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On October 10, 2003, Bob Jessup wrote to tell me of an old Palo Pinto newspaper that he had found at an estate sale in Ft. Worth.  We e-mailed each other back and forth to arrange for the receipt of the newspaper so that I could transcribe it for the Palo Pinto Co., TXGenWeb.  On Nov. 10, 2003 I received the newspapers in the mail, and began the transcription.  You can view the progress of the transcription by viewing the "What's New" for NovDec 2003 and 
Jan 2004
, section of this web site.  

When I opened the box I received in the mail I was perplexed for a little while.  There was the first 8 pages of the Mineral Wells News newspaper dated May 7, 1957.  Then I found 6 of what appeared to be inserts from another newspaper.  It took me awhile to find the name, but I did find out that the 6 inserts were from the Palo Pinto County Star newspaper and it appears that the inserts were saved for almost a week.  The inserts weren't dated, so I have simply placed them in the order I received them, hoping to save the wear and tear on the old papers.  The papers are old and fragile and require lots of care to keep them in tact.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Bob Jessup for his donation of this old newspaper project.  It has been a pleasure to work with these old newspapers, and I have learned a lot about Palo Pinto County history.  Thanks Bob.


Souvenir Edition

Mineral Wells News

Mineral Wells, Texas, Tuesday, May 7, 1957

submitted by Bob Jessup

First Performance Palocade, Queen Coronation Held Tuesday Night

Pioneer Monument
Mineral Wells Parade
Brothers of Brush Winners Named By Committee
Gordon Celebrates the Centennial
May Day Community Worship, Dinner And Unveiling
Winners Named In Centennial Belles Style-Show
Centennial Queen Candidates Honored With Dance Friday Night At Baker
Photo of Palo Pinto Stagecoach
Glimpsed:  Here and There
Stork Market
Centennial Issue Dedicated to Pioneers
Snap Shots on Page 7 of the Paper
James J. Ward Early Land Baron
Photos taken at the Old Settlers Reunion 1900


Centennial Edition

Palo Pinto County Star News
1857 - 1957

submitted by Bob Jessup

1857  Star News Centennial Edition  1957
Section 1

The Cowden Brothers Came to County in the Early Days, Settled at Gordon
William R. Costello Came to County In 1876, Settled at Pickwick
B. J. And Katherine Calhoun Settled in Lone Camp Community
W. P. Herrin Pioneer Deputy Sheriff of County
Martin Lodal, Native Of Denmark, Settled Near Gordon 1881
Larkin And Sarah Jones Were Early Settlers In Lone Camp
Mrs. Mary Dickson Settled in County, 1888
"Hop" Porter, 92 Lives In Ft. Worth
Marsden Family Enter County The Year 1871
Donkeys Played A Major Part In Early Day Life Of City
Indian Graves Found On Couts Anderson's Place
Jere Benjamin Hart Arrives In Palo Pinto County $65 Cash
J. H. Dillahunty Real Father of Association
J. J. Reasoner Came To County In 1881
Miss Iretta Anice Ramsey Came To Texas, Age 5
H. H. Porter Served County As Tax Collector
No paved street no sidewalks
Indians Jump Ranchers On Spring Round-up
John Ballenger, First Child Delivered By Dr. Smith In Palo Pinto County
C. V. Whatley School Teacher In Early Days
Beauty Spot On the Brazos River, In Palo Pinto County
Photo of Palo Pinto County's Historical Sandstone Courthouse
Newberry Family Records Skirmish Quanah Parker
J. G. Bump Arrived Here in Year 1876
W. C. Chisolm Settled North Of Mingus
The Red Man Liked The Palo Pinto Mountains
The Legend of Mineral Wells
Fraternal Order Organized 1906
Brazos Valley Once Noted Indian Village



1857  Star News Centennial Edition  1957
Section 2

Education in Palo Pinto County First 100 Years
Mineral Wells First School
1898-1904 Youngsters Give Gatherin' Party
History Palo Pinto Churches
In Memorium
Role of Churches in County's History
Photo of the Watson Boys on Page 2
Pleasanton M and Nancy L. Crouch
Scout Troops Asset To City
Fraternal Orders of Mineral Wells
Wash Cowley Came To Mineral Wells
William Henry Bradford
Photos on page 4
Brief Historical Highlights of Palo Pinto County
Wedding Announcement and Shower
Bozzell Family Lived In County Since 1857
James Thomas Cantrell
W. M. Lewis Family
Map of Palo Pinto 1872 - 1882
Photos of J. B. Hart and his first home
Mingus and Thurber Still Has Italian Population Around
Reunion of the George Morgan Family
Visit of Bessie Cowden Ward



1857  Star News Centennial Edition  1957
Section 3

Section 3 page 1 photos
Whatley Family Among First In County
Judge E. B. Ritchie Opened Law Office Mineral Wells, 1899
Albert Crawford Arrived In Palo Pinto County From Kentucky In 1855
Hittson-Whatley Has Six Generations Still Living in Palo Pinto County
Capt. John Henderson Indian Fighter and Trail Driver, 1860
Griffin Family From Alabama To Texas, 1881
Lewis Charles Link Born In Illinois Arrived In 1878
Cason Family Settled At Staggs Prairie
Volentine and Margaret Houx Bell Among First Settlers In County
J. A. Goodbar From Illinois Back In 1884
Mary Jane Wilson Arrived in 1875 From Minnesota
Photos on Page 4 of Section 3
James Harvey Conatser Born In Tennessee Came To Texas 1860
Ed E. Dismuke, Grand Old Gentleman of 97
E. Weston Guest And Nancy Newberry Guest
William Abernathy Native of Alabama Arrived in 1880
Jacob Danner and Wife, Elizabeth, Natives of Mississippi
Marcus Dalton And Wife Came To County, 1855
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Sheets
The Maxwells Came To Texas From Tennessee
Schoolcraft Family Moved to Texas In The Late 1850s
Many Cattle Brands Issued County Clerk
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Betty Came To Texas in 1857
John Eubanks Family Settled On Turkey Creek In 1854
John Glover Native of Alabama Arrived In 1871
J. E. Bankhead
John Metcalf Settled On Ioni Back In 1856
Byron Maddox Ex-Sheriff Arrived In 1873



1857  Star News Centennial Edition  1957
Section 4

Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Posse
Mr. and Mrs. Herring Make Trip To Texas In Covered Wagon
The Story of Palo Pinto
Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Colorful Lot
Menu At Wedding Party 80 Years Ago
The Gold Family Settled Near Santo In 1885
Taylor And Bevers Family Among Earliest Settlers In Palo Pinto
Dr. And Mrs. Norwood Came To Mineral Wells 1904 From Parker County
George W. And Mariposa McDonald To Texas 1870
City of Strawn Named For Stephen Bethel Strawn
George And Amelia Lemon And Family Came From Missouri
Matthew Jackson Vaughan
J. C. Son And The Old Hand Press 
Lewis and Charlotte Temple Campbell Cunningham
Photos on page 5 of Section 4
J. J. Metcalf Settled At Golconda
Andrew Pitts and Wife, Alice, From Mississippi
John Emsley Hutchins And Wife Immigrated To Texas In 1872
Daves - Carter Second Couple To Buy License
D. B. Cleveland And Mary Mullins
Dr. R. H. Smith
J. S. Caldwell And Wife Jane Arrive In 1876
James A. Jowell From Alabama To Texas
C. W. B. Grantham Native Mississippian Arrived in 1887
James N. Stuart And Young Bride Arrive in 1859
I. W. Cox and Wife Came To Palo Pinto County In 1855


1857  Star News Centennial Edition  1957
Section 5

Early Texas Settlers in Palo Pinto, Texas
Palo Pinto County Oil Activities
Henry Clay McClure
James S. Sims Family
First Land Grant Issued To Noah Dickerson, 1850
Winters Big Name In Rodeo Circles
John Harlin Came To County At Age of 19, Year 1891
Photo of Wilburn Flemming
William Yates
W. K. Bell Migrated From Scotland To Palo Pinto County
Gracey Family Built Home In Mineral Wells
J. H. Shelton Kentucky Born Arrived in 1882
Lover's Retreat Legends Are Many
Soil Conservation
The Conatser Family Enroote To California Stopped In County
Costello Family Natives Of Ireland Arrived In 1876
Capt. Dillahunty And Wife Arrive Golconda, 1857
Francis Watson Arrive In County When 7 Years Old
The Richards Hotel
Palo Pinto's Expression Class of 1908
R. B. Pollard Built First Gin Hopkins County
M. F. Maurice, Drove Stage Coach
International Organization of Odd Fellows
Jim H. Chick Came To Texas, 1857
A. J. Kerr Arrives In County, 1873
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Rouse photo
E. P. Crabtree and Family
Stephen H. Harris and Sarah Came To Texas, 1857
Bradford Fitzgerald Moved To Texas From Tennessee
Col. And Mrs. Duke Built First Swank Hotel
Grimes Home
Pickwick School 1915 Photo
Bradford Family Settled Near The Town Of Strawn
Dr. J. H. McCracken Veteran Physician Of Palo Pinto County


1857  Star News Centennial Edition  1957
Section 6

Mineral Wells Students and The Hand Press
From Tennessee To Texas On Horseback
James Oscar Couger and Wife Arrive From Mississippi
Photo of W. W. Shook on page 1
Andrew Peters And Wife Arrive In 1856
Unsolved Murders Still Subject Of Speculation
Tom C. Hindman Moved To Texas From Alabama
Photo First National Bank of Gordon
Mr. And Mrs. A. S. Beaty
Mr. and Mrs. David Upham
The Sam Eades Came To Texas From Kentucky
Bath Houses Big Business Back In Early Days
Johnston Family Move From Arkansas To Texas In 1876
The White Family Settled In County Back In 1887
Drought 1886-87 Drove Many Cattlemen From County
Photo of Mineral Wells 1900
Caruthers Family In Early Days of Palo Pinto County
Henry Belding Family Among First In County
The Crosland Family Are Pioneer Family
Hazelwood Family Arrived In Palo Pinto County 1857
Many Tales of the Old Brazos Have Been Told
W. E. Gilbert Family Have Six Generations
The Ed Bells Early Day Cafe Operator At Gordon, Texas
Commencement Program Palo Pinto College Back In 1899
Photo of Mace Metcalf
Possum Kingdom Lake
Buildings Of The Past
J. P. Gold
Photo of Brad School Class 1917-1918
Interesting Letter Reveals Past
Rev. George Webb Slaughter

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