Lobb Cemetery

Lobb Cemetery

Section 12, Township 49, Range 31
Cumberland Presbyterian Church -- sometimes called Shakerage Church
Copied April 17, 1833, by Mrs. C. M. Uhlig and Mrs. Hale Houts

The follorwing information was compiled by Chester E. Crenshaw of Blue Springs, Missouri and typed and edited by Martha L. Meyers in the spring of 1983. It was privately printed, with limited copies distributed.

The condition of this old cemtery declined dramatically from my first visit to it in 1985 to my most recent one in the summer of 1997. One can no longer find most of the graves. Few stones have escaped vandalism and a large number have been stolen. Therefore, Chester Crenshaw's work is very important to the researcher who hopes to find an ancestor buried threre.

The cemtery was also surveyed by Mrs. C. M. Uhlig and Mrs. Hale Houts on April 17, 1933. Miss Mary Dalton, daughter of Rev. J.G. Dalton at an unknown date, provided a history of the accompanying Cumberland Presbyterian Church, sometimes called "Shakerage Church." These recrods are found in a book called "Vital Records" on pages 338 and 211, respectively. Regretfully, no futher information is available on this particular book. This work is important because it provides verification for Chester Crenshaw's work as well as possibly supplying further information on the burials. Any conflicts in information are noted.

Miss Dalton reports that the records of the Lobb Cumberland Presbyterian Church, also knwon as Little Blue and Shakerage Church, were missing, but Rev. J.G. Dalton was its pastor for over 50 years. In the Lobb Bible, then in possession of Mrs. Mason Lobb, it states that the church was organized in 1834. The Rev. William Horn organized the church with the following 5 charter members: Mr. & Mrs. Aquilla Lobb; Rev. & Mrs. Corelius Yeager, and 1 negro belonging to Mr. Lobb. The frame builing was built in 1854. The Rev. J. G. Dalton became pastor in 1854. In 1860, the membership roll comprised over 200 names.

Chester Crenshaw states that Lobb Cemtery is in the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section 12, Township 49, Range 31 of Jackson county, Missouri. It is about 3 1/2 miles north of the old business district of Blue Springs, Missouri. With the additions that have been added over the years, it now contains about 5 acres. The easiest way to find the cemetery is to take Strode Road from 7 Hwy. West, 1/2 mile to Lobb Cemetery Road, then N 1/2 mile to the Cemetery. Or, one could take Strode Road East from Crenshaw Road to Lobb Cemetery Road.

The graveyard was first called "Little Blue" and was probably changed when "Little Blue Presbyterian Church" was changed to Lobb Church. Lobb Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in Jackson county with the first burial made on January 6, 1844. The interment was of John P. Crow, 5 years old, who was the son of Jacob and Agnessa Crow. The old story goes that the family had recently arrived from what is now Boyle county, Kentucky near Danville, and had not as yet acquired land to settle on. They were camped close to their friend Aquilla Lobb, whose pioneer homesite was only a short distance to the northwest of the present cemetery. Jacob and Agnessa went for a short visit to the Lobbs leaving young John asleep. Near John was a kettle of hog fat on the fire being rendered into lard. Hearing screams they rushed back to firnd little John scalded by the hot grease fromt he overturned kettle. He only lived a short time.

According to the story, Aquilla Lobb summoned his slave Anthony and had him dig a grave which was close to the old immigrant trail. A short time later a stone fence was constructed around a small plot of ground, including young John P. Crow's grave. This burial was on January 6, 1844.

The next record of a burial in the Lobb Cemtery is that of Lucy Ann Crump, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Crump. Lucy Ann died on September 22, 1844 at 16 years of age. Both John P. Crow's and Lucy Ann Crump's grave markers are in bad shape, but they can still be read as of the date of this compilation (1983)

The next burials were those of Elizabeth Crump and her two daughters, Sopyia Montgomery and Susannah Little, all of whom died from cholera within a moth's time from July 27 through August 24, 1849.

Interments became more numerous after 1849, with many in the 1870's and 1880's. There are numerous burils of some of Jackson County's earliest settlers and many of their descendants.

The first owner of the land that the cemtery is in was Noah Williams who received the land from the US government. On April 30, 1833, Noah Williams sold 40 acres for $50.00 to Silas Gibson. (Deed Book B, page 279, Jackson county, MO). On November 28, 1836 Silas Gibson sold 200 acres, including the 40 acres, for $1,050.00 to Daniel Crump (Deed Book B, page 534). Therefore, Daniel Crump was the owner of the land when the cemtery was first started.

On January 18, 1850, after the death of his wife, Daniel Crump sold the ground around the cemtery containing 380 acres for $3,040.00 to Robert Thornton. This deed reads ..."with the exception of 1/2 acres around and including the grave yard." (Deed Book P., page 44)

On June 4, 1855 Robert Thornton sold the surrounding ground "excepting 1/2 acre reserved for graveyard", to Wm. N. White (Deed Book Z, page 185).

On March 17, 1857, Wm. N. White sold the land around the graveyard to Andrew W. Lowe and Calvin V. Lowe (Deed Book 109, page 609)

On March 1, 1869, Andrew Lowe sold 1/2 acre for $100.00 to the Trustees of the cemtery to be used for a graveyard. The Trustees were John Lowe, J. A. Lobb, and Daniel DeWitt, (Deed Book 73, page 344)

On November 7, 1894, A. W. Lowe sold 1/2 acre for $50.00 to the trustees for additional land for the cemtery. The trustees were: C. V. Lowe, W. W. Lobb, and J. W. Montgomery. The deed reads in part "....it is the intention of the grantor to convey 1/2 acre for graveyard purposes on the south side of and adjoining the present graveyard." (Deed Book 196, page 162)

On February 10, 1912 the trustees Henry J. Binger, J. L. Lowe and J. W. Montgomery had a plat recorded in the Jackson county court called the First addition to Lobbs Cemtery. This addition was subdivided into lots. This was the 1/2 acre bought from A. W. Lowe in 1894 (Plat Book 6, page 20 1/2). The cemtery was at this time about 1 1/2 acres.

In 1968, after vandalism in the cemetery, another 3 1/2 acres were given to the Lobb Cemetery Association by Callie Maude (Lowe) Whitten and her sister Kennth Lowe Brisendine. This addition of land extended the cemetery south to the road and added quite a wide strip on the west side.

It is unknown when the original stone fence was torn down around the original cemetery and when the larger present stone fence was erected. The fence which remains is around the northeast and west sides of the older part of the cemetery.

It was probably erected before the Civil War, since its construction would have required much hand work and after the slaves were freed I doublt that there were enough people available to construct it. It is still in reasonably good shape to be as old as it is. (1983).

In May 1854, the Trustees of the Little Blue Cumberland Presbyterian Church had one acre of land surveyed for a church lot. It was ground that was owned by John Robertson and was about 1/4 mile SE of the Cemtery on the N side of what is now called Lobb Cemtery Road. I doubt that a building was put on this lot since in September of 1856 the Trustees of the church, Jacob Crow, A. L. H. Crenshaw and John Lowe recorded a deed for 2 acres from John Robertson and 2 acres from J. A. Lobb. This is where the church was built and after it was burned the existing church was erected on this 4 acres.

In 1941, Paul White, with help from Herman Binger and others, made a layout of the old part of the cemtery in about 20 foot squares and cross lettered and numbered them. A card file was made listing all the burials then legible on the stones, giving the general locations of the burials. Of course, there were probably some burials which had never had a stone and therefore not recorded. This recording was completed so that future generations would be able to know where their ancestors and relations were buried. The following list of interments was taken from the card file made by Paul White with the genealogical notations made by myself.

It is certainly fortunate that Paul White completed the layout and card file because in February of 1968 the cemtery was vandalized by a group of drunken youths. The larger stones were over tunred off their bases and most of the smaller stones were smashed with sledge hammers, some beyond repair. It is hard to understand how anyone could get pleasure out of such an act.

Following the vandalism many people offered to help clean up the cemtery and restore the stones as best as possible. Separheaded by Glen Binger and Carl L. Crenshaw, the stones were righted and those stones that could be repaired were glued together. Many, of course, were reduced to rubble, lost forever. The Boy Scouts, other Cemtery Associations, and many other interested people donated time and equipment to repair the damage. They did a remarkable job and today the cemetery is in fine condition (1983)

The purpose ofr this list of interments is to tell a little bit about the people who are buried there and their relationship to each other.

It is not intended to be a detailed genealogical work. There are a few people listed for whom we have not been able to find any information. Also, I did not list the locations or any information on recent burials in the newest part of the cemtery.

Most of the people who were living in the area of the Lobb Cemetery during the civil war were slave owners and southern sympathizes. They no doubt gave aid and sheltered Quantrill's men. In fact, this was Quantrill country. All settlers in this area had to leave during the time of the notorious "Order #11" and many of the younger men joined up with Quantrill for various lengths of time.

After the Civil War, Quantrill's men had numerous reunions in Jackson county and Warren Welch, one of Quantrill's men, was appointed to act as secretary for the reunions. He made lists of all those who attende as well as those who served under Quantrill and whether they had been killed, died, etc. I am sure he missed some as it was not a well organized group. Therefore, some of the burials listed are of men on Warren Welch's list and are so shown.

If I have missed anyone or have made a mistake on some of the information, I am truly sorry.

Chester E. Crenshaw

Uncommon abbreviations: s-slave; sd-slave descendant

Name, Birth, Death, Location in Cemetery

Anderson, Addison A., b: 1876, d: 1938; F5
Andrews, Malena, age 85 years, 7 months, d: May 28, 1930, daughter of James A. Steele, m: 1st Fisher Prewitt, G6
Ashby, Katherine, b: 1892, d: 1917, H4 (granddaughter of Fisher Prewitt and Malena (Prewitt) Andrews; great granddaughter of Adam Fisher
Ashby, Ollie, b: 1899, d: 1918, G6
Atterberry, John M., age 81 years, 5 months, 26 days, d: 1947, m: Ida Mae Elmore, 1922, West 1/2, Lot 4
Atterberry, Ida Mae, b: 1885, d: 1955, wife of John M. Atterberry, West 1/2, Lot 4

Banton, Lucy, b: 1834, d: 1895, John Banton m: Lucinda Newman 1853; 1870 census shows Lucy Banton, age 36, in J. Nowlin family. Sister of Charlotte Nowlin, A7
Banton, infant of Lucy
Barnard, A. J., 32 years, 5 months, 13 days, d: 1888, Andrew Jackson Barnard, m: Mattie Braxdale, May 21, 1885; son of William Barnard from Tennessee, B3
Barker, Ernest Eugene, 1 year, 5 days, d: 1952
Bault, Mary E., wife of Thomas Bault, d: Aug, 1877, age; 39 years, wife of Thomas Bault, maiden name Gregg, C8
Baumeister, August, d: Oct. 18, 1888; age: 64 years, 10 months, 5 days, cabinet maker, born in Prussia, m: Eliza Mattery, Dec 1854, G3
Baumeister, William H., b: 1857, d: 1887, son of August & Eliza Baumeister, m: Clara B. Mapes, Feb 1881, G3
Baumeister, David, 89 years, 6 months, 4 days, d: 1946, son of August & Eliza Baumeister, G3
Baumeister, Clara Belle, 74 years, 10 months, 19 days, d: 1936, wife of David Baumeister, G3
Baumeister, George A., b: 1889, d: 1950, son of David and Clara Belle Baumeister, B5
Baxter, Kitty Ann, 24 years, 9 months, 14 days, d: 1884, G3
Beardsley, Doris M., b: 1916, d: 1974, B5
Binger, Henry J., b: 1870, d: 1935, son of Joseph & Magdalena Binger natives of Germany. Magdalena m: 2nd Henry Etzenhouser. Henry Binger b: in Wisconsin, orphan at age 14, Lot 4
Binger, Lura Milina, b: 1864, d: 1935; daughter of Daniel and Caroline (Lowe) Dewitt, m: Henry J. Binger, 1894 in Jackson county, MO, Lot 4
Binger, Fred D., b: 1903, d: 1903, infant of Henry J. & Lura Binger, Lot 4
Binger, Gomer D., d: 1896, infant of Henry J. & Lura Binger, Lot 4
Binger, Herman, b: 1897, d: 1967; son of Henry J. & Lura Binger, Army Service WWI operated "Bingerville" store & garage, Board of Trustees Lobb Cemtery, Lot 4
Binger, Gladys Louise, b: 1902, d: 1957; m: Herman Binger 1922, daughter of John Louis & Louisa (Stewart) Lowe, granddaughter of Calvin V. Mary E. (Moore) Lowe, greatgranddaughter of John L. & Margaret (Summers) Lowe. John L. Lowe came to Jackson county in 1844; Lot 4
Botts, Fannie P., b: 1881, d: 1917, wife of Fred Botts, daughter of John T.& Sallie A. Crenshaw, E14
Boman, Winfield S., b: 1872, d: 1963; b: in Texas, raised near Norborne, MO, son of Pinckney S. Boman & Martha Boman. Farmed for many years on the old J. Aquilla Lobb homestead farm. NEW
Boman, Annie V., b: 1875, d: 1968, wife of Winfield S. Boman, b: in Virginia, maiden name Bowman, daughter of immigrants from Germany, NEW
Boman, Hugh, b: 1911, d: 1971, son of Winfield S. & Annie V. Boman, NEW
Boman, Guy N., b: 1899, d: 1973, son of Winfield S. & Annie V., b: in Carroll county, Missouri, NEW
Boman, Anna Juanita, d: 1926, infant daughter of Guy and Elsa (Ring) Boman, NEW
Bowlin, James R., b: July 13, 1820, d: Sept. 18, 1913, b: Sumner county, TN, came to Jackson county, MO in 1832 with parents George & Nancy (Kirby) Bowlin. Served in Doniphan's Regiment in the Mexican War. Spent the 1850's & 1860's in Kansas and West. Returned to MO in the 1870's. **Birth recorded by Uhlig & Hours as July 13, 1820. C3
Bowlin, Julia A., wife of James R., b: Jan. 27, 1847, d: 1940, daughter of Robert Pinkard, m: James R. Bowlin, Feb 1871; Pinkards came to Jackson county, MO 1845

Bowman, Lucy Jane Parr, 68 years, 11 months, 14 days, d: 1928 ** recorded by Uhlig & Hours as "Bourman"
Boyd, Robert M., d: Jan. 30, 1868; age: 56 years, 9 months, 14 days, came to MO from Iowa, H9
Boyd, Jane C., 52 years, 8 months, 13 days, d: 1870, wife of Robert M. Boyd, b: in Ohio, H9
Brown, Pearl L., b: 1391, d: 1893 (I think the date is wrong) F3
Bryan, Dolly H., b: 1914, d: 1982
Brizendine, Helen E., b: 1918, d: 1974, wife of Harold T. Brizendine
Busier, Louis, 84 years, d: 1937, came to Jackson county, MO, as a horse holder for Union troops during the Civil War, Lot 1
Busier, Annie, 78 years, 7 months, 21 days, d: 1942 (SD), wife of Louis Busier, daughter of Anthony Lobb who was a slave of J. Aquilla Lobb, Lot 1
Busier, Alma Pat, b: 1887, d: 1953 (SD), son of Louis and Annie Busier, Lot 1
Busier, William, b: 1889, d: 1936 (SD), son of Louis and Annie Busier, Lot 1
Busier, Mary, b: 1885, d: 1967 (SD), daughter of Louis and Anie Busier, Lot 1
Capelle, Britton M., b: Oct. 2, 1809, d; Feb. 12, 1889, native of NC, reared in KY, came to Jackson county, MO in 1839. Devout Methodist Episcopal. Farmer in Stony Point area. Spent 2 years in Lafayette county, MO during Order #11. In Col. Doniphan's MO Mounted Volunteers during Mexican War, G4
Capelle, Sarah A., b: 1814, d: 1971, m: Britton M. Capelle, 1834, Native of Logan co, KY, maiden name was Clayton, G4
Capelle, Mary M., b: Dec. 24, 1843, d: March 22, 1916, daughter of Britton M. & Sarah A. Capelle, G40
Capelle, Truston P., b: Aug. 1, 1854, d: April 12, 1883, son of Britton M. & Sarah A. Capelle, G4
Christison, William M., son of J. M. and A. L. Christison, d: Jan. 26, 1879; age: 5 years, 1 month, 17 days, E1
Compton, Edmond J., 1 year, 4 months, 28 days, d: 1894, E13
Cook, Mary M. b: Jan. 28, 1869, d: Sept. 21, 1871, F9
Crenshaw, Alford, 63 years, 11 months, 4 days, d: 1948, son of George W. & Mattie Crenshaw, West 1/2, Lot 4
Crenshaw, A. L. H, b: April 18, 1805, d: March 23, 1890 (stone broken), b: in VA, reared in KY, came to Jackson county< MO ca: 1835 with father Nicholas Crenshaw and 5 brothers & 2 sisters. Large landholder and freighter to Santa Fe and Mexico. One of the original Little Blue Presbyterian Church members. **Death date recorded by Uhlig & Houts as March 23, 1890, further notation indicates stone was broken in 1933.
Crenshaw, Eliza, wife of Aaron Lane Hardage Crenshaw, d: July 9, 1872; age: 54 years, 8 months, 11 days
Crenshaw, Thomas L., b: 1843, d: 1922, son of A. L. H. & Eliza Crenshaw, farmer, b: in Jackson county, MO, F2
Crenshaw, Nancy L., b: 1849, d: 1916, daughter of John A. & Martha E. (Purcell) Crenshaw, b: in VA, m: Thomas L. Crenshaw, 1869 by J. G. Dalton, F2
Crenshaw, Oscar, 5 years, 9 months, 6 days, d: 1889, infant son of Thomas L. & Nancy Crenshaw, F2
Crenshaw, Lizzie, 3 months, 22 days, d: 1881, infant daughter of Thomas L. & Nancy Crenshaw, E3
Crenshaw, Teen (Lamberteen), b: 1872, d: 1950, son of Thomas L. & Nancy Crenshaw, never married, E3
Crenshaw, Irvin (Tab), b: 1877, d:1961, son of Thomas L & Nancy Crenshaw, never married, E3
Crenahaw, Gertie, b: 1880, d: 1970, daughte of Thomas L & Nancy Crenshaw, never married. Teen, Tab & Gertie farmed and lived together all their lives. Gertie "kept company" with Bruce Helm for over 40 years. E3
Crenshaw, Marvin, b: 1890, d: 1977, son of Thomas L & Nancy Crenshaw, m: Oct 1917, Lot 23
Crenshaw, Alice, b: 1896, d: 1977, daughter of John W. & Margaret A. (Seevers) Crenshaw, Lot 23
Crenshaw, Maxine, b: 1923, d: 1936, daughter of Marvin & Alice Crenshaw, Lot 23
Crenshaw, John T., b: 1847, d: 1922, son of Joel E. and Jane (Bynum) Crenshaw, nephew of A. L. H. Crenshaw, orphaned at early age, Lot 6
Crenshaw, Sallie A., wife of John T. Crenshaw, b: 1854, d: 1932, daughter of George W. & Mary Ellen (Crow) Fisher, granddaughter of Adam Fisher, granddaughter of Jacob Crow, Lot 6
Crenshaw, Wallace B., b: 1884, d: 1954, son of John T. & Sallie A. Crenshaw, Lot 6
Crenshaw, Ethel L., 58 years, 7 months, 1 day, d: 1947, wife of Wallace B. Crenshaw, daughter of Thomas L. & Nancy Crenshaw, 3rd cousin of Wallace B. Crenshaw, Lot 6
Crenshaw, E. N., d: March 22, 1876; age: 30 years, son of Joel E. & Jane (Bynum) Crenshaw, brother of John T. Crenshaw. (Age and dates on the stone are incorrect -- should be 31 years, d: 1877) Shot to death, buried in uncle A. L. H. Crenshaw's family burial plot, E2
Crenshaw, T., (age and dates on the stone are incorrect -- should be 31 years, d: 1877, shot to death, buried in uncle A. L. H. Crenshaw's family burial lot
Christison, William M., son of J. M. & A. L., d: 1879, age 5 years, 1 month, 17 days. ** This grave not recorded by Crenshaw
Crow, Jacob Crow, d: Jan. 19, 1892; age: 94 years. Came from Mercer County, KY., 1844. Farmer and Bible Exhorter in Lobb church
Crow, Agnessa, wife of Jacob Crow, b: April 22, 1810, d: July 8, 1884, m: Jacob Crow in Kentucky
Crow, Benjamin G., son of Jacob and Agnes A. Crow, d: Feb. 8, 1879; age: 29 years, 10 months, 26 days. **Uhlig & Houts list "Agnes A." as mother
Crow, sarah A., 19 years, 3 months, 19 days, d: 1871, daughter of Jacob and Agnessa Crow, **Uhlig & Hours list "Agnes A., as mother
Crow, John P., son of J. and A. A., b: Nov. 20, 1838, d: Jan. 6, 1844, first burial in Lobb Cemtery, b: KY
Crow, Benjamin G., son of Jacob and Agnes A. Crow, d: Feb. 8, 1879; age: 29 years, 10 months, 26 days
Crow, Sarah A., daughter of Jacob and Agnes A., d: Nov. 25, 1871; age: 19 years, 3 months, 19 days
Crump, Daniel, d. Nov. 15, 1858, in the 71st year of his age, came to Jackson county from Mercer county, KY ca 1836. Brother in law of Adam Fisher Jr., owned ground where Lobb Cemtery is located
Crump, Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Crump, d: Aug. 22, 1849, in 62nd year of her age, sister of Adam Fisher, died of cholera
Crump, Jane (Cox), d: March 5, 1873; age 74 years, 8 months, 12 days, 2nd wife of Daniel Crump, mother of Paulina Crump
Crump, Lucy Ann, daughter of D. and E. Crump, d: Sept. 22, 1840; age: 16 years, 10 months, 27 days, daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth Crump. 2nd buial in Cemtery. **Uhlig & Hours record date of death Sept 22 1840
Crump, Samuel T., b: May 1, 1820, d: Sept. 16, 1854, son of Daniel and Elizabeth Crump. Farmer. Sawmill operator, Justice of Peace
Crump, Paulina A. (Cox), wife of S. T. Crump, b: Aug. 26, 1822, d: July 15, 1862, wife of Samuel T. Crump, daughter of Jane (Cox) Crump, b: KY, **Uhlig and Hours record name as Perlina A."
Crump, Susana Frances, daughter of Samuel T. and Perlina A. Crump, b: June 17, 1848, d: March 10, 1851
Crump, John T., b: 1845, d: 1927, son of Samuel T. & Paulina Crump, farmer, oxteam freighter, Confederate veteran, listed in Warren Welch's list of Quantrill's men. (List is housed in the Jackson County Historical Society Library and Archives, Independence, MO)
Crump, Nannie E., b: 1852, d: 1914, wife of John T. Crump, daughter of George W. Fisher and Mary Ellen (Crow) Fisher, granddaughter of Adam Fisher. **Uhlig and Houts record simply as "Crump" wife of John T. Crump"
Crump, Bennie B., b: 1885, d: 1886, son of John T. & Nannie Crump
Crump, Samuel, 49 years, 7 months, 6 days, d: 1921, son of John T. & Nannie Crump
' Crump, George F., 80 years, d: 1955, son of John T. & Nannie Crump
Crump, Dalton H., 69 years, d: 1953, son of John T. & Nannie Crump
Crump, Howard M., 73 years, d: 1961, son of John T. & Nanie Crump, served in France in World War I, 129th Field Artillery
Cummins, Laura E., d: Nov. 12, 1869

Dalton, Rev. James G., d: April 9, 1910; age: 85 years, 10 months, b: in VA, came to Johnson county, Missouri in 1839, took charge of "Little Blue" or Lobb Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1854 and served that church for over 50 years.
Dalton, Lucy J. wife of Rev. James C. Dalton, d: Nov. 19, 1931; age: 89 years, 9 months, daughter of Samuel T. and Paulina (Cox) Crump.
Dalton, Samuel G., 78 years, 4 months, 24 days, d: Feb. 16, 1946, son of Rev. James G. & Lucy J. (Crump) Dalton, never married.
Dalton, Mary E., b: 1869, d: 1963, dau of Rev. James G. & Lucy J. (Crump) Dalton, school teacher.
Davis, William B., son of J. and L. Davis, d: July 8, 1888; age: 29 years, 5 months, 7 days
Denny, Albert M., b: 1889, d: 1972
DeWitt, Daniel, d: April 30, 1888; age: 71 years, 9 months, 23 days, b: in KY, came to Jackson county, MO, via IL, ca; 1836, farmer, builder, bridge contractor, returned to Pike county, IL during Order #11
DeWitt, S. Caroline, b: Dec. 7, 1830, d: Dec. 11, 1921, wife of Daniel Dewitt, dau of John and Margaret Lowe, b: in VA
DeWitt, John D., b: 1856, d: 1929, son of Daniel & Caroline DeWitt.
Dewitt, Margaret O., daughter of Daniel and O. S. Dewitt, b: June 9, 1850; d: Dec. 28, 1859, dau of Daniel and Caroline DeWitt
Dewitt, infant of J. A. & Laura DeWitt
Dewitt, L. F., b: Sept 3, 1888, d: Oct 3, 1888
Dukes, Mary Ann Fisher, wife of R. S. Dukes, b: Dec. 7, 1819, d: Oct. 26, 1875, m: 1st Benjamin Prewitt, m: 2nd Robert S. Dukes, dau of Adam Fisher
Dyer, Bernetta, wife of D. P. Dyer, d: Sept. 30, 1890; age: 54 years, 7 months, 11 days, wife of David Dyer, dau of B. M. Capelle & Sarah A. Capelle

Edde, Albert, b: 1879, d: 1917
Edde, Pearl
Edie, George
Edie, ????
Elliott, Hory C., 11 months, d: Oct. 14, 1896
Etzenhouser, Henry, b: Jan. 13, 1824, d: March 7, 1903, came from Hesse Cassel Germany to US in 1841, naturalized in PA in 1847, to CA gold mines in 1856 and to Independence, MO in 1870. First President of RLDS Center Stake. Contributed heavily to construction of the Stone Church in Independence, MO
Etzenhouser, Hannah M., b: Nov. 9, 1826, d: Sept. 1876, 1st wife of Henry Etzenhouser and mother to all his children, b: in Germany, m: in 1847 in PA
Etzenhouser, Magdalena St. M., b: May 1, 1834, d: Feb. 10, 1884, 2nd wife of Henry Etzenhouser, widow of Joseph Binger, mother of Henry J. Binger, b: in Germany, came to Jackson county, MO from WI in 1876 and m: Henry Etzenhouser

Etzenhouser, Daniel (their son), b: Nov. 10, 1858, d: Sept. 1877, son of Henry & Hannah M. Etzenhouser

Fight, George, Jr., b: July 13, 1902, d: Oct. 28, 1970
Fisher, Adam, d: Feb. 22, 1860; age: 77 years, 8 months, 8 days (N.S., U.S.D., 1812), b: Mercer county, KY, veteran of War of 1812, came to Jackson county, MO in 1834. Son of Adam Fisher Sr., a Revolutionary War soldier. 1st wife Nancy Edwards (Waller)
Fisher, Letty, wife of Adam Fisher, d: Aug. 27, 1866; age: 80 years, 5 months, 2nd wife of Adam Fisher, widow of Robert Laws of KY
Fisher, George W., 73 years, 2 months, 8 days, d: April 17, 1895, son of Adam Fisher and his 1st wife Nancy (Edwards) Waller. Short time in the Mexican War, b: in Mercer county, KY
Fisher, Mary E., wife of G. W. Fisher, d: May 19, 1863; age: 32 years, 6 months, 7 days, wife of George W. Fisher, dau of Jacob Crow and his 1st wife Mary Crawford, b: in Mercer county, KY
Fisher, Elizabeth A. Crump, 2nd wife of George W. Fisher; age: 65 years, 6 months, 6 days, d: May 1 1891, dau of Daniel & Elizabeth Crump. 1st cousin of George W. Fisher. Widow of Manson Lobb.
Fisher, Jeremiah C., son of G. W. and M. E. Fisher, d: Oct. 18, 1850; age: 1 year, 10 months, 9 days
Fisher, Jacob P., 5 months, 20 days, d: April 10, 1856, son of George W. & Mary E. Fisher
Fisher, Maria C., 3 years, 10 months, 3 days, d: March 24, 1861, dau of George W.& Mary E. Fisher
Fisher, Maud, 19 years, 2 months, 1 day, d: April 10, 1885, dau of George W.& Mary E. Fisher
Fisher, William A., b: June 13, 1850, d: Oct. 31, 1931, son of George W. & Mary E. Fisher, grandson of Adam Fisher, b: in Jackson county, Missouri
Fisher, Sarah A., wife of William A. Fisher, b: March 5, 1857, d: Oct. 1, 1920, dau of Silas Gibson & Elizabeth (Slaughter) Gibson, b: in Jackson county, MO
Fisher, Stella, dau of W. A. & S. A. Fisher, d: July 21, 1882, age 6 days
Freed, Omar Lee, 11 days, d: 1934
Frisby, George P., b: March 17, 1834, d: Feb. 14, 1919, came to Jackson county, MO from Bloomington, IL in Feb 1867 crossed river on ice with ox teams; at one time President of the Church of Christ Temple Lot in Independence, MO. 14 children, 59 grandchildren, 67 gr-grandchildren, 2 gr-gr-grandchildren
Frisby, Lucinda, wife of George P. Frisby, d: Oct. 21, 1868; age: 28 years, 8 days

Frisby, Evaline, wife of George P. Frisby, b: Oct. 26, 1836, d: Jan. 28, 1911, maiden name Bradley.
Frisby, Edwin J., b: May 9, 1875, d: Aug 30, 1893, son of Geoge P. & Evelina Frisby
Frisby, Cora M., 6 years, 2 months, 24 days
George, Julia H., daughter of B. T. and V. George; d: Jan. 28, 1874, age: 1 year, 9 months, 24 days
George, Susan A, daughter of B. T. and V. George, d: Nov. 6, 1874; age: 6 months, 15 days
Gibson, J. F., d; June 10, 1871; age: 67 years, 6 months, 4 days, d: June 10, 1871, b: Warren county, KY, came to Missouri in 1831, owned 1,000 acres, 3 1/2 miles NE of Blue Springs, Missouri, son of John & Polly (Locke) Gibson, John Gibson b: SC, Polly Gibson b: Mercer county, KY
Gibson, Martha, wife of J. F. Gibson, d: Dec. 25, 1878; age: 65 years, 9 months, 2 days, maiden name Aden, b: KY
Gibson, S. H., d: Feb. 28, 1896; age: 59 years, 10 months, 4 days, son of J. F. & Martha Gibson, Silas was b: in MO, traveled over the West working & mining; during Civil War was in the employment of the Confederate Army in TX
Gibson, Elizabeth M., wife of S. H. Gibson, d: March 23, 1890; age: 51 years, 5 months, 11 days, maiden name was Slaughter
Gibson, Lillie, 17 years, 28 days, d: Aug 13, 1888, dau of S. H. & Elizabeth M. Gibson
Gibson, Joseph Lee, b: March 5, 1866, d: 1924, son of S. H. & Elizabeth M. Gibson
Gillespie, Emma G., 63 years, 4 months, 18 days, d: Dec. 29, 1956, dau of Rodney Seevers, wife of Marvin Gillespie
Gillison, Harry W., b: Oct 30, 1875, d: Sept 19, 1958, son of Samuel Gillison, b: in Strassbur, MO
Gillison, Mary Elizabeth, 72 years, 9 months, 21 days, d: Oct 16, 1953, wife of Harry W. Gillison, dau of Gabriel & Lucy (Gibson) Parr
Gillison, Roy Lee Parr, b: Jan 23, 1899, d: April 27, 1907, son of Harry W. & Mary E. Gillison
Gonner, Elizabeth, d: May 8, 1872; age; 46 years, 5 months, 29 days

Gregg, Edith, 56 years, d: June 24, 1880, b: in VA, sister-in-law of Thomas Bault, kept house for the Bault family after the death of her sister, Mary E. Bault in 1887
Hamilton, Bert Abner, b: 1911, d: 1977
Hamilton, Bert Abner, b: Jan 10, 1948, d: March 5, 1970, died in Vietnam, US Navy
Hanna, Salley T., wife of James A. Hanna, d: Nov. 28, 1874; age: 71 years, 8 months, 7 days
Handly, E. S., b: 1860, d: 1926
Handly, Kate S., 74 years, 11 months, 18 days, d: April 30, 1947
Hedrick, Jeremiah, b: Feb. 15, 1833, d: Sept. 17, 1926
Hedrick, I. W., b: 1869, d: ??
Hedrick, Bertha, b: 1888, d: 1912
Herral, Ellen R. Lowe, wife of J. Herral, b: Aug. 10, 1848, d: Oct. 28, 1892
Hettinger, Robert Jay, 69 years, 8 months, 23 days, d: Oct 14, 1957, Lot 29
Hettinger, Lual May, b: 1885, d: 1969, wife of Robert J. Hettinger
Hendricks, Lewis, 84 years, 2 months, 2 days, d: June 6, 1947 (SD)
Hendricks, Amanda (Lobb), 73 years, 3 months, 1 day, d: Dec 16, 1938 (SD)
Hibler, Peter (SD)
Hibler, Lavina (SD)
Hill, Carol K., b: Dec 20, 1927, d: May 4, 1976, served in Marine Corps
Howell, Hattie F., b: Feb. 17, 1870, d: Dec 9, 1904, wife of Samuel W. Howell, dau of Jarres & Charlotte Nowlin, m: 1895
Howell, infant child of Hattie Howell

Jones, Sammy, 1 month, 20 days, d: Sept 13, 1866
Jones, Franklin, 1 year, 14 days, d: Sept. 28, 1870
Jones, Nora, 7 months, 21 days, d: July 16, 1870
Jones, Levin W., b: 1893, d: 1965
Jones, Eleanor E., b: 1900, d: 1961, wife of Levin W. Jones
Jones, John Donald, b: June 23, 1920, d: June 18, 1928, son of Levin W. & Eleanor E. Jones
Johnson, Sue L., 5 years, 8 months, 17 days, d: Nov. 18, 1891

Karr, William A., son of J. J. and J. M. Karr, d: 1878 (stone broken), Mother was Merinda J. Gibson
Keck, Sarah E., wife of H. Keck, d: Dec. 2, 1876; age: 30 years, 2 months, 15 days
Keck, Robert T., son of H. S. and S. E. Keck, d: May 21, 1871; age; 2 years, 9 months, 2 days
Keck, Eddie W., 7 months, 9 days, d: Jan 13, 1871, son of H. & S. E. Keck
Keck, Newton N., 75 years, 2 months, 14 days, d: June 13, 1945
Keck, Mary Ann, 72 years, 2 months, 24 days, d: July 25, 1946, wife of Newton N. Keck, maiden name was King
Keck, Pearle, b: March 23, 1901, d: July 9, 1918
Keck, W., son of H. and S. E. Keck, d: Jan. 13, 1871; age: 7 months, 9 days
Keshlear, Mary E., b: July 20, 1859, d: Jan 25, 1888, wife of J. B. Keshlear, maiden name was Mary E. Karr
Key, Allen, d: March 1, 1877; age: 35 years, 1 month, 1 day, son of William Key, b: in TN
Key, Virginia Agnes, wife of Allen Key, b: Jan. 25, 1816, d: March 21, 1866, dau of John & Margaret Lowe
King, Martin V., b: March 18, 1840, d: March 9, 1902, b: in Zionsville, IN, father of Belle Sedge, buried by wife Mary E. King
King, Mary E., wife of M. V. King, d: March 23, 1875; age: 33 years, 2 months, 14 days, mother of Belle Sedge (wife of John Sedge) come to MO from IN
King, Flora, daughter of Mary E. and M. V. King, d: Jan. 15, 1875; age: 2 months, 29 days
King, Sarah, daughter of Mary E. and M. V. King, d: 1875; age: 11 years, 4 months, 13 days
Kirby, John C., 14 years, 8 months, 13 days, d: April 30, 1874
Kirby, John G., son of M. B. and S. R. Kirby, d: April 30, 1871; age: 1 year, 8 months, 13 days

Lacy, Mary B.
Lambert, Ben
Lambert, Lizzie
Lattimer, Maud, b: March 2, 1898, d: April 18, 1898
Lester, Paul W., b: 1915, d: 1973
Lester, Mary A., b: 1917, d: 1980, wife of Paul W. Lester
Little, John, d; Oct. 7, 1857; age: 58 years, 10 months, 10 days
Little, Susannah F., wife of John Little, d: July 27, 1849; age: 36 years, 4 months, 16 days, b: in Mercer Co, KY, dau of Daniel & Elizabeth (Fisher) Crump
Little, John T., b: 1838, d: 1862, son of John & S. F. Little, b: in Jackson county, MO, Confederate soldier under Quantrill, killed in Blue Cut neighborhood south of Independence, MO
Little, James, b: 1844, d: 1864, son of John & S. F. Little, b: in Jackson county, MO, a Lieutenant and one of the original members of Quantrill's guerrillas, killed in KY along with Quantrill and several others
Lobb, J. A., 75 years, 6 months, 9 days, d: July 5, 1884, Jaqualine Aquilla Lobb, b: in KY, came to Jackson county, MO ca: 1836
Lobb, Mary E. Yager, wife of J. A. Lobb, d: May 8, 1870; age: 54 years, 4 months, 18 days
Lobb, Anthony, b: March 1826, d: March 1911, slave of J. A. Lobb, given 40 acres of land when freed
Lobb, Mary A., wife of Anthony Lobb, b: Feb. 23, 1835; d: Jan. 21, 1905
Lobb, James Madison, b: Dec. 5, 1817, d: April 21, 1891, slave of J. A. Lobb
Lobb, children of A. and Mary A. Lobb
Lobb, ?, daughter, d: July 26, 1875
Lobb, George, son, d: May 16, 1869, son of A. & M. L. Lobb
Lobb, Ella, 7 days, d: April 30, 1875, dau of Anthony & Mary Lobb
Lobb, J. A., d: July 5, 1894; age: 75 years, 6 months, 9 days
Lobb, James C., d: Oct. 6, 1908; age: 73 years, 6 months, son of J. A. & Mary E. Lobb
Lobb, Mary E., daughter of J. A. and M. T. Lobb, b: March 7, 1858, d: July 31, 1858
Lobb, William W., b: May 5, 1842, d: Aug. 23, 1906, son of J. A. & M. E. Lobb
Lobb, Elizabeth, b: Dec 14, 1847, d: May 9, 1915
Lobb, Aquilla, 1 year, 4 months, 9 days, d: March 9, 1871, son of Wm. W., & Elizabeth Lobb
Lobb, Mary (Hays), 86 years, 1 day, d: Dec 30, 1934, wife of James C. Lobb, Lobb, Manson L, b: 1858, d: 1930, son of J. A. & Mary E. Lobb
Lobb, Emma, 82 years, 5 months, 30 days, d: Oct 17, 1944, wife of Manson Lobb, maiden name McKay, m: in 1882
Lobb, Manson L., 28 years, 5 months, 27 days, d: Jan 23, 1853, bro of J. A. Lobb, 1st husand of Elizabeth Ann Crum and father of Troven Manson & Fannie Ellen Lobb
Lobb, Mary L., b: Aug 23, 1835, d: Jan 21, 1905, slave, wife of Anthony Lobb
Lobb, Adaline, 19 years, d: July 26, 1875 (SD), dau of A. & M. L. Lobb
Lobb, Stephen, 20 years, 7 months, 6 days, d: Dec 6, 1881 (SD), son of A. & M. L. Lobb
Lobb, Daniel, son of A. & M. L. Lobb (SD)
Lobb, Nellie, b: Nov. 10, 1868, d: Sept 12, 1903 (SD)
Lobb, Lizzie, b: Dec 3 1876, d: Jan 28, 1903
Lobb, Jennie, b: Jan 8 1873, d: March 8, 1895
Lobb, Madison
Lobb, Rosena, b: April 1, 1879, d: May, 1858 (SD)
Lobb, John, 80 years, 3 months, 11 days, d: June 10, 1881, came to Jackson county, MO from VA 1844, large land and slave owner, went to Pike county, IL during Order #11; helped organize Lobb church; son of a Revolutionary Patriot
Lowe, Margaret, wife of John Lowe, d: April 7, 1868; age: 64 years, 4 months, b: in VA, maiden name Summers
Lowe, A. W., 75 years, 2 months, 5 days, d: Nov 11 1903, son of J. & M. Lowe, Andrew W was born in VA, was a freighter across the plains to Santa Fe; Confederate Soldier, member of Lobb Church
Lowe, Mary E., wife of A. W. Lowe, d: April 16, 1882; age: 31 years, 8 months, 10 days, dau of Wm. Dillingham of Lafayette county, MO
Lowe, Henry R., son of A. W. Lowe, d: Decf. 31, 1874; age: 1 year, 2 months
Lowe, Iva H., 17 years, 13 days, d: March 13, 1889, dau of A. W. & M. E. Lowe
Lowe, Isaac, (I. N.), b: Nov 17, 1878, d: 1921, son of A. W. & M. E. Lowe
Lowe, Harley, b: 1876, d: 1963, son of A. W. & M. E. Lowe
Lowe, Calvin V., b: Dec. 5, 1832, d: July 14, 1903, son of John & Margaret Lowe, b: in VA, drove freighting wagons on Santa Fe Trail, large land owner
Lowe, Mary E., wife of Calvin V. Lowe, b: March 5, 1839, d: March 10, 1919, dau of John & Isabelle (Gardiner) Moore

Lowe, Davie E., 5 years, 7 months, 1 day, d: April 18, 1879, son of C. V. & M. E. Lowe
Lowe, Maggie E., 22 years, 7 days, d: Sept. 20, 1893
Lowe, John M., 39 years, 12 days, d: Oct 16, 1881, son of John & Margaret Lowe
Lowe, Eliza C., wife of John M. Lowe, d: Oct. 16, 1881; age: 39 years, 12 days
Lowe, Maddie M., 1 year, 10 months, 9 days, d: Sept. 26, 1882
Lowe, infant son of J. M. and E. C. Lowe, d: Feb. 13, 1869
Lowe, John L. (Louis), d: Dec 18, 1939; age: 80 years, 10 days, son of Calvin V. & Mary E. Lowe, b: in Jackson county, MO, farmer
Lowe, Mary Louisa, b: Feb 23, 1860, d: Aug 25, 1942, wife of Louis Lowe, dau of Samuel & Annie (Wardrip) Stewart, b: in IL
Lowe, Everett, 3 months, 12 days, d: Dec 19, 1895
Lowe, James F., 74 years, 10 days, d: Feb 13, 1947
Lowe, infant son of Jim & Cora Lowe
Lowe, Ruby M., b: July 7, 1899, d: Aug 3, 1899
Lowe, infant son, 3 days, d: May 3, 1898
Lowe, Charles S., infant, d: July 15, 1896
Lyle, Noble A., 82 years, d:Oct 10, 1951
Lyle, Dora DeBerry, 77 years, 1 month, 15 days, d: Jan 9 1956, wife of Noble A. Lyle, 1st m: John W. McKay

Mayers, Ollie, daughter of W. S. and E. Mayers, d: June 27, 1873; age: 7 years, 2 months, 24 days
Mayes, Ollie, 7 years, 2 months, 24 days, d: Jan 27, 1873
Mayes, infant, d: Oct 20, 1870
McKay, John L., 73 years, 7 months, 1 day, d: Dec 19, 1898
McKay, Sallie, A., 91 years, 5 months, 20 days, d: 19180, wife of John L. McKay
McKay, John W., 83 years, 5 mnths, 24 days, d: July 27, 1942, son of John L. & Sallie A. McKay, m: Dora DeBerry in 1895
McKay, William Barnett, b: July 2, 1902, d: Jan 18, 1904, son of John W. & Dora McKay
McKay, Louis Fieldon, b: July 1, 1900, d: July 3, 1900, infant son of John W. & Dora McKay
Montgomery, Levi S., b: Aug. 17, 1805, d: Dec. 6, 1891, came to Jackson county, MO in 1836, b: in KY, farmer, had 16 children
Montgomery, Sophia, 34 years, 7 months, 8 days, d: Aug 24, 1849, wife of Levi S. Montgomery, daughter of Daniel & Elizabeth Crump, b: in KY
Montgomery, Elizabeth, 2nd wife of Levi S. Montgomery, b: March 1, 1828, d: July 25, 1898, maiden name was Halloway
Montgomery, Samuel C., 21 years, 7 months, 28 days, d: Jan 19, 1863, son of Levi S. & Sophia Montgomery, killed in Civil War, one of Quantrill's men
Montgomery, Elias A.,d: Nov. 22, 1867; age: 24 years, 8 months, son of Levi S. & Sophia Montgomery
Montgomery, Isaac N., b: May 17, 1834, d: April 26, 1911, son of Levi S. & Sophia Montgomery, b: in KY, was a Forty-Niner in gold fields of CA; went to NE during Order #11, extensive farmer
Montgomery, Eliza S., wife of Isaac N. Montgomery, d: Aug. 3, 1888; age: 47 years, 8 months, 10 days, dau of John & Margaret Lowe

Montgomery, S. G. O., d: Jan. 19, 1863; age: 21 years, 7 months, 28 days
Montgomery, Willie R., b: Nov 4, 1857, d: Nov 3, 1858, son of I. N. & E. S. Montgomery
Montgomery, Mary, b: April 6, 1870, d: Dec 27, 1873, dau of I. N. & E. S. Montgomery

Navlin (Nowlin), James F., b: June 29, 1832, d: June 5, 1905
Navlin (Nowlin), Charlotte, F., wife of James Navlin, b: Oct. 18, 1839, d: Nov. 26, 1873, wife of James F. Nowlin, b: in VA, maiden name was Newman, m: in 1857 in Jackson county, MO
Newell, Ida May, 79 years, 8 months, 17 days, d: July 28, 1847, Lot 28
Noland, David, 96 years, 3 months, 22 days, d: Sept 24, 1948
Nowlin, Joseph J., b: 1868, d: 1928, son of James F. & Charlotte Nowlin, b: in Jackson county, MO
Nowlin, Clara M., b: 1878, d: 1929, wife of Joseph J. Nowlin
Nowlin, Charlie, b: 1898, d: 1921, son of J. J. & C. Nowlin

Orchard, James, d: Feb. 21, 1883; age: 71 years, 1 months, 24 days
Orchard, Alexander, b: July 23, 1855, d: Feb. 12, 1875

Orchard, Sarah, 70 years, 11 months, 21 days, d: June 23, 1900, wife of James Orchard
Orchard, Ellie, b: Dec 11, 1878, d: Sept 3, 1880

Paradise, John W., b: 1852, d: 1926, son of W. P. Paradise who came to Jackson county, MO from TN, John W. was born in MO.
Paradise, Mary F., 92 years, 11 months, 15 days, d: Dec 28, 1944, wife of John W. Paradise, dau of Daniel and Caroline (Lowe) Dewitt, m: in 1881 in Jackson county, MO
Paradise, James W., b: March 23, 1882, d: Sept 4, 1955
Parr, Jemima, b: April 3, 1779, d: Aug. 13, 1857
Parr, Gabriel C., b: 1848, d: 1919, b: in Danville, Mercer Co. KY, came to MO in his childhood, farmed in Lobb church neighborhood, served as Confederate soldier under Quantrill
Parr, Lucy J., wife of Gabriel, b: 1859, d: 1928, wife of Gabriel Parr, dau of Silas & Elizabeth Matilda (Slaughter) Gibson
Parr, Jefferson H., 85 years, 10 months, 28 days, d: March 10, 1940, b: in Platte City, MO, son of William & Kate (Greenwood) Parr both of whom were born in 1829 and were from the Danville, KY area
Pinkard, Robert, b: Feb. 11, 1807, d: Nov. 18, 1881, b: in VA, m: Lucinda J. Williams, in 1869

Pinkard, Jane, wife of Robert Pinkard, b: 1809, d: Aug. 4, 1879
Porter, Len
Porter, Halstead T., b: May 25, 1902, d: Feb.9, 1975
Poteet, Vera, 48 years, d: June 6, 1940
Pohnert, Virgie, b: Jan 31, 1922, d: March 7, 1982
Prewitt, Fisher M., b: 1838, d: 1913, son of Benjamin Mosby Prewitt and Mary Ann (Fisher) Prewitt Dukes. Benjamin M. Prewitt died in the "49 Gold Rush; garndson of Adam Fisher
Prewitt, Leroy, b: 1913, d: 1915, infant son of Lee Prewitt, grandson of Fisher Prewitt

Raines, Harry O., b: 1907, d: 1966
Raines, Victoria S., b: 1911, d: 1966
Raines, James R., 85 years, 11 months, 20 days, d: April 5, 1956
Raines, Sary Jane, 75 years, 1 months, 26 days, d: Feb 19 1953
Raines, Mary Ruth, 9 years, 9 months, 3 days, d: Aug 5, 1947
Richey, Richard E., b: 1915, d: 1978, grandson of Rodney Seevers, son of Emma G. Gillispie
Rider, George, b: May 16, 1807, d: Dec. 26, 1876; age: 69 years, 7 months, 10 days, born in KY
Rimble, O. D., d: Jan. 28, 1866; age: 56 years, 8 months, 6 days
Roberts, Robert, d: April 5, 1880; age: 62 years, born in NY
Roberts, Marcia, wife of Robert Roberts, d: March 13, 1885; age: 62 years, wife of Richard Roberts, b: in OH
Robinson, Matilda Jane, daughter of C. M. and E. Robinson, d: May 13, 1856; age: 6 years, 2 months, 12 days
Robinson, Sarah E., daughter of C. M. and E., d: March 8, 1870; age: 18 years, 8 days
Rogers, Maria E, b: May 17, 1802, d: April 3, 1878
Rodgers, Mariah, wife of John Rodgers, born in Greenfield, OH, May 17, 1802, d: April 13, 1878
Rogers, Bennie F, son of J. B. and M. E. Rodgers, d: Dec. 11, 1872; age: 2 years,11 months, 5 days
Rogers, ARchie B., d: Nov 1881
Row, Estella, b: 1873, d: 1934, maiden name was Stella Lobb
Rowe, William H. B., son of M. B. and G. E. Rowe, d: Feb. 6, 1870; age: 13 years, 9 months, 8 days
Russell, John, son of N. and M. Russell, d: Sept. 12, 1876; age: 46 years, 9 months, 3 days, both b: in NC

Salley, Gertrude A., b: 1902, d: 1971, wife of Edgar L. Salley
Saunders, Elizabeth A., b: Nov 19, 1861, d: Jan 11, 1898, 1st wife of Lewis Allen Saunders; dau of James F. & Charlotte Nowlin; m: 1883
Saunders, Carl, no dates, son of Lewis & Elizabeth Saunders, died a teenager
Saunders, Willie, b: 1898, d: 1898, infant son of Lewis & Elizabeth Saunders
Scott, Mathew, d: March 10, 1870; age: 54 years, 1 month, farmer, b: in KY
Scott, Zerilda J., 47 years, 10 months, 22 days, d: July 18, 1881, wife of Mathew Scott, b: in KY
Scott, Freancis M., 87 years, 1 months, 25 days, d: March 1, 1939, son of Mathew & Zerilda J. Scott
Scott, Hannah J., b: 1851, d: 1936, wife of Francis M. Scott, m: 1871, maiden name was King
Scott, infant dau of E. M. & H. J. Scott
Scott, Lewis H., 3 years, 7 months, 25 days
Scott, John W., b: June 25, 1848, d: Oct. 25, 1878, b: in MO, son of John W. Scott who came to MO from NC
Scott, Mary E., 9 months, 19 days, d: Dec 7, 1877
Seevers, Margaret, wife of Jacob Seevers, d: Aug. 16, 1859; age: 70 years
Seevers, Thomas L., b: Aug 29, 1866, d: Jan 4, 1888, son of Thompson & Margaret J. Seevers
Seevers, Jimmie B., d: May 21, 1886
Seevers, George H., d: Dec 3, 1877
Seevers, Thompson E., b: Aug. 8, 1827, d: April 30, 1901, b: in OH
Seevers, Margaret J., his wife, b: March 12, 1837, d: April 21, 1919, wife of Thompson E. Seevers, b: in TN
Seevers, John W., b: 1858, d: 1936, son of Thompson & Margaret Seevers
Seevers, Margaret A., wife of John W. Seevers, b: 1858, d: 1920, b: in IN, maiden name Neal
Seevers, Hiram Columbus (Lum), b: 1856, d: 1935, son of Thompson & Margaret Seevers
Seevers, Molly, b: 1862, d: 1898, wife of Columbus Seevers, maiden name was Mary J. Shaw
Seevers, George R., b: 1882, d: 1954, son of Hiram & Polly Seevers
Seevers, Charles, b: 1887, d: 1915, son of Hiram & Polly Seevers
Seevers, J. D., d: July 19, :????
Seevers, Alfred, b: Dec 3, 1886, d: July 22, 1948, son of Rodney & Lucy Seevers
Seevers, Della G., b: Nov 13, 1888, d: April 4, 1946, dau of Rodney & Lucy Seevers
Seevers, Willie N., 66 years, 3 months, 22 days, d: Nov 23, 1956, son of Rodney & Lucy Seevers
Seevers, Rodney I., b: 1860, d: 1914, son of Thompson & Margaret Seevers
Seevers, Lucy J., b: 1864, d: 1904, wife of Rodney Seevers, came from KY in 1880, maiden name was Yates
Seevers, W. Elkins, 66 years, 3 months, 22 days, d: Nov 23, 1956, son of John W. & Margaret A. Seevers
Seevers, Jess, b: Sept 27, 1888, d: March 27, 1953, son of John W. & Margaret A. Seevers
Seevers, Cully E., 53 years, 9 months, 1 day, d: Feb 25, 1947, son of John W. & Margaret A. Seevers
Seevers, Mannie H., b: 1897, d: 1968, wife of Cully E. Seevers
Sledd, Charles H., b: Aug 3, 1920, d: Jan 12, 1975
Smith, Texie Bell, b: 1900, d: 1925, dau of Joseph J. & Clara M. Nowlin
Stanley, Lucy A., wife of Daniel Stanley, d: Feb. 12, 1865; age: 23 years, 9 days, dau of Susannah Little
Steele, James A., b: April 26, 1816, d: Dec 12, 1905, came to Jackson county, MO in 1844, b: in VA, tailor by trade
Steele, Mary Jane Lowe, wife of J. A. Steele, d: July 29, 1850
Steele, John W., infant son of J. A. and M. J. Steele, d: Aug. 27, 1852; age: 4 years, 7 months, 28 days
Steele, Mary E. Watkins, wife of James A. Steele, d: March 30, 1833; age: 28 years, 5 months, 26 days
Steele, infant buried with mother Mary E. Steele
Stewart, Anna, wife of Samuel Stewart, d: Dec. 4, 1875; age: 5-(some) years, wife of Samuel Stewart, b: in MO, maiden name was Anna A. F. Johnson, m: in 1866 in Jackson county, MO

Stewart, Frank L., b: 1861, d: 1941
Stewart, Elizabeth L., b: 1864, d: Feb 27, 1961, wife of Frank L. Stewart
Stewart, infant dau, d: March 27, 1895
Stone, Sarah E., b: Jan 9, 1838, d: Oct 25, 18?0, probably dau of S. S. & Mary (Crump) Stone, buried near John & Susannah Little, who would be her aunt and uncle

Thomas, James H., d: July 24, 1856; age: 45 years, 5 months, 20 daysm b: in KY, came to Jackson county, MO in 1830's
Thomas Sallie E., b: March 10, 1817; d: Jan. 21, 1897, wife of James H. Thomas, dau of Adam Fisher
Thomas, Letha, wife of Jeremiah R. Thomas who was the son of James H. & Sallie E. Thomas, b: Oct. 31, 1836; d: Dec. 3, 1878
Thomas, Abner Edwin, b: 1836, d: 1917
Thomas, Lucinda Ellen, wife of Abner Edwin Thomas, b: 1853; d: 1904, m: in 1870 in Jackson county, MO, maiden name was Lucinda E. Cummins
Thompson, Charles, d: March 7, 1867; age: 65 years, 5 months, 6 days, farmer, Pink Hill area, b: in TN
Thompson, Margaret, wife of Charles Thompson, d: Sept. 16, 1873; age: 76 years, 16 days, b: in NC
Tracy, Liberty S., b: Jan. 5, 1820, d: May 9, 1906, b: in KY, came to Jackson county, after 1870
Tracy, Mary W., b: May 28, 1829, d: Jan 16, 1911, wife of Liberty S. Tracy, b: in KY
Tracy, Bennie, 15 years, 1 day, d: Aug 27, 1883
Tracy, Emmelian, b: Sept 29, 1800, d: April 27, 1892
Trimble, C. D., 56 years, 8 months, 6 days, d: Jan 26, 1866
Trimble, Sarah, 65 years, 2 months, 14 days, d: March 22, 1877, wife of C. D. Trimble, b: in VA, mother-in-law of Coleman Crenshaw, son of A. L. H. Crenshaw
Tyre, Luther L., 71 years, 6 months, 14 days, d: Feb 26, 1945
Tyre, Lina A., b: April 3, 1874, d: Dec 29, 1952, wife of Luther L. Tyre, dau of Rev. James G. Dalton & Lucy Jane (Crump) Dalton, dau of Samuel T. & Pauline (Cox) Crump

Vandyke, B. W., b: May 19, 1812, d: July 23, 1873, b: in TN

Vandyke, Lucinda, b: July 12, 1819, d: April 8, 1874, wife of B. W. VanDyke, b: in TN
Vandyke, Columbus, 9 months, d: Oct 3 1877, infant son of B. W. & Lucinda VanDyke
Vandyke, Lillie, 1 year, 5 months, 14 days, d: Oct 14 1885, infant dau of B. W. & Lucinda VanDyke

Wade, Rosie Bell, 67 years, 6 months, 5 days, d: Jan 7, 1932, wife of Myron C. Wade, m: in 1911 in Jackson county, MO, maiden name was Rosabelle Cummins
Walker, Collins, d: Jan. 21, 1858; age: 33 years, 2 months, 24 days, m: Elizabeth Ann Montgomery in 1848 in Jackson county, MO, Elizabeth Ann was the dau of Levi S. & Sophia Montgomery; Collins Walker served in Doniphan's Regiment in Mexican War
Walker, John R., b: July 17, 1830, d: March 2, 1871, m: Nancy C. Montgomery in 1855 in Jackson county, MO, Nancy was the dau of Levi S. & Sophia Montgomery
Walker, Eliza E., 2nd wife of A. J. Walker, d: March 24, 1879; age: 33 years, 1 month, 1 day, maiden name was Hannon, m: in 1874 in Jackson county, MO
Walker, William H., 5 months, d: March 23, 1875, son of A. J. & Eliza E. Walker
Walker, Ollie S., 2 months, 8 days, d: Feb 12, 1878, son of A. J. & Eliza E. Walker
Warren, Nelson A., b: Jan 19, 1812, d: May 3, 1891, preempted 40 acres of land in Sec 12, Twp 49, R 31 in 1850 in Jackson county, MO, b: in NJ
Warren, Lucinda Robertson, wife of N. A. Warren, d: Nov. 12, 1856; age: 40 years, 7 months, 26 days
Warren, Jemima Hunn, wife of N. A. Warren, d: Feb. 12, 1860; age: 28 years
Warren, Margaret A. Shore, wife of N. A. Warren, d: Nov. 12, 1879 (two stones erected to wife of N. A. Warren)
Warren, David W., b: 1874, d: 1944, son of Nelson & Margaret Warren
Warren, Nora, b: 1874, d: 1961, wife of David Warren
Warren, David D., son of N. A. and M. A. Warren, d: Nov. 10, 1865; age: 10 months, 9 days
Warren, Thomas S., son of N. A. and J. H. Warren, d: April 18, 1858; age: 7 months, 5 days
Warren, infant
Warren, Zelma Olive, b: 1870, d: 1977
Warrington, Elizabeth, 68 years, d: Nov 19, 1921
Waterman, H. H., d: Feb. 27, 1870; age: 53 years
Waterman, M. J., d: Feb. 21, 1870; age: 48 years
Waterman, Levi, 50, d: March 1900
Waterman, Elizabeth, 45, d: Feb 1900
Waterman, H. J., b: April 1862, d: Dec 31, 1938
Waterman, Chauncy, 45, d: 1904
Waterman, John, 52, d: 1928
Waterman, George W., b: Feb. 4, 1902, d: Nov 16, 1956
Webb, Jemima, 83 years, 19 days, d: Feb 5, 1943, wife of William Webb, m: in 1887 in Jackson County, MO, maiden name was Jemima H. Warren, dau of N. A. & Jemima (Hunn) Warren
White, John D., b: Oct 17, 1836, d: June 12, 1933
White, Susan Zerilda, b: Oct 12, 1854, d: May 7, 1935, wife of John D. White, dau of Daniel & Caroline (Lowe) Dewitt, m: in 1881 in Jackson county, MO
White, infant, d: Oct 16, 1894, son of John & Susan White
White, Martha S., daughter of W. N. and Eliza White, d: Feb. 25, 1854; age: 8 years, 3 months, 21 days
White, Ollie, b: Nov 21, 1891, d: Nov 10, 1920, wife of Fred L. White, maiden name was Ollie Stacer, m: in 1912 in Jackson county, MO
White, Fred L., b: 1883, d: 1971, son of John D. & Susan Z. White, b: in MO
White, Peter, b: Feb. 10, 1819, d: Feb. 11, 1899
Williams, W. J., b: Nov. 18, 1844, d: Feb 24, 1902
Williams, Mary E., d: March 17, 1879; age: 30 years, 21 days
Williams, B. J., 4 years, 3 months, 19 days, d: Aug 1, 1888
Williams, William E., b: April 5, 1880, d: May 9, 1880
Williams, Delbert, b: May 7, 1883, d: April 7, 1884
Williams, Grover B., b: June 24, 1885, d: June 1, 1891
Williams, Curtis M., b: Dec 31, 1886, d: April 9, 1902
Wilson, Harriet L. Thomas, wife of S. B. Wilson, d: Nov. 14, 1894; age: 50 years, 7 months, grand dau of Adam Fishter
Wollums, Julius R., b: 1899, d: 1905
Wright, John T., b: Jan. 29, 1840; d: April 19, 1887, b: in KY
Wright, Martha J., wife of John T. Wright, b: Feb. 16, 1848, d: Aug. 9, 1916, m: John T. Wright in 1870 in Jackson county, MO, maiden name was Martha J. Capelle, dau of Britton & Sarah Capelle

Wright, infant, d: April 14, 1875
Warren, Margaretta A., wife of N. A. Warren, b: June 12, 1842, d: Nov. 11, 1879
Williams, W. J., b: Nov. 15, 1844, d: Feb. 24, 1902
Young, Daniel G., b: Jan. 15, 1839, d: Dec. 24, 1898, b: in Simpson Co., KY, came to Jackson county, in 1860, returned to KY 1863, back to MO in 1865
Young, Meranda J., widow of J. J. Karr, m: Daniel G. Young, June 10, 1862, maiden name was Merinda J. Gibson, b: in MO, d: Dec. 27, 1895; age: 58 years, 7 months, 3 days


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