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1857 Star News Centennial Edition 1957
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Costello Family Natives Of Ireland Arrived In 1876

Mathias Costello, a native of Ireland, with his wife, Margaret Buckley Costello, came to Texas and Palo Pinto County in 1876 from their home at Baltimore.  They were the parents of four boys and two girls  -- one of whom, Mike Costello, is still living.  The other are Con Costello, Ed Costello, Will Costello and Mrs. Mary McMillian and Mrs. Margaret Weldon.  All of the children lived around Pickwick for a number of years.  They are of the Catholic faith.

After arriving in Texas, the family lived as all other families arriving in the area at that time, in a log cabin with dirt floors.  One of the hardships remembered by members of the family, was going 18 miles to Palo Pinto on horseback, for a doctor when sickness struck.  They stated that sometimes the Brazos River was up and it had to be crossed twice going each direction, making it a perilous trip.  At one time, Ed Costello started to Palo Pinto with the voting boxes following and election and while crossing the river, the boxes started floating away and Mrs. Costello had to sit on them to hold them down the balance of the crossing.

The family has engaged in ranching all through the years and Mike Costello now living in Palo Pinto, is ranching.  Other descendants include grandchildren, Miss Connie Costello, Miss Pearl O'Donnell and Estes Weldon all of Pickwick; C. M. McMillian of Graford; Mrs. J. C. Parsons, Myrtle Weldon Newman and K. C. Weldon all of Mineral Wells; Jack McMillian of Weatherford; Mrs. Ella McMillian, Perry and Elmer McMillian of Graham; Lee Ella Costello of Houston; Mrs. Fred Crosland of Big Spring and a large number of great-grandchildren living in this county and in the vicinity of Pickwick.

All early landmarks of the family are covered with the water of Possum Kingdom Lake or are on Costello Island.


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