Hedges Family Burying Grounds

Hedges Family Burying Grounds

Section 18, Township 50, Range 31W
Section 12, Township 47, Range 33W
Data contributed by Mrs. Henry Kemper, daughter of George S. and Martha Gaitskill Hedges

George S. Hedges and Martha Gaitskill were married April, 1837, and moved from Bourbon county,
Kentucky, to Jackson county, Missouri.

The Records in the office of Recorder of Deeds, Independence, Missouri, court house, show in
Book G, pages 163 and 328, that on August 26, 1840, George S. Hedges bought from Lilburn W.
Boggs and Thomas Jeffries, the East one-half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 16, Township 50,
Range 31W. The Price paid for the 80 acres ws $1800.00, according to the records

Martha Gaitskill, consort of George S. Hedges, b: June 22, 1819, d: May 22, 1850, in her 31st year
and was buried in the Burying Ground on the Hedges farm.

Mr. Hedges married again, and a baby by his second wife was also buried there.

During the Civil War, Mr. Hedges moved his family to Johnson County, MO., and lived about two
miles from the town of Columbus, MO.

The records in the Independence, Missouri, Recorder of Deeds office, show that on April 10, 1866,
Mr. George S. Hedges bought from Samuel Gregg, 130 acres in Section 12, Township 47, Range 33W
for a consideration of $5,000.00.

George S. Hedges, b: Feb. 11, 1811, d: Feb. 7, 1879; age: 67 years, 11 months, 16 days

Mr. Hedges died on the farm and was buried there.

Ambrose George Hedges, son of George S. Hedges, b: May 5, 1850, d: Nov. 8, 1872, was buried in this ground.

Data compiled by Miss Jessie M. Crosby


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