Douglas Cemetery

Douglas Cemetery

Section 7, Township 50, Range 30W

Surveyed by Margaret B. Bates, October 8, 2000

This cemetery is located at 92nd Street & Charlotte, Kansas City, Jackson county, Missouri

This very small cemetery is a perfect example of why it's so important to document cemeteries. It is a vanishing cemtery. When I surveyed it in October 2000, there were only a few ligible markers. Not one had escapted some sort of desctruction by vandals.

To reach the cemetery, turn East on 92nd Street off Holmes and travel about 1/8 mile. There is an opening in the brush on the left before the road ends and you can see the cemetery. We were able to drive up to the cemtery, as the ground was level and dry.

Some major plumbing work was going on in the neighborhood and there was lots of equipment and piping to be seen on the road. There was a wooden handpainted sign which announced that we had arrived at "Douglas Cemetery".

Although there once had been some very fine stones, only a couple of granite stones remained that still looked fine. Apart from the inscriptions below, there were a number of bases, broken stones, rocks which appeared to have once been markers. Also, there were 2-3 deep depressions, which suggested loved ones had been removed to other locations. (Perhaps the bases were left and stones removed for others??)

At the entrance to the cemtery, once fenced, but only pieces of fence remaining, was a concrete pad of about 10 feet x 12 feet which may have been a chapel of some sort. A sidewalk led from the cemetery to a large tree toward the north end of the cemtery, which may have once led to a church or perhaps a home.

Arn, Cornelius, b: Aug 15, 1841, d: July 21, 1880
Arn, Albert, d: Nov 1900, 2 years

Unknown, Aug...., d: July 21, 1880, 41 years, 11 months, 6 days, (broken stone)

Cameron, Polly A., daughter of J. and F. S. Cameron, d: Oct. 1 1853; age: 20 years, 2 months, 25 days
Conner, James, d: Oct. 2, 1817, in 33rd year of his age
Conner, Ann Mirum, daughter of J. and J. J. Conner, d: Aug. 20, 1848; age: 6 years, 2 months

Douglass, Albin, b: Dec 28, 1841, d: June 27, 1916 "Father" (ss/w Amanda Douglass) Douglass, Amanda, b: Sept 3, 1843, d: March 14, 1880, (ss/w Albin Douglass, "His Wife", "Mother")
Douglass, Thomas, b: Feburary, 1785, d: Jan. 10, 1817
Douglass, Mirum, wife of Thomas H Douglass, b:Jan. 8, 1800, d: May 27, 1849
Douglass, William, b: May, 1825, d: May 18, 1884
Mildred J., wife of William Douglass, b: Dec.5, 1832, d: Sept. 22, 1909
Thaddeus T., their son, b: July 7, 1859, d: Jan. 24, 1911
Douglass, Gamelus, d: June 5, 1876; age: 33 years, 2 months, 25 days
Douglass, Emily Jane, daughter of E. T. and T. E. Douglass, b: March 22, 1857, d: Jan. 14, 1861

Eckles, Joyce J., b: March 28, 1817, d: Oct. 23, 1872
Eckles, Robert C. b: Nov. 9, 1801, d: April 5, 1875
Eckles, Susan, daughter of R. C. and A. Eckles, b: Aug. 23, 1874, d: Jan. 25, 1878

Henderson, Mary E., wife of John Henderson, b: Feb. 10, 1863, d: Dec. 14, 1888

MacDonald, Mary, b: March 15, 1812, d: March 10, 1888

Sanders, Nancy, wife of J. H. Sanders, b: 1811, d: 1890; age: 79 years.
Smith, A. C., 1856-1918, "Mother", "At Rest"
Smith, R. H., b: June 13, 1849, d: Jan 4, 1910, "Husband"
Stukesberry, Nancy, d: Sept 27, 1877, 20 years
Unknown, H. D. A., (footstone next to a base) 

Of the above stones, the Smith stones are together, but knocked over, and the 3 Douglass stones are together. The others are scattered around the cemtery. Only Nancy Stukesberry's stone seems to be relatively unharmed, intact, and upright.


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