Smith Cemetery

Smith Cemetery

Section 15, Township 48, Range 32
Blue Township

Only one marker now standing, which is as follows:
Sally, a wifre of James Landers, d: June 14, 1851; age: 30 years, 24 days, 8 months

Information concerning those buried upon this site received by mrs. Hale Houts from Mrs.
L. E. Harris and from Mrs. M. A. Tucker, of Warsaw, Missouri

Oby Davis, Dee Davis, twins
Davis, Jane Billings, d: 1870
Davis, child of Jane Billings Davis
Billings, mother of Jane Billings Davis
Father Star, Mother Star, d: before 1849; sons went West in Oregon Gold Rush
Annie Star Crabtree, daughter of Father and Mother Crabtree
Mahala Harris Shusher, b: 1810, d: Feb 1, 1843
William Allen Shusher, b: 1800, d: Oct 31, 1842, husband of Mahala
Laura Fristoe Harris, b: Feb 28, 1818, d: Oct 14, 1874, wife of Reuben M. Harris
Margaret (Peggy) Harris Taylor, b: 1811; d: 1869: age: 61 years
Sarah Margaret Harris, d: Aug. 24, 1848
Mary Ellen Harris Tucker, d: Oct. 13, 1869
Nancy Harris McCorkle Lilley, b: April 4, 1844; d: Nov. 10, 1872
1.Jabez McCorkle, b: June 21, 1841; d: June 2, 1863
2.James Lilley, b: June 21, 1841; d: March 9, 1875
Virginia Harris, b: Dec 22, 1856, d: March 11, 1879 (last one to be buried)
Richard Sly, d: Oct. 28, 1853
3.Capt. Ferdinand Scott, d: 1863
4.Boone Muir, d: 1863

5.Susan Crawford Vandiver, b: 1835; d: Aug. 1863
6.Armanda Crawford Selvey, b: 1838; d: Aug. 1863
7.Charity McCorkle Kerr, d: Aug, 1863
1,2,3,4 were confederate soldiers
5,6,7 women died in the prison at 14th & Grand Ave.
Father Star a Revolutionary soldier
(Josephine Anderson Claybor)
Kate Harris, struck by lightning about 1880
Mary Ellen Crabtree, a daughter of Monroe Crabtree
One large circular grave containing the remains of from 12 to 15 soldiers of the Civil War


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