Log Creek School Cemetery

Rockford Township -- Section 11, Township 55, Range 29
Located: 1.8 miles south of Mirabile on D blacktop, on the east side of the road at the curve.

1 1/4 acre tract of ground, according to deeds dating in 1866, was reserved for a church and school.

The school started in the 1850's and was known part of the time as Webster Hall. The building was a schoolhouse left from Mormon Days.

Early day stories repeated to each generation says that part of the ground was used as an Indian burial ground. One mound was plain to see but we have nothing to substantiate the story.

Two tombstones have remained there through out the years. However, these two children, also, have markers at the Mirabile Cemetery. It is thought that in later years, when the parents died, markers were placed near their parents with the bodies remaining at Log Creek.

CAMPBELL, Martha, dau. of W. M. & M. A. Campbell, d. Aug. 16, 1862, aged 1 y 5m 26d

CAMPBELL, William, son of W. M. & M. A. Campbell, d. Aug. 26, 1862, aged 3y 6m 19d


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