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1857 Star News Centennial Edition 1957
Section 6: Story on page 8

submitted by Bob Jessup

Rev. George Webb Slaughter
Has Distinction First Married In Texas

Rev. G. W. Slaughter

Mrs. Sarah Slaughter

The Rev. George Webb Slaughter and his wife, Sarah Mason Slaughter, were married in the Republic of Texas, in Coahuila, October 12, 1837, the first couple to be married in the new Republic.  Only a year before this, Mr. Slaughter had served as a trusted lieutenant of General Sam Houston, carrying the last message that got through the lines to Travis and Crockett at the Alamo.  For this, his picture was awarded a niche in that sacred shrine.

Slaughter was born May 10, 1811, in Lawrence County, Mississippi, and came to Texas with his parents in 1829, settling in the Mexican state of Coahuila.  At that time, the territory east of Austin was divided into municipalities and governed by military law.

Settling here in 1857, they underwent many hardships, mostly those of survival, for Indian skirmishes at that time were common occurrences.  In 1864, Indians came to their ranch and stole all the horses, wounding their son John in the breast with an arrow.  Slaughter was a Missionary Baptist preacher and the marriage licenses of many pioneer couple bore his name as efficient.  He rode horseback many times, carrying his gun to meet his preaching appointments.  No one knew when Indians would be about.  On the Harris ranch, the old Slaughter home site may still be found, a hand-dug well and an underground cistern lined with limestone.  Slaughter died March 19, 1895 and was buried at Palo Pinto.

Grandchildren of the Slaughters are Mase Harris Metcalf of Palo Pinto, Sallie Belle Harris Blackman of Mineral Wells; Webb and D. C. Harris of Mineral Wells, Ottie Dalton Jeffries, Oklahoma, Mark Dalton and Slaughter Dalton of Mineral Wells; Webb Dalton, Fort Worth; Mmes. Robbie Dalton Miller, Ruth Dalton Gardner, Carrie Slaughter Dean and Nell Slaughter LeRoach, all of Dallas; Sallie Dalton Fearris, Maplewood, La., Georgia Dalton Mays, Cleburne, and Mamie Slaughter Lott of Miami, Fla.

Great-grandchildren are Jennie Metcalf Ewton, Enid, Okla.; Jennie Margaret Blackman Germany, Georgia Mays and M. Dalton Jr., of Dallas; Millie Ferris Agee, Maplewood, La.; Louise Dalton Fults, Carlsbad, N. M.; Robert Cunningham, Lee Cunningham, Oklahoma; and Dorothy Mays Ladd, Jackie Dalton Kincaid, Juanita Dalton Clark, Millie Dalton Foreman, Mary Ann Herring, Robert A. Dalton and Dot Peak Guinn, all of Mineral Wells, and Lela Dalton of Fort Worth.

Roberta Wright Reves, Edelia Wright Cato, Gen. Goo P. Wright, Gilbert G. Wright, Jowell Slaughter Wright, George Slaughter II, George Slaughter III, Arthur Slaughter and Gladys Slaughter are great-great-grandchildren of the G. W. Slaughter.


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