Reed Cemetery

Reed Cemetery

This appears to have been typed on a regular sheet of typing paper, probably on a computer....and the ink wasn't very dark.

It has holes punched on one side. There was alot of handwritten information on the back regarding descendants of the Aldridges. I would be hesitant to use that since I don't know how many of these people are living and I have no idea where the woman who sent this to my Grandmother might be. I am going to ask my great aunt if she happens to know anything about her. Susan N.

A. B. Aldridge, June 1, 1835, March 16, 1899, husband
Mary C. Aldridge, no dates, wife

Z. T. Aldridge, June 17, 1849, July 6, 1938, husband
S. C. Aldridge, July 16, 1855, April 13, 1920, wife

N. B.Aldridge, October 24, 1827, October 5, 1897, husband
Mary B. Aldridge, January 14, 1842, October 16, 1931, wife

Louis G. Aldridge, February 2, 1819, June 16, 1891, husband Sirrilda Aldridge, April 17, 1829, August 2, 1902, wife

W. T. Aldridge, no dates, husband
Sarah B. Aldridge, no date, October 14, 18??, wife


Zachariah T. Aldridge, son of A. B. & Mary C., January 8, 1877, March 9, 1877
Elizabeth L. Aldridge, January 10, 1854, May 31, 1913
Nathanial Benjamin Aldridge, son of J. W. & S. J., November 1, 1888, March 27, 1906
Sirilda May Alexander, daughter of R. C. & F. M. Alexander, 1914-1917


B. W. Engle, no dates
Mary E. Engle, June 22, 1816, Sept 11, 1882


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