Lone Jack Cemetery

Lone Jack Cemetery

SE Quarter Section ???, Township 47, Range 29
Extracts from a newspaper clipping, written in 1903 by Elizabeth Jackson giving the history and containing an appeal to the public for the care and maintenance of this cemetery. Clipping supplied by Mrs. Frank Cave, Lone Jack, Missouri

"A short distance east of our town there is a city whose inhabitants number nearly three thousand. But despite this large population, in this city no anvils clang, no engines throb, no hammers ring. There is no strife nor envy, nor sweat, nor worry, for here no anger is carried, no sorrow grieves and there is no need of wealth. There are no courts or juries here for its citizens are beyond the reach of earthly law. No church bells ring -- for these have solved the secrets which to us are mysteries. All here are in peaace for there is neither nationality, rank nor creed.

This city has a history. While the state was yet young and Van Buren Township almost a wilderness there was an immigration from the eastern states, mostly North Carolina and Tennessee. Among these settlers was one James Snow, whose descendants still live among us. Into this family the grim reaper of death appeared and took from them their little dauther, Bettie Snow, aged four years. A place of burial was selected on the prairie near the summit of the divide between the waters of the Osage and the Sni on land belonging to the little girl's uncle, John Snow, father of Stephen I. Snow, and the writer's great grandfather. In this beautiful spot overlooking many a settler's cabin and a new plantation was builded the first house of the Silent City. (Bettie Snow died June 20, 1837).

Soon after this death, Sophia, the 7 year old daughter of John Wright was burned to death by her clothes catching fire from the fireplace in the home of her sister, Mrs. Martha Faulkenberry, mother of John, Thomas, James and Frank Faulkenberry, and of Mrs. C. B. Snow, all of whom live near this place. And thus a second grave was made on the ridge of the great divide. Other settlers came from the east, loved ones died and were laid to rest on this sun kissed spot. And to the Silent City grew and is still growing even to this day."

The following names and dates copied from tombstones:

Adams, Mary A., wife of W. H. Adams, b: Aug. 21, 1840, d: Sept. 10, 1896
Arnold, Andrew J., b: 1837, d: 1913
Arnold, Elizabeth, wife of Andrew J. Arnold, b: 1841, d: 1914

Ball, Nicholas, b: March 6, 1855, d: Sept, 1870
Ball, William, d: Feb. 6, 1852; in the 36th year of his age
Ball, Joseph, b: Jan. 10, 1843, d: Sept. 10, 1917
Ball, Mrs. Ellen, d: April 18, 1932; age: 93 years, 8 months
Ball, William, b: 1849, d: 1924
Baity, Isaac W., son of T. and M. A. Baity, d: April 11, 1853; age, 5 years, 1 month, 2 days
Baity, Thomas, d: June 11, 1857; age: 43 years, 8 months, 11 days
Bailey, Moses E. (father), b: Dec. 25, 1814, d: May 1, 1897
Bailey, Mahala, wife of Moses Bailey, b: May 6, 1818, d: Jan. 19, 1868
Bailey, Oscar, b: Feb. 20, 1845, d: Nov. 11, 1890
Bays, John H., son of Joshua and Mary T. Bays, d: March 30, 1848; age: 1 year, 4 months, 22 days
Benton, Mary, wife of C. L. Benton, born in Madison county, KY., Nov. 11, 1818, d: December 22, 1869
Benton, Unity K., wife of Thomas B. Benton, b: Feb. 4, 1833, d: July 27, 1870; age: 37 years, 5 months, 23 days
Bennett, Jacob, b: 1833, d: 1912
Bennett, Ella, wife of Jacob Bennett, b: 1856
Bennett, Elizabeth, wife of J. Bennett, d: Nov. 16, 1874; age: 44 years, 16 days
Bennet, Mary F., daughter of John and Sarah Ann Bennett, b: Dec. 18, 1853, d: Oct. 20, 1855
Bays, Sarah E., daughter of Joshua and Mary T. Bays, d: April 11, 1848; age: 3 years, 10 months, 21 days
Bissell, Margaretta, wife of Jas. E. Bissell, d: June 24, 1874; age: 29 years, 3 months, 29 days
Bunton, Frank, son of Dr. T. L. and M. E. Bunton, d: July 27, 1861; age: 1 year
Bunton, Bettie, daughter of Dr. T. B. and M. E. Bunton, d: July 7, 1860; age: 3 months, 8 days
Burns, John W., b: Feb. 28, 1844, d: Sept. 4, 1914
Burns, Elizabeth Worline, wife of John W. burns, b: May 30, 1855, d: July 16, 1916
Burns, Delia E., wife of Thomas Burns, b: Nov. 3, 1820, d: March 16, 1891
Burns, Thomas, b: July 24, 1816, d: Feb. 19, 1872; age: 56 years
Bynum, Galen G., d: March 19, 1875; age: 25 years, 6 months, 11 days
Bynum, ?????, 1846, age: 58 years (stone broken)
Bynum, John B., b: July 17, 1822, d: June 20, 1892
Bynum, Robert A., b: March 24, 1846, d: March 18, 1893

Cantrell, C. C., b: March 10, 1818, d: March 5, 1897
Cantrell, Narsises, wife of C. Cantrell, d: Aug. 19, 1881; age: 69 years, 3 months, 13 days
Carmean, Cordie M., daughter of J. W. and E. J. Carmean, d: Oct. 21, 1883; age: 2 years, 3 days
Carr, Martha C., wife of A. Carr, b: April 29, 1829, d: Nov. 13, 1904
Cave, Nancy, wife of J. K. Cave, b: June 6, 1819, age: about 30 years
Cave, Phenellar H., b: Sept. 29, 1859, d: 1863; age: 3 years, 6 months
Cave, Malinda B., daughter of B. B. and Lucinda Cave, b: Aug. 1, 1885, d: March 26, 1858
Cave, Susanah, d: April 17, 1892; age: 87 years, 17 days
Cave, Galen, d: June 23, 1851; age: 50 years, 8 months, 8 days
Cave, William, d: Nov. 21, 1861; age: 31 years, 7 months, 25 days
Cave, Nancy E., (mother), b: 1834, d: 1919; wife of William Cave
Chamberlin, James H., son of A. and L. Chamberlin, d: Aug. 16, 1850; age: 2 years
Chism, Nancy, wife of J. G. Chism, b: Dec. 7, 1828, d: Oct. 26, 1907
Cline, Edgar, son of H. and M. Z. Cline, d: Sept. 11, 1872; age: 19 days
Cobbs, William E., son of R. B. and G. J. Cobbs, b: April 13, 1852, d: Sept. 7, 1876
Cobbs, Albert L., son of R. B. and G. J. Cobbs, d: Dec. 11, 1849, d: Aug. 23, 1876
Cox, James H., d: June 15, 1831, d: Oct. 19, 1961
Cox, Martha A., daughter of J. H. and E. Cox, d: Aug. 15, 1870; age: 15 years, 5 months, 23 days
Colbert, George, b: Oct 11, 1820, d: July 7, 1878
Colbert, Mary Katherine, b: May 5, 1849, d: Sept. 14, 1859
Colbert, Eunice, wife of George Colbert, b: Dec. 1, 1825, d: July 26, 1905
Cottier, Mary, wife of James Cottier, b: Jan. 16, 1844, d: Sept. 15, 1970
Cox, Jeremiah W., b: 1832, d: 1867
Cox, Mary F., wife of Jeremiah Cox, b: 1839, d: 1925
Cox, Corlena A., b: 1860, d: 1862
Cox, Lula B., b: 1863, d: 1863
Cravens, Robert F., b: March 13, 1841, d: April 27, 1898
Crocker, John H., b: Oct. 2, 1832, d: June 4, 1905
Crocker, Nancy, wife of John H. Crocker, b: 1837, d: 1925


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