Wells Family Burying Ground

Wells Family Burying Ground

Section 18, Township 47, Range 33W

John M. Wells came with his parents when he was quite small, to Lafayette county, Missouri, from Madison county, KY. In about the year 1853 he came to Jackson county, and purchased a farm near New Santa fe, Missouri, in 1854.

The Wells, Lipscomb and Gill families were neighbors in the "Little Santa Fe" neighborhood and members of these three families have remained close friends during these many years.

On each of these neighboring farms were family burying grounds. The one on the Wells' Farm was small, only members of the family were laid to rest there; later the bodies were removed to the cemetery at Belton, Cass county, Missouri. The following names and dates of this Jackson county family were copied from the stones found on the lot in the cemetery at Belton:

Rippeto, O. H. P., Feb. 2, 1826, d: Sept. 7, 1896
Wells, John Mercer, b: July 12, 1826, d: Dec. 9, 1893
Wells, Catharine J., daughter of T. B. and Ann Rippeto, b: April 24, 1830; married to John M. Wells, March 30, 1854; d: June 28, 1887
Wells, Henrietta, d: April 4, 1873; age, 15 years, 3 months, 8 days
Wells, "Our Babes", son and daughter of J. M. and C. J. Wells, b.&d. March 26, 1865.
On an adjoining lot is the monument for Dr. James W. Spruill, b: Jan. 12, 1846, d: March 15, 1895, who married Anna Eliza Wells, daughter of John M. Wells and wife.
Close by is found a stone with the following inscription: "John McKeney, b: 1803; age, 80 years.
Wells, Perry, son of John Mercer and Catherine Wells, died and buried in the "Klondike" about 1895.


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