Small Burying Grounds

Small Burying Grounds

Blue Township

59th Street and Swope Parkway, on the Thomas Farm

Mary Ann Adair, wife of Abner J. Adair
infant son and daughter
N. B. These bodies were removed to the cemetery in Independence, MO., when Swope Parkway was graded.

Section 32, Township 50, Range 31W
Data contributed by mr. J. M. Allen
Copied by Miss Jessie M. Crosby

Allen, Amos, d: 1882 or 1883; age: 89 years
Allen, wife of Amos Allen
Allen, Martin
Allen, Annie

Section 19, Township 50, Range 31 W

Baker, Eleanor, wife of Joseph Baker, d: 1885; buried in the orchard on the Baker farm

NW Corner 52nd Street and Troost Avenue

In the early days there was a cemetery at 52nd Street and Troost Avenue. When Troost Avenue was graded a part of the cemetery was destroyed. Oda Cantrell entered this land from the Government in 1834. The Duke family was the next owner, buying it in 1847.

It it called by some the John Moore Cemetery. There are no traces of it at this time, but it is well remembered by the old settlers of the neighborhood and few, it any, of the remains were ever removed.

Section 19, Township 50, Range 31 W

Butts, Salathiel, d: 1856
Butts, Menervia, wife of Salathiel Butts
Butts, George, son of S. and M. Butts
Butts, William, son of S. and M. Butts

Section 36, Township 50, Range 32 W

The family of Cal Thompson had a burying ground on their farm, located on the old Lexington Road,
just a little West of the Hedrick cemetery.

63rd Street near Brooklyn Avenue

This cemetery was south of the Boone Hays Cemetery.
Harper, George Harper, Dudley, son of George Harper
Gregg, daughter of Darius Gregg
Noland, Malinda, daughter of Russel and Zerald (Harper) Noland
N.B. These bodies were removed to the Woodlawn Cemetery, Independence, Missouri

Section 36, Township 50, Range 32 W
(cemetery said to be at 24 Hwy. and Salisbury, Independence, MO)

Hedrick, Andrew E., b: April 7, 1876, d: May 14, 1903
Hedrick, George F., d: May 13, 1927; age: 81 years
Hedrick, Hannah Elizabeth, b: April 26, 1857, d: March 31, 1907
Hedrick, Harvey A., d: April 6, 1875; age: 22 years, 3 months, 22 days
Hedrick, Granville, d: Aug. 22, 1881; age: 66 years, 11 months, 20 days
Eliza Ann, b: Sept. 8, 1833; d: April 6, 1910
Hedrick, John H., d: May 11, 1872; age: 52 years, 7 months, 13 days
E. A., wife of John H. Hedrick, b: 1825, d: 1885

53rd and Main Streets

Mrs. Nancy Hornbuckle d: Nov., 1877
Henry Hornbuckle
Sarah Hornbuckle Patton
Mr. Alfred Hornbuckle was buried near Hale, in Carroll County, Missouri

Section 4, Township 49, Range 32 W
Contributed by Miss Jessie M. Crosby
These remains have been removed to the Woodlawn Cemetery in Independence, MO.

Anderson, Amanda Johnston, wife of A. F. Anderson, b: Aug. 15, 1829, d: April 22, 1867
Johnston, Dorothy, b: Dec. 14, 1800, d: Oct. 21, 1846
Johnston, Jacob, b: July 16, 1796, d: July 25, 1851; he went to California during the
gold rush and when he returned to Jackson county, Missouri, he was called "Gold" Johnston
Johnston, Larinda, b: Feb. 12, 1834, d: July 25, 1851
Woodall, Dan C., b: Feb. 22, 1802, d: Oct. 6, 1872

36TH Street Terrace and Drury, Kansas City, Missouri
Allen, Laws
Allen, Willis
Grandchildren of Alfred Laws, owner of the Laws Farm

Section 16, Township 49, Range 32 W
These bodies were removed to Woodlawn Cemetery in Independence, Missouri

Moon, William, d: July 10, 1859
Moon, Sarah Catharine Mann, wife of Wm. Moon, d: March 6, 1868
Noland, Sarah Catharine, d: May 20, 1867

Section 32, Township 49, Range 31 W

Meador, A. A., d: April 21, 1863; age: 55 years, 5 months, 18 days
Meador, Rachel, wife of A. A. Meador, d: Sept. 23, 1866; age: 60 years
Moore, John, d: Oct. 9, 1866; age: 55 years, 2 days
Moore, Isabella, d: July 4, 1886, age: 74 years, 10 months, 7 days
Moore, T. D.

39TH Street and Cleveland Avenue

Mountfortt, Gustavus Augustine, b: April ?, 18?0, d: July 1, 1868
Mountfortt, delade, daughter of G. A. Mountfortt, b: Aug. 3, 1865, d: Jan. 6, 1868
These bodies were removed from the Mountfortt yard to Forest Hill Cemetery.
Mr. Mountfortt was the first passenger and freight agent of the Missouri Pacific Railroad, the first railroad to enter Kansas City.

Section 3, Township 49, Range 32 W
Data contributed by Allan Kincade, Independence, MO. Copied by Miss Jessie M. Crosby

Kincade, Hickman
Kincade, Nellie
Kincade, Mary Noland, d: about 1890
Noland, Barnett
Noland, Sena, wife of Barnett Noland
Noland, Pitcher
The above mentioned remains were removed to the Woodlawn cemetery, Independence, MO
Noland, B. M., d: Dec. 25, 1889; age: 71 years, 1 months, 24 days
Noland, William (school teacher)
Noland, Susie

Section 14, Township 49, Range 32 W

There was a burying ground on the John R. Oldham farm, but the bodies of those buried there
have been removed to the Woodlawn cemetery in Independence, Missouri

Section 24, Township 50, Range 32 W

Parker, Robert, d: about 1877; age: 40 years
Parker, Hiram, d: before 1877, age: 16 years
Parker, infant
There were a number of other graves in this cemetery but this cemetery was destroyed
when Kentucky Road was built. The road passes over the site of the cemetery and all of the tombstones were destroyed.

Section 27, Township 50, Range 32 W

"In Memory of Robert Quigley
died on his way to California
1848 from Ohio"

Near 36th and Cherry Streets

Jacob Ragan, b: in Lexington, KY., Dec. 7, 1792; removed to Jackson County, MO., Oct. 31, 1837; d: Nov. 7, 1878. Was a color bearer in the War of 1812.
Joseph H. Ragan, b: Dec. 29, 1834, d: Sept. 7, 1857
Ragan, Rane, son of G. L. and Jane P. Ragan, b: April 6, 1851, d: March 30, 1868
Javens, Everline T., b: Aug. 16, 1825, d: Jan. 29, 1852
Johnson, Jacob S., b: Jan. 1, 1847, d: May 7, 1849
Johnson, James H., b: Aug. 1822, d: Aug. 10, 1851. Was the first Undertaker in what is now Kansas City, Missouri
N.B. In 1886 these remains were removed to Union Cemetery, Kansas City, MO.

Section 32, Township 50, Range 32 W
Data contributed by Miss Lydia Reed and Jesse Reed

This land was entered by Mathias Reed in 1831. The first person buried in the Reed
cemetery was Mike Kelley, who died in 1835
Benson, Elizabeth
Benson, Nettie
Davis, Mr. Davis
Hall, Irene, an infant, d: 1876 Reed, Mathias, b: 1782, d: May 1865, a fifer in the War of 1812 in Virginia
Reed, Mahala Harper, wife of Jasper Reed
Stevens, Rettie
Smith, Grandma, d: age: 88 years
Webster, two children
Webster, Perry Green, a small boy
These bodies have never been moved but all trace of the graves is obliterated.

Section 19, Township 49, Range 32 W
Data contributed by A. L. Renick

Renick, George A., removed to Brooking cemetery
Renick, Maggie
Renick, Melvina Reed, wife of Abe Renick
Howell, Melissa
Howell, William, removed to Independence, Missouri
Howell, Francis
Howell, John
Thomson, Mary Eliza Howell, wife of William Thomson

Near 36th Street and Van Brunt
"I have in mind a lone grave, which I came upon in 1903 or 1904, while strolling through the woods as a boy. It was located about 3-4 blocks east of Elmwood Avenue and South of 36th Street, on a slight hillside south of a large pond. The grave had been surrounded by an iron fence which was toppled over; tombstone was marked 'Dr. H. H. Ruggs, Kansas City, d: 1855.' At that time it was completely surrounded by the woods known as 'Vineyards'."

Section 16, Township 49, Range 32 W
A Mr. Himes and several members of the Scholl family are buried on the old School farm.
All traces of the graves have been obliterated.

In the block East of Montgall between 43rd and 44th Streets
Martha or Nancy Hendricks, wife of John Seckinger, d: 1865 or 1866. She was buried on the Seckinger farm and her body has never been removed. Her husband was buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.
John Seckinger was the first dairyman to sell milk in Kansas City.

Section 24, Township 50, Range 32 W
Smiley, Edward T., b: Feb. 1844, Union Soldier, killed in the battle at Independence, Missouri, during Civil War.
Smiley, Nancy Simmons, wife of Edward T. Smiley, b: 1822, d: about 1888
Smiley, Hugh, d: durng the Civil War, age: 12 years
Smiley, Thomas, son of John G. and Mary S. Smiley, b:1867, d:about 1869

SW Corner 36th Street and Lydia Avenue
There were about 25 graves in the family burying ground on the William Stewart farm.

41ST Street and Benton Blvd.
Thomas, Jesse, and his first wife
Davenport, James and his wife, Polly; James Davenport was a brother of Jesse Thomas' first wife
Bishop, Thomas F., b: June 25, 1849, d: Aug. 15, 1866
The Bishops were related to the Davenports
Davis, Jesse, and wife, Lucy
Davis, Elizabeth, daughter of Jesse Thomas

Section 5, Township 49, Range 32 W
Data contributed by John H. Twyman

William H. Twyman, b: 1824, d: March 14, 1873, was buried on the Twyman farm.
His wife, Sarah Elizabeth Hale Twyman, b: Jan. 15, 1839, d: Feb. 16, 1920, was
buried in Mt. Washington Cemetery. Later the body of Mr. Twyman was removed from the farm and buried beside hers. William H. Twyman's parents died about 1838 and
were buried in the Leeds Bottoms.

Section 18, Township 50, Range 31 W
Baker, Joseph, died before the Civil War
Baker, Cord, daughter of Joseph Baker, age: 12 years
Fann, James, came to Missouri from Columbia Gap, TN.
Fann, Lucy, wife of James Fann
There were several others buried in this cemetery but there are no inscriptions on the native headstones.

Section 18, Township 49, Range 32 W
Data contributed by Charles Stewart

Johnson, Jacob Johnston, Reuben
Johnston, Reuben, Jr.


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