Keeney Family Burying Ground

Keeney Family Burying Ground

Section 32, Township 47, Range 33W

On land in the southwest part of the county, entered by Michael Keeney, who emigrated from Tennessee to Lafayette county, Missouri in 1827 and to Jackson county, Missouri, in 1829, was located a burying ground for the members of the Keeney family.

Michael Keeney, the son of Thomas Keeney and Mary Reeves Keeney, married Nancy Wiley, and to them were born 8 sons and 1 daughter. The daughter was Mary Ann, who married Isaac J. Holloway, and is buried in the Bryant Cemetery near Belton, Cass county, Missouri.

While the old Kenney farm was located partly in Jackson county and partly in Cass county, the burying ground was on that part of the farm which was in Jackson county. All trace of the old family burying ground is erased, but the following inscriptions were copied several years ago by Mr. J. R. Kenney, a grandson of Michael Keeney, from the stones which he found piled in a corner of a corn field:

Micheal Keeney, d: July 26, 1849, age: 60 years
Nancy Keeney (wife), d: May 19, 1857; age: 60 years
Fountain Keeney (son), b: June 25, 1829, d: May 26, 1857
David Keeney (son), d: May 25, 1857; age: 25 years
J. Keeney, b: March 8, 1818, d: Sept. 25, 1883
Eliza Keeney, d: May 4, 1855; age: 20 years, 4 months, 6 days
Julia Ann Keeney, wife of J. Keeney, b: March 18, 1818, d: Feb. 18, 1863
Margaret J., daughter of J. and J. A. Keeney, d: April 18, 1851; age: 1 year
Mary Keeney, daughter of J. and J. A. Keeney, b: Aug. 22, 1847, d: Oct. 15, 1868; age: 21 years, 1 month, 23 days

Miss Frances Keeney, Belton, Missouri, contributed the following information regarding several members of the family of Michael Keeney not buried in the old family cemetery:

Thomas Keeney, b: March 10, 1824, d: Oct. 28, 1900; burid in Belton, Missouri
Isaac Keeney, b: Nov. 10, 1833, d: April 20, 1906; buried in Belton, Missouri
Elija Keeney, b: Feb. 1827, d: June 13, 1893; buried in Bryant Cemetery, Cass county
Mary Ann, b: March 5, 1836, d: Jan. 4, 1917; buried in Bryant Cemetery, Cass county


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