Stanley Hall Cemetery

Stanley Hall Cemetery

This little cemetery sits in the median of 40 hwy enclosed by trees except for the North side which is the only side its visable and is probably the reason not many people know about it. It is 3/10 of a mile West of the city limits of Blue Springs behind a gas station. There are 17 stones that have no marking and 5 that have markings but are in no way readable. I know its nice to have things alphabitized but the way these stones were grouped and because of the stones with only initials, I felt it best to keep them as close together as possible. I am submitting this for the use of genealogy research on Oct. 17, 1887. I am available for any information or photographs that is needed from this cemetery. Cheryl Sears at

Stanley/Hall Cemetery, 1842

Mother, Ruth J., 1852-1931
Father, Samuel T., 1851-1933
"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die"

Father, George W., 1850-1936
Mother, Margaret I., 1861-1933

Joseph, departed this life, Sept. 16, 1888, aged 80 years, 22 days

Stone that simply reads:

Cora T., daughter of J. A. & S. A. Hopkins
Born, November 15, 1879
Died, January 21, 1881

Nancy E., daughter of J. G. & M. E. Bowlin
Born, Feb. 5, 1862 (no death date)

Ruth Frans, (no dates)

Wm. Frans (no dates)

John L., daughter of Celia A. Hopkins
Aug. 25, 1909 to Sept. 25, 1909

L. H.

Infant son of J. W. & C. A. Bailey
Oct. 25, 1910, "Our Loved One"


Ada Alice Hopkins

Harriet Elsie Hopkins

Clarence Harold Hopkins

Mother, Margaret D., 1864-1946
Father, John T., 1854-1933

Father, Edward B. Tucker

daughter of E. B. & M. F. Tucker
died *****

Son of E. B. & M. F. Tucker

Mother, Mary Frans, died 1842
Father, Richard D., born 1797, died September 12, 1864
interred Carroll County, Missouri

Wife, Mary Williams, died June 18, 1880

Father, Thomas W., 1872-1975
Mother, Lula T., 1876-1975

Mother, Addie B., 188*-1931
Father, Richard W., 1877-1954

Earl A., 1894-1975
Christene M., 1909-1907

Earl A. Brainard
December 11, 1894 to Jan. 15, 1975

Tommy Hall, 1901-1916
"At Rest"

Glenn R. Hall, 1926

Virginia C., Nov. 17, 1878 to May 29, 1944
George R., Nov. 6, 1879 to Feb. 25, 1947

John W. Hall, 1874-1925

Pauline Inez Maxon
Nov. 28, 1941

Elsie E. Snedeger

Joseph G. Lawson

Daughter of
D.H. & W. Zeller
Died May 21, 1889
Aged 1 day

Maud B.
Dau of
J. L. & L. C. Swinney
Died Sept. 19, 1983
Aged ***

At Rest
William * Swinney
Aug. 23, 1880
Dec. 24, 1911

(That is all that is legible)

Rachel Dickson
Died May 11, 1877
Aged 58 years

Margaret L. Dickson

Monroe E. Son of A. D. & I. F. Shropshire
Died Oct. 5, 1907
Aged 13 years

James M.
A. D. & I. F. Shropshire
B. Died March 19, 1891


R. D.

W. D.


Father, James I., 1888-19**
Mother, Bertha F. 1900-1929

Son of A. D. & I. F. Shropshire
Jan. 24, 1907
March 30, 1910

Coger W. Johnson
April 13, 1857
Feb. 8, 1916

Son of G. W. & M. E. Johnson
Died M** 28, 1897
Aged 59 years

G. W. J.

T. Delia
Son of ** Johnson
Died 1918

Martha E.
wife of G. T. Johnson
Died M** 28, 1897
Aged 59 years

Elizabeth C.
Wife of G. T. Johnson
Died June 6, 1867
Aged 19 years, 6 months, 6 days

G. T. J.

Greenville T., 1820-1908
Elizabeth, his wife, 1827-1867
Martha E., his wie, 1838-1897
(This stone looks like a replacement for the previous 3 listed)

Mattie J.
wife of George St. Clair
Died Feb. 4, 1880
Aged 26 years, 1 month, 26 days



(south side reads)
Our Mother and Father
Erected by J. D. & F. J. Hall
(west side reads)
Rachel E. ***
wife of Isham Hall

(east side reads)
Isham Hall
Died 1871
aged 72 years, 7 months, 9 days

Francis J. Hall
Died March 25, 1880

J. D., 1838-1924
Sarah Jane, 1851-1927

R. B. Tucker, 1818-1883
Eliza his wife, 1824-1897

Anne S.
dau of J. A. & S. M. Tucker
Died Dec. 18, 1880
Aged 5 years, 9 months, 17 days

Dora B.
dau of J. A. & S. M. Tucker
Died Jan. 17, 1881
11 years, 9 months, 9 days

L. H.

W. H.

R. B. H.

William Hall
Born, 1811
Died, 1871


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