The Martin Corn Cemetery

SE Quarter Section 25, Township 48, Range 30

This neglected family burial ground lies in the SE quarter. It is at the West end of a slough full of trees, about 1600 feet Eat of Gibson Road and about 700 feet North of Schoonover Road. The fenced area is only about 50 feet square and is becoming overgrown; only the large stone to Martin Corn and the one to the Brannams are still standing. The following reading contains several corrections and additions to the 1934 DAR reading.

From West to East:

Corn, Martin, d: Aug. 15, 1894; age: 81 years, 2 months, 6 days
Corn, Martha, d: Oct. 14, 1909; age: 86 years, 7 months, 14 days
Headstones, "father" and "mother"
Footstones, two reading "M. C." A small shrouded urn from top of stone.
A native stone
Temple, infant son of Albert and Nancy Temple, Dec 17, 1876 (only date). Footstone, "I. T.".
Brannam, Martha A., wife of W. M. Branam, b: Nov. 6, 1854, d: Sept. 13, 1880
Brannam, Annie L., daughter of W. & M. A. Brannam, b: Aug. 1, 1880, d: Oct. 6, 1880
Brannam, infant child of W. & M. A. Brannam (no dates)
A native stone.
Bradley, Mattie T., wife of Murphy Bradley, d: April 1, 1895; age: 19 years
Footstone, M. T. B.
Corn, George M., son of S. W. and E. Corn, d: Dec. 4, 1891; age: 2 months, 12 days
Corn, Martin L., son of S. H. and L. Corn, d: May 28, 1837; age: 1 year, 3 months, 1 day

The following stones reported in 1934 were not found in 1991:

Corn, Joseph M., son of J. S. and R. Corn, d: June 2, 1881; age: 10 days
Corn, G. E., son of G. W. and B. Corn, b: Feb. 5, 1892, d: March 4, 1892


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