Thompson Burying Ground

Section 14, Township 47, Range 33
Located at the East side of the Blue Ridge Cemetery

This plot is twenty foot square, enclosed by a fence.

Thompson, Matilda V., wife of O. P. Thompson, b: Aug. 12, 1816, d: Aug. 17, 1858.

Outside of the fence are buried the following:

Caldwell, William, b: April 21, 1813, d: Oct. 4, 1866
Caldwell, Ann Caroline, wife of Wm. Caldwell (sister of Matilda V. Thompson), b: Dec. 21, 1823, d: April 30, 1889
Caldwell, Martha, daughter of W. and A. C. Caldwell, b: Sept. 15, 1860, d: April 25, 1861

Copied May 6, 1933, by Miss Janie M. Crosby


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