constance Bainville
Jane Waller, d: July 24, 1851, age: 18 years
Elizabeth Vertfeuille, d: July 20, 1851; age: 27 years
Her child, d: July 21, 1851; age: 1 year, 11 months
Samuel Geer, d: Aug. 4, 1851; age: 13 months, infant son of Samuel Geer and Emily Roler
La Croix, d: April 1850, age: 9 years
Julius Olivet, d: June 5, 1851; age 1 year
Julius Whittaker, d: March 1851; age; 3 years
Lydia Anne Jarboe, d: Aug 6, 1851, age: 49 years, wife of Joseph Jarboe
Sara Roy, d: Aug. 22, 1851; age: 30 years, relict of Peter Roy
George Hudson, d: Dec. 24, 1851; age: 40 years; George Hudson of Kansas, formerly of Canada
George W. DeRome, d: July 10, 1852; age: 23 years, formerly of Fort Wayne, Indiana
ouis Barada, d: July, 1852
Charles Hunt, d: Aug. 19, 1852; age: 6 months, infant son of Mary Hunt
Olivier Crete, d: Aug. 22, 1852; age: 52 years, native of St. Ange near Quebec, L.C.
Henry Henri, d: Dec. 1852, age: 52 years; native of France
Margaret Prudhomme, d: April 26, 1853; age: 57 years
Bridget Lehan, alias Hawkins, d: Feb. 3, 1853; age: 26 years, wife of William, native of Co. Clare, Ireland
Edward Geseau Chouteau, d: Feb. 9, 1853
Guinot, d: April 3, 1853
Letitia Mary Blatman, d: April 6, 1853; age: 35 years, wife of Frank Blatman
Gabriel Philibert, d: May 1, 1853; age: 52 years
Joseph Ed. Olovoet, d: 1853, age: 1 month
Pierre Laliberte, d: Sept. 28, 1853; age: 61 years, of Kansas
Clement Lessert, d: July 20, 1854; age: 2 years, 6 months, son of Prospere Marier
Josephine Turgeon, d: Sept. 21, 1854; age: 2 years, 10 months, daughter of Louis Turgeon
William Turgeon, d: Sept. 22, 1854; age: 4 years, son of Louis Turgeon
John O'Halligan, d: May 6, 1855; age: 2 years
Joseph M. Knight, d: May 5, 1855, age: 35 years
John Baurleine, d: April 8, 1855; age: 6 months
McCarthy, d: May 11, 1855, age: 8 months
James A. Blastman, d: May 12, 1855; age 6 years
Hopkins, d: May 18, 1855
Mary Connenny, d: June 1, 1855; age 26 years
Joseph McKnight, d: June 2, 1855, age 38 years
Henry Krey, d: June 3, 1855; age 32 years
Mrs. Cooley, d: July 12, 1855; age: 35 years
O'Halligan, d: Sept. 26, 1855; daughter of Patrick O'Halligan of Westport
O'Halligan, d: Sept. 26, 1855, son of Patrick O'Halligan Moore, d: Sept. 28, 1855, son of Patrick O'Halligan
Henry "G. Neile, d: Oct. 1, 1855; formerly of Baltimore, Maryland
Theodore Persin, d: Jan. 29, 1856
Mary Houston, alias Lesage, d: 1856
Frank Houston, son of the above
Joseph Bisson, d: April 19, 1856; age: 30 years
Isabella View, d: Jan. 12, 1857; age: 11 years, daughter of Peter View
Michael Connolly, d: July, 1856, age: 33 years
Edmund Turgeon, d: March 1, 1857; age: 14 years
Mary Martha Godier, d: April 16, 1857; age: 26 years, wife of Joseph
Joseph Hunot, d: June 2, 1857; age: 40 years
Adam Cassimir, d: July 19, 1857; age: 37 years
Bernard L. Olovoet, d: Aug. 20, 1857; age 8 months
James Tracy, d: Aug. 20, 1857; age: 14 months
Bannon, d: Aug. 20, 1857; age: 14 months
John Lackney, d: July 26, 1857; age 63 years
Mary Cassidy, d: Sept. 5, 1857; age: 14 months
Eliza Jane Burke, d: Sept. 8, 1857; age: 21 days
John Spencer, d: Sept. 5, 1857, age: 32 years
Mary Frances Steward, d: Sept. 8, 1857, age: 1 year
Daniel Early, d: Sept. 9, 1857; age: 40 years
Patrick McMahon, d: Sept. 21, 1857; age: 32 years
Mary Celestine Mulchy, d: Sept. 26, 1857, age: 4 months
William Selman, D. Sept. 26, 1857; age: 20 months, German
Michael Starrs, d: Oct. 2, 1857; age: 30 years
Mary Ellen Shannon, d: Oct. 1, 1857, age: 2 years
John Rollins, d: Oct. 11, 1857, age: 35 years; Wyandotte county
John Webber, d: Oct. 14, 1857; age: 18 years
Mary Tracy, d: Oct. 19, 1857; age: 7 months, Quindaro
John McCabe, d: Oct. 22, 1857; age: 24 years, native of Canada
Joseph Steiart, d: Nov. 2, 1857; age: 6 years
Helena Francisca Schmees, d: Nov. 27, 1857; age: 2 years, 1 month
Dennis Griffin, d:dec. 7, 1857; age: 2 years, 8 months
John Harrington, d: Dec. 19, 1857; age: 1 year, 17 days
William Ryan, d: Dec. 20, 1857
Mrs. Mary Ryan, d: 1857, age: 42 years, Wyandotte City
Michael Kelly, d: Jan. 7, 1858; age: 28 years, native of Court Brown Co., Limerick, Ireland
Geoso Choteau, d: Feb. 23, 1858; son of Menard Chouteau and Mary Polk
Daniel Fitzmaurice, d: Feb. 24, 1858; age: 18 years
Terence Maguirk, d: March 5, 1858; age: 41 years
Howard, d: March 24, 1858
Dennis shay, d: March 24, 1858; age: 15 months
Michael Francis Tracy, d: 1858, age; 5 years; of Wyandotte
Roger McMennomen, d: April 24, 1858; age: 3 years
Bryan McCormick, d: April 29, 1858; age: 27 years, native of Co. Slingo, Ireland
Patrick Kelly, d: May 12, 1858; age: 40 years
Mary Ellen Burns, d: May 13, 1858; age: 4 years, 6 months
John Herman Vincent, d: May 14, 1858; age: 4 years, 6 months
B. Bradish, d: June 1, 1858; age: 40 years
Barbour, d: 1858
George Lanchardt, d: June 27, 1858; age: 2 years, 8 months
Margaret Coghlan, d: June 27, 1858; age: 16 months
Mary Ann Coghlan, d: June 27, 1858; age: 5 years
Patrick Molloy, d: July 5, 1858; age: 28 years
John Thomas Kelly, d: July 7, 1858
John Thomas Moroney, d: July 25, 1858; age: 2 years, 5 months
Otho Schwarzkopf, d: Aug. 1, 1858; age: 9 months
Michael Ryan, d: Aug. 4, 1858; age: 1 year
Daniel David O'Brien, d: Aug. 5, 1858; age: 7 months, 11 days
Daniel Magrath, d: Aug. 8, 1858; age: 40 years
Michael Kennedy, d: Aug. 11, 1858; age: 4 months
Joseph Long, d: Aug. 12, 1858, age: 28 years
Timothy Sullivan, d: Aug. 13, 1858; age: 38 years
John Henry Schmees, d: Aug. 13, 1858, age: 5 months
Bernard Kernan, d: Aug. 14, 1858, age: 30 years
John Lysaight, d: Aug. 15, 1858; age: 35 years
John Gibbon, d: Aug. 17, 1858; age: 48 years
Mary Ellen Lynch, d: Aug. 18, 1858; age: 20 days
Elizabeth Ellen Whelan, d: Aug. 19, 1858; age: 1 year
Peter Tracy, d: Aug. 22, 1858; age: 26 years
George Feehan, d: Aug. 23, 1858; age: 15 months
Patrick Clancy, d: Aug. 23, 1858; age: 15 months
Francis Evans, d: Aug. 24, 1858; age 32 years
Whelan, d: Aug. 25, 1858
Christopher Cassidy, d. Aug. 28, 1858
Scanlon, d: Aug. 30, 1858
Joseph Bushmire, d: Aug. 31, 1858; age: 1 year
John Sullivan, d: Sept. 4, 1858; age: 32 years
Bridget McNamara, d: Sept. 9, 1858; age: 22 years, Wyandotte
Nicholas Smith, d: Sept. 11, 1858
Mary Liker, d: Sept. 12, 1858; age: 6 days
Francis Bradish, d: Sept. 13, 1858; age: 2 years, 3 months
Anne Kane, d: Sept. 13, 1858; age: 64 years, wife of James Kane, native of Butters Bridge, Co. Cavan, Ireland
Eliza Mansfield, d: Sept. 13, 1858; age: 4 months, 4 days
Francis Larkin, d: Sept. 13, 1858; age: 6 weeks
Mathew William Yauch, d: Sept. 13, 1858; age 2 months, 21 days
Kate Cassidy, d: Sept. 15, 1858; age: 6 months, 21 days
Bradish, d: Sept. 15, 1858
Catherine Anne Meanny, d: Sept. 16, 1858; age 2 months
Stephen Russell, d: Sept. 16, 1858; age: 2 years, 2 months
John Fennelly, d: Sept. 18, 1858; age: 28 years
Ann Jacobine, d: Sept. 19, 1858; age 5 years
Francis Peter, d: 1858; age 5 years
Mary Morrissy and infant, d: Sept. 22, 1858; age: 35 years
Pauline Klassen, d: Sept. 23, 1858; age: 3 days
Dolan, d: Sept. 23, 1858; age: 1 month
Rosa Smith, d: Sept. 28, 1858; wife of John Smith, native of Ireland
Olovoet, d: Sept. 29, 1858; age: 1 month, infant son of Ed. Olovoet
Bridget Connor, d: Sept. 30, 1858; age: 1 week
Mary McCaarthy, d: Oct. 4, 1858; age: 1 week
William Kennedy, d: Oct. 3, 1858; age: 1 year
Mrs. Ann Madden, d: Oct. 4, 1858; age: 65 years
charles Haghn, d: Oct. 5, 1858; age: 28 years; Westport
Peter Leizer, d: Oct. 7, 1858; age: 64 years
Dennis Collins, d: Oct. 9, 1858; age: 9 months
Burke, d: Oct. 8, 1858
Louise Vasquier, d: Oct. 9, 1858; age: 4 years, 8 months
Dominick Zeier, d: Oct. 15, 1858; age: 6 months
Michael Killeen, d: Oct. 16, 1858; age: 1 day
Michael Russell, d: Oct. 16, 1858; age: 28 years
Mary Russell, d: Oct. 21, 1858; age: 9 weeks
John Griffin, d: Oct. 22, 1858; age; 8 years
Elizabegth Charley, d: Oct. 23, 1858; age: 1 year
Elizabeth Bushmire, d: Oct. 29, 1858; age: 2 weeks
John O'Dea, d: Oct. 31, 1858; age: 25 years
Thomas Smith, d: Oct. 30, 1858; age: 56 years, native of Co. Cavan, Ireland
Dennis O'Brien, d: Nov. 20, 1858; age: 1 days
Philip donohoe, d: Nov. 3, 1858; age: 12 years, Parkville, Clay county
Annie Halloran, d: Nov. 16, 1858; age: 4 years
Mary Ann Sheehan, d: Jan. 5, 1859, age: 1 year
Mary Sullivan, d: Jan. 5, 1859; age: 1 year, 8 months
Thomas Melvin, d: Jan. 8, 1859; age: 23 years
Henry Fox, d: Jan. 13, 1859; age: 36 years
Henrietta Fox, d: Dec. 29, 1859; buried Jan. 13, 1859; age: 4 months
Peter McKeon, d: Oct. 3, 1858; buried Jan. 13, 1859; age: 50 years
Johanna McNamara, d: Jan. 18, 1859
John Ostermeyer, d: Jan. 22, 1859; age: 36 years
John Shea, d: Feb. 10, 1859; age: 45 years, Wyandotte City
Dr. Benoist Troost, d: Feb. 11, 1859; age: 72 years
Sara Gorman, d: Feb. 17, 1859; age: 18 months
Emily Jane Jarboe, d: Feb. 18, 1850; age: 18 months
John Farrelly, d: Feb. 19, 1859; age: 21 months O'Hallihan, d: Feb. 19, 1859; infant of Patrick O'Hallihan
Herman Henry, d: Feb. 23, 1859; age: 15 months
Lanehardt, d: 1859
William Carroll, d: Feb. 25, 1859; age:32 years, Wyandotte
James Lynch, d: Feb. 26, 1859; age: 1 day: Wyandotte
Michael McNamara, d: Feb. 27, 1859; age: 35 years; Wyandotte
Charles W. Heins, d: Feb. 28, 1859; age: 5 months
Crescentria Claus, d: March 26, 1859; age: 62 years; native of Hewhlengen, Wurtenberg Patrick Sheeran, d: March 29, 1859, age: 25 years
Thomas Molloy, d: March 1, 1859; age: 7 years
Margaregt Torpey, d: March 29, 1859; age: 26 years
Andrew Gessler, d: April 4, 1859; age: 56 years, Wyandotte
Baptist Lambert, d: April 8, 1859; age: 20 years
William Collins, d: April 12, 1859; age: 29 years
Aleida Maria Wertz, d: April 17, 1859; age: 3 years; Shawneetown
John Francis Durerney, d: Arpil 20, 1859; age 11 days
Thomas Grey, d: May 7, 1859; age: 19 years
Alice McEnnenny, d: May 12, 1859; age: 5 weeks
James Riel, d: 1859
Henry Davis O'Connor, d: June 29, 1859; age: 3 months
Henry Jacob, d: June 30, 1859; age: 4 months
Leon Lemoine, d: July 24, 1859; age: 10 months
Anne Eliza Curran, d: July 25, 1859; age: 7 months
Mary Gertrude, d: July 26, 1859; age: 14 months
Henry Schoutte, d: Sept. 1, 1859; age: 1 day
Mary Ann Wesner, d: Aug. 11, 1859; age: 69 years; native of Resdsals, Alsace, France
Mary Whelan, d: Aug. 14, 1859; age: 35 years
Margaret Christopher, d: Aug. 16, 1859; age: 28 years
Mary Enright, d: Aug. 18, 1859; age: 7 months
James Heally, d: Aug. 24, 1859; age: 5 months
James Kane, d: Aug. 25, 1859; age: 71 years
Mary Gosser, d: Sept. 13, 1859; age: 10 weeks
Patrick Gleason, d: Sept. 13, 1859; age: 15 years
Redmond Keating, d: Sept. 22, 1859; age: 75 years, Gardner, Johnson county, Kansas Terriroty
David, d: Sept. 23, 1859
Mary Waller, D. Sept. 24, 1859; age: 2 days; Wyandotte
Mary Christopher, d: Sept. 25, 1859; age: 68 years
Mary Ward, d: Sept. 26, 1859; age: 13 months
Daniel Francis Boland, d: Sept. 28, 1859; age: 3 weeks
Mary Cummings, d: Oct. 2, 1859; age: 11 months
James Kelly, d: Oct. 2, 1859; age: 24 hours
Margaret Dowd, d: Oct. 12, 1859; age: 13 months Joseph Tam, d: Oct. 26, 1859; age: 26 years
Thomas Quinlan, d: Oct. 31, 1859; age: 2 months
Mary O'Connor, d: Oct. 1859; age: 30 years
Edward Aspell, d: Nov. 29, 1859; age: 35 years, lately of New Auburn, Minnesota
Timothy Lynch, d: Dec. 6, 1859; age: 32 years
James Antoin Schoen, d: Dec. 16, 1859, native of Bavaria
Mary Anne Schouett, d: Dec. 16, 1859; age: 27 years


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