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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)


Ga - Ge

Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Gabaree, Albert E. Jr. Mary Jo Koran
Gabbard, Betty  
Gabbard, Patsy J. Mary Jo Koran
Gabey, Regina L. Todd Nowicki
Gabor, Bela  
Gabor, Dorothy C.  
Gabor, George F.  
Gaby, Nancy K.  
Gaby, Richard D.  
Gaby, Ronnie J. Mary Jo Koran
Gacki, Mildred L. Mary Jo Koran
Gacki, Stanley T.  
Gadacz, Alexander Stanley Mary Jo Koran
Gadacz, Betty J. Mary Jo Koran
Gadacz, Pearl M.  
Gadacz, Roger Frank  
Gadbury, Violet M.  
Gaddey, James H.  
Gadowski, George J. Mary Jo Koran
Gadson, Andrew Charles Jr.  
Gaffery, Sister M. Paul Francis  
Gaffey, Sister M. Therese  
Gaffney, Sister M. Clotile  
Gaffney, Sister M. Monica Clare  
Gafill, Emma Reed Georgia Gill-Elkins
Gaines, Jeremy A. Steve Floor
Galassi, Felicia A.  
Gale, Chester Paul  
Gale, Richard L.  
Galea, Guiseppe  
Galea, Maria  
Galentine, Irene Mary Jo Koran
Galipo, Helen M.  
Galkowska, Sister Mary Rupert  
Gall, Ralph S.  
Gallagher, Edward R.  
Gallagher, Henrietta Antoinette  
Gallagher, Johanna  
Gallagher, Sister M. Aubertus  
Gallagher, Martha L.  
Gallagher, Michael Regis  
Gallas, Pauline A.  
Gallegos, Dionisio  
Gallivan, Patrick M.  
Gallup, Sandra L.  
Galvas, Edward Louis  
Galvas, Robert B. Mary Jo Koran
Gamble, Kate Mary Jo Koran
Gamble, Sherri Ann  
Gamblin, Jerry Lewis  
Gammage, Robert Sr.  
Gammon, Grace  
Gammon, Irene  
Gann, Birdie M.  
Gann, Randall L.  
Ganns, Bernice K.  
Gans, Pamela R.  
Ganser, Anne B.  
Ganser, August Henry Georgia Gill-Elkins
Ganser, Carlton L.  
Ganser, Dorothy V.  
Ganser, Edward A.  
Ganser, Jerome A. Sr.  
Ganser, Dr. Ralph V.  
Ganser, Rose T.  
Ganser, William J. Sr.  
Ganss, Alfred J.  
Ganss, Nelva I.  
Ganss, Sadie  
Ganus, Henry F.  
Ganus, Marge A.  
Gapczynski, Eugenia P.  
Gara, Brother Matthew  
Garabedian, Hazar  
Garatoni, A.Bina  
Garatoni, Fred  
Garbacz, Alexander  
Garbacz, Evelyn A.  
Garbacz, John  
Garbacz, Michael  
Garber, Irene Rose  
Garberick, Thayne  
Garboden, Irma M. M. Mary Jo Koran
Garboden, John C. Mary Jo Koran
Garcia, Juan Carlos  
Gard, Akira Mae  
Gard, John W. Mary Jo Koran
Gard, Lillian V.  
Gard, Melanie  
Gard, Terry W.  
Garden, Arthur C. Mary Jo Koran
Gardner, Minna Dorothea  
Gardner, Scott Edwin  
Gardini, Aldo V.  
Gardini, Armando Fred  
Gardini, Clara A.  
Gardini, Clarisa  
Gardini, Dante V.  
Gardini, Joey J.  
Gardini, Lucille Cecilia  
Gardini, Mary  
Gardini, Robert L.  
Gardini, Ronald C.  
Gardini, Silvio Andrew  
Gardner, Arlene  
Gardner, D. Gene  
Gardner, Delbert J. Mary Jo Koran
Gardner, Dessie C.  
Gardner, Donald R.  
Gardner, Ethel Dan Ric
Gardner, Eugene Eddy  
Gardner, Florence L.  
Gardner, Franklin E.  
Gardner, Guy Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Gardner, Ida M.  
Gardner, James Ross  
Gardner, Jon Gilbert  
Gardner, Keith L.  
Gardner, Lewis Eddy  
Gardner, Margaret Anne  
Gardner, Marguerite A.  
Gardner, Marilyn  
Gardner, Richard Willis  
Gardner, Victoria  
Garis, Theodore D.  
Garlanger, Robert H.  
Garman, Herbert L. Mary Jo Koran
Garner, Billie Jo  
Garner, Doris E. Mary Jo Koran
Garner, Roy M.  
Garnett, Richard H.  
Garnitz, Ruth B.  
Garrage, Ruth Ann Mary Jo Koran
Garreffa, Bruno B.  
Garreffa, Judith Kay Selis  
Garrett, Blanche  
Garrett, Grace Pearl  
Garrett, Brother Just  
Garrett, Lucille A. Mary Jo Koran
Garrett, Martin A. Mary Jo Koran
Garrett, Raymond  
Garrett, Raymond Henry Kathy Winther
Garrett, Roland H.  
Garrison, Albert S.  
Garrison, Edna M.  
Garrison, Helen R.  
Garrison, James Marion John Monk
Garrison, Mary Katherine  
Garrison-Barker, Virginia E. Mary Jo Koran
Garrity, Sister Mary Una  
Garrity, Sister M. Yvonne  
Garrow, Edward G.  
Garson, Rose I.  
Garstecki, Anthony F.  
Garstecki, Joseph E. Sr.  
Garstecki, Violet  
Gartee, Elizabeth  
Gartee, Ruth M. Mary Jo Koran
Gartner, Eva Catherine John P. Hickey, Jr.
Gartner, John R. Sr.  
Garvey, Rita Iris  
Garvey, Robert Louis Sr.  
Garvin, Rev. Joseph N.  
Garwood, Jurisa M. Mary Jo Koran
Gary, Jane A.  
Garza, Maria G. Mary Jo Koran
Gasaway, Virginia Irene  
Gaska, George Zigmont  
Gaska, Mae  
Gaska, Richard Allen  
Gaskill, Betty Lou  
Gaskill, Claude M.  
Gasko, Benjamin S.  
Gassensmith, Barbara Ann  
Gassensmith, Betty W.  
Gassensmith, Cyril F.  
Gassensmith, Edna M. (1890 - 1978)  
Gassensmith, Edna M. (1908 - 1984)  
Gassensmith, Erma Rose  
Gassensmith, Edward P.  
Gassensmith, Rev. Frederick M.  
Gassensmith, Jennifer Lynn  
Gassensmith, John  
Gassensmith, Norbert W.  
Gassensmith, Raymond Joseph  
Gasperoni, Marie M.  
Gast, Dr. Louis L.  
Gatson, Franklin Donnell  
Gaston, Marjorie Mary Jo Koran
Gatchell, Shirley Joan  
Gathright, Aaron  
Gathright, L.C. Mary Jo Koran
Gatti, Elizabeth  
Gatti, Harry  
Gaubinger, Martha M.  
Gaudreau, Judith A.  
Gaugler, Richard A.  
Gaul, Dustin S. Nadine A. Hardin
Gaul, Mary R. Nadine Hardin
Gaul, Steve J. Nadine Hardin
Gault, Louis R. Mary Jo Koran
Gavit, Edwin J. Diana Brown
Gawenda, Frank M. Mary Jo Koran
Gay, Marilyn O  
Gazague, Brother Louis  
Gazler, Edward F.  
Geabler, Stanley W.  
Geabler, Violet M.  
Gearhart, James M.  
Gearhart, Mabel E.  
Gearhart, Maryanne Tansey  
Gearhart, Richard D.  
Gearhart, Theodore D.  
Geary, Mary Elizabeth  
Geer, Janie Diana Brown
Geer, Richard P.  
Geerligs, Betty L.  
Geers, Sister Mary Antonine  
Geier, Elsie H.  
Geiger, Henrietta M.  
Geiger, Brother Leo Vincent  
Geiger, Monica Mary  
Geissel, Alma  
Geissel, Lawrence N.  
Geist, Nicholis Rapheal  
Geist, Norman Richel III  
Gegg, Sister Mary Mark  
Gehring, Sister Rose Bernard  
Geisel, Maxine R.  
Geist, John Clair Mary Jo Koran
Gelder, Dorothea  
Geldner, Albert Jr.  
Gembarzewska, Sister Mary Beatricia  
Genevieve, Sister Mary Genoveva  
Genovese, Heather Anne  
Gentle, Margaret Virginia  
Gentle, Ralph Leonard  
Gentner, Abe M.  
Gentner, Max R.  
Gentner, Mildred  
Gentner, Reuben  
Gentry, Jack  
Geopfrich, Albert T. Nadine Hardin
George, Betty J.  
George, Florence Hm Mary Jo Koran
George, Paul N.  
George, Peter John  
George, Richard Lamar  
Georgetta, Sister  M.  
Geraghty, Clyde J.  
Geraghty, John R.  
Geraghty, Patrick M.  
Geraghty, Theresa L.  
Gerard, Charles R.  
Gerard, Francis J.  
Gerard, Ruth M.  
Gerard, Suzanne Clair  
Geraghty, Sister M. Dolora  
Gerber, Charlotte K.  
Gerber, Rev. John C.  
Gerbold, Helen R.  
Gerecz, Helen Margaret  
Gerencher, Thomas A. Mary Jo Koran
Gerencser, Anna Nadine Hardin
Gerencser, Anna M. Nadine Hardin
Gerencser, Cecile T. Nadine Hardin
Gerencser, Joseph A. Nadine Hardin
Gerencser, Shirley Mary Jo Koran
Gergacz, Irene Rose  
Gerhold, James H  
Gerhold, Robert H.  
Germann, Betty J.  
Germann, Eldon E. Mary Jo Koran
Germann, Mary E.  
Germano, Anthony - 1878 - 1960  
Germano, Anthony - 1894 - 1970  
Germano, Bruno  
Germano, Domenic  
Germano, Dominic M.  
Germano, Elizabeth R.  
Germano, Frank - 1876 -1933  
Germano, Frank - 1905 - 1993  
Germano, Joseph  
Germano, Sybille  
Germano, Josephine  
Germano, Lucia  
Germano, Nunziata  
Gerschoffer, Andrew E.  
Gerschoffer, Evelyn M.  
Gerschoffer, Helen J.  
Gerschoffer, Mary Ann  
Geschwender, Macaria Mary Jo Koran
Gerstbauer, Bernard Mary Jo Koran
Gerstbauer, Clarise Mary Jo Koran
Gerstbauer, Ernestine  
Gerstbauer, Fabian L.  
Gerstbauer, Irma R.  
Gerstbauer, James Edward  
Gerstbauer, James Leo  
Gerstbauer, Joseph Louis  
Gerstbauer, Joseph N. Mary Jo Koran
Gerstbauer, Mary E.  
Gerstbauer, Richard A. Mary Jo Koran
Gerstbauer, Rose  
Gerstbauer, Theckla  
Gerstbauer, Velma Mary Jo Koran
Gerstenkorn, Harold G.  
Geske, Matilda Mary Jo Koran
Gesswein, Sister Mary Jude  
Getha, Michael Lee  
Gettins, Anita A.  
Gettier, Sister M. Hildegardis  
Getz, Henry Mary Jo Koran
Getzinger, David R. Mary Jo Koran
Gevaert, Eugene  
Geyer, Ardath N. Nadine Hardin
Geyer, Blanche Pearl Mary Jo Koran
Geyer, Donald Jay Nadine Hardin
Geyer, Jacob Nadine Hardin
Geyer, Judie D. Nadine Hardin
Geyer, Keith Frederick Nadine Hardin - 01/28/2007
Geyer, Leighton M. Nadine Hardin
Geyer, Madelyn M. Mary Jo Koran
Geyer, Nilah G. Mary Jo Koran
Geyer, Richard A. - 1926 - 2005 Nadine A. Hardin
Geyer, Richard A. - 1943 - 2010  
Geyer, Richard H.  
Geyer, Robert S.  
Geyer, Roscoe C. Nadine Hardin
Geyer, Roscoe J. Nadine Hardin
Geyer, Sarah Rick Berkheiser
Geyer, Theodore J. Nadine Hardin




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