James Bridger

James Bridger

Born, March 17, 1804
Died, July 17, 1881

The above inscription is on one side of the monument which for 23 years marked the grave of James Bridger in the Watts Burying Ground just south of Kansas City, near whhich James Bridger lived.

On the opposite side of the monument is the following:

We miss thee in the circle
Around the fireside;
We miss thee in devotion,
At peaceful eventide;
The memory of thy nature
So full of truth and love
Shall lead our thoughts to
Seek thee, among the blest above.

December 5, 1904, the body of this frontiersman was moved to Mt. Washington Cemetery. A granite monument by his grave has the following inscription carved upon it:

James Bridger
Celebrated as a hunter, trapper,
fur trader and guide. Discovered
Great Salt Lake 1824. The South
Pass 1827. Visited Yellowstone Lake
and Geyser 1830. Founded Ft. Bridger
1843. Opened Overland Route by
Bridger's Pass to Great Salt Lake.
Was guide for US exploring
expeditions, Albert Sidney Johnson's
Army 1857, and G. M. Dodge in UP
Surveys and Indian campaigns 1856-66.
This monument is erected as a
tribute to this pioneer work by
Maj. Gen. G. M. Dodge

The following inscriptions were copied from the stones which marked the graves of two of the sons of James Bridger in the Watts Burying Ground. The bodies of the sons were never removed from their first burial place.

F. E. Bridger
Died July 19, 1876
Age, 34 years
"Dearest brother thou
hast left us
Here they loss we
deeply feel,
But 'tis God that
hath bereft us,
He can all our
sorrows heal."

William Bridger
Born, October 10, 1857
Died, July 12, 1887
Age, 29 years, 9 months
Requiescat in Pace


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