Strode Cemetery

Strode Cemetery

Section 20, Township 47, Range 32W

Mr. Brown sent copies of the description of the old Strode Cemetery. A sheet with the letterhead of the City Engineer's office in Independence, Missouri headed F. A. Jones Civil Engineer and Surveyor, reads as follows:

Description: Beginning at a point (at right angles with the 1/2 section line) 1008 feet North, and 241 1/2 feet East running thence North 60 feet, thence East 35 feet; then South 60 feet and thence West 35 feet to the beginning magnetic variation 6 o 10' East, on all lines. Very respectfully submitted, F. A. Jones, Dupty Co. Surveyor, Jackson County, Missouri

Surveyed January 29, 1886
"Cold and Stormy"
In addition to the written description a detailed diagram along with written description, located the family graveyard as it is called. An accompanying letter on the same letterhead says:
Feb. 3, 1886
Mrs. Strode:
I herewith send you a plat of the graveyard, with description. You can let your attorney copy the description as given on the plat ad literatum, but by no means let him keep the plat, for it will some day be of great service to you or your children. Keep the plat with your deeds and other papers that you might have. Hope this find you all well--
I remain, very truly yours,
F. A. Jones
Deputy County Surveyor

Mr. Brown also has a letter from the Jackson County Health Department dated December 1929. The sheet shows the plots or individuals burial places of many of the Strode family. The plots run from North to South in three rows, with numbering beginning at the north side of the West row. That row is numbered 1-12; the next row, to the East, from 13-23; and the row farthest East from 24-35.

Burials are listed as follows:

1.Whiteman, Jesse I.
2.Whiteman, Tommy
3.Rule, Nancy Strode
4.Rule, Mary Talley
5.Rule, Martha
6.Strode, Rebecca Chrisman
7.Strode, Johnie
8.Strode, Willie
9-12, 24, 25, 27, 28, 31-35 Vacant
13.Irvin, Bead
14.Strode, Elizabeth
15.Strode, John
16.Strode, Nancy
17.Strode, Sammie
18.unnamed Strode baby
19.twin babies (strode)
20.Strode, Mattie B.
21.Strode, James E.
22.Strode, Susan
23.Strode, Elizaabeth
29.Strode, James W
30.Little Jimmie Strode

The diagram shows a dark line, presumably a fence of some type, around graves 14, 15 & 16: Elizabeth, John and Nancy Strode. Mr. Brown has also sent the library a photocopy of page 409 from "Vital Historical Records of Jackson County, Missouri, 1826-1876" collected and compiled by the DAR, Kansas City Chapter, 1933-1934.

The DAR version of those buried in Strode Cemetery varies from the listing above. Beside it on the photocopy, are the handprinted words, "Not accurate."

Data by Mrs. Jennie Stone, daughter of James E. and Susan Chrisman Strode.

Daws, Elizabeth Strode, was the first one to be buried on the Strode farm
Irvin, Bead
Rule, Martha
Rule, Nancy Strode
Strode, John, b: Jan. 13, 1795, d: June 19, 1866
Strode, Nancy Evans, b: June 15, 1817, d: March 29, 1874
Strode, James E., b: May 15, 1823, d: 1882
Strode, Susan Chrisman, b: Jan. 29, 1830, d: 1916
Strode, Rebecca Chrisman
Strode, Elizabeth Ann, b: May 28, 1849, d: 1887
Strode, Samuel M., b: Nov. 4, 1851, d: July 25, 1852
Strode, John P., b: March 18, 1854
Strode, Susan L., b: Feb. 18, 1857
Strode, Nancy Jane, b: June 11, 1859
Strode, Mattie B., b: March 14, 1865
Strode, James W., b: March 7, 1862, d: Dec. 23, 1929
Rule, Mary Talley
Whiteman, Jesse I.
Whiteman, Tommy (small boy)

There are 22 graves.
John Strode married Nancy Evans, March 3, 1816 near Nashville, TN
James E. Strode married Susan Chrisman, Oct. 17, 1848 in Jackson County, MO.

Comparison of the two listings will show the discrepancies between the two. Please also compare these records with the Bible records printed in the Pioneer Wagon, Vol. VIII, #1, and the DAR book lists three Strode graves in Section 17, Township 47, Row 32W:
Strode, William
Strode, son of William Strode
Strode, slaves

Strode, Rebecca Chrisman
Strode, John P., b: March 18, 1857
Strode, Nancy Jane, b: June 11, 1859
Talley, Mary Rule
There are 22 graves
John Strode married Nancy Evans, March 3, 1816, near Nashville, TN
James E. Strode married Susan Chrisman, Oct. 17, 1848, in Jackson County, MO.

Section 17, Township 47, Range 32W

Strode, William
Strode, son of William Strode
Strode slaves


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