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Due to the many thousands of Obits that have been contributed I have had to revamp the listings and they will no longer contain all the names within the obit. (02/02/2011)

"Wn - Ws"

Unless noted otherwise the obits are submitted by Dan Rich or John C. Monk

Wogatzke, Dorene Alice Marie Beard
Wogoman, Frank W.  
Wojciechowski, Al W.  
Wojciechowski, Daniel W.  
Wojciechowski, Daniel W. Sr.  
Wojciechowski, Eugene R. Mary Jo Koran
Wojciechowski, Mary Mary Jo Koran
Wojcik, George R. Todd Nowicki
Wojcik, John E. Mary Jo Koran
Wojcik, Stanley F. Todd Nowicki
Wojiechowski, Rev. Leo C.  
Wojnarski, Stanley Mary Jo Koran
Wojtan, John J. Jr.  
Wojtys, Joseph M.  
Wojtysiak, Casimer L.  
Wojtysiak, John R. - 1915 - 1988 Mary Jo Koran
Wojtysiak, John R. - 1925 - 2009  
Wojtysiak, Marie J. Mary Jo Koran
Wolak, Walter DanRich
Wolfe, Ann R.  
Wolf, Barbara M.  
Wolf, Edith  
Wolf, F. Elaine  
Wolf, George A.  
Wolf, Helen M.  
Wolf, Loraine H.  
Wolf, Louise (1907) Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wolf, Louise (1919)  
Wolf, Marian A.  
Wolfe, Max  
Wolf, Owen L.  
Wolf, Thelma E.  
Wolf, Brother Ulrich  
Wolf, Walter H.  
Wolf, Walter Henry II  
Wolfe, Delmar W. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Wolfe, Jack J. D.  
Wolfe, Irene E.  
Wolfe, Sister Mary Berno  
Wolfe, Mary J.  
Wolfe, Myron A.  
Wolfe, Walter Mary Jo Koran
Wolff, Ethel M.  
Wolff, Sister Mary Madeleva  
Wolff, Morris M. Mary Jo Koran
Wolff, Pearl E.  
Wolford, Elaine E. Mary Jo Koran
Wolford, Ruth M.  
Wollering, Martha A. Rick Berkheiser
Woloszyn, Gertrude H. Mary Jo Koran
Wolter, Beryl  
Wolter, Jane P.  
Wolter, Joseph Sr.  
Wolter, Marguerite  
Wolter, Theodore L.  
Woltering, Sister M. Charles Lucille  
Woltman, Bailey Mary Jo Koran
Wolz, Brian E.  
Womack, Elizabeth H.  
Womack, James Delma  
Womer, Shirley Jean  
Womersley, Marilyn Kay Prickett  
Wonisch, Caron E.  
Wonisch, Jean G.  
Wood, Donald Arthur  
Wood, Edward F.  
Wood, Floyd E. Sr.  
Wood, Gwendolyn H.  
Wood, John C. Mary Jo Koran
Wood, Mary R.  
Wood, Michael Mary Jo Koran
Wood, Opal  
Wood, Rolisa L.A. Mary Jo Koran
Wood, Theodore G. Mary Jo Koran
Wood, Verna Belle  
Woodard, Mrs. Eddie Lewis  
Woodcox, Dennis A. Steve Floor
Woodcox, Helen M. Steve Floor
Woodcox, Hilda Fay  
Woodcox, Joseph Eli Steve Floor
Woodcox, Leonard Steve Floor
Woodcox, Marion E. Steve Floor
Woodcox, Theodora & Hurbert Steve Floor
Woodhull, Fred Ron Woodhull
Woodka, Sister M. Felix  
Woodmore, Joe A. Mary Jo Koran
Woodruff, Charles M.  
Woodruff, Edith S. Georgia Gill-Elkins
Woodruff, Evelyn M.  
Woodruff, John W.  
Woodruff, Leroy A.  
Woodruff, William E. Sr.  
Woods, Albert Bernard  
Woods, Brent LaTay  
Woods, Hattie G. Mary Jo Koran
Woods, Jerry B. S. Vanden Bossche
Woods, Sister M. Winifred  
Woods, Thomas Henry  
Woods, Rev. William Georgia Gill-Elkins
Woodside, Susan Rick Berkheiser
Woodward, Florence  
Woodward, Marjorie J. Mary Jo Koran
Woodward, Br. Robert G.  
Woodward, Rev. Robert W.  
Woodworth, Adelaide D.  
Woodworth, Irene D.  
Woodworth, Nell Grace  
Woodworth, Peggy J.  
Woodworth, Virgil D.  
Woody, Bobby Ray  
Woody, L. Scott  
Woofter, Frances P.  
Woolet, Mrs. Michael Richard Smith
Woolley, George E. Sr.  
Woolsey, Marianne L.  
Woolverton, Jeanine Rose Gadacz  
Wooten, James Jr.  
Word, William Jr.  
Worden, Sister M. Franciana  
Wordinger, Benjamin F.  
Wordinger, Berniece C,  
Wordinger, Beuford J.  
Wordinger, Diana Updated  
Wordinger, Edna Elizabeth Linda Braden Gray
Wordinger, Edward C.  
Wordinger, Flossie  
Wordinger, Gerald E.  
Wordinger, Harold E.  
Wordinger, John  
Wordinger, Kenneth L.  
Wordinger, Leonard B.  
Wordinger, Mary Jane  
Wordinger, Matilda  
Wordinger, Otho V.  
Wordinger, Ralph Linda Braden Gray
Wordinger, Robert E.  
Wordinger, Wilbur  
Workman, Olive M.  
Workman, Robert A.  
Workman, Theresa G.  
Worm, Genevieve Grace  
Woros, Nicholas Nadine Hardin
Worsham, Leroy Charles Sr.  
Worsham, Lorraine K.  
Worsham, Sarah Marie  
Worsham, William E.  
Worster, Ann F. Mary Jo Koran
Worster, Ervin  
Worster, S. Wayne  
Worth, Violet J.  
Worthen, M. Bernice  
Worthington, Walter Judd  
Wortinger, John Louis Nadine A. Hardin
Wortinger, Mary Hertel Nadine A. Hardin
Woveris, Joseph F.  
Wozniak, Alice  
Wozniak, Donald J.  
Wozniak, Edward S.  
Wozniak, Jean R.  
Wozniak, Marie Przygocki Alice Marie Beard
Wozniak, Mildred E.  
Wozniak, Roberta R.  
Wozniak, Mrs. Stephen Diana Brown
Wozniak, Valeria V.  
Woznicki, Clara Mary Jo Koran
Woznicki, Frank Mary Jo Koran
Wozny, Eugene J.  
Wraase, Emil Charles Rick Berkheiser
Wrasse, Elizabeth Steve Floor
Wrasse, George Thomas Steve Floor
Wray, Ann Marie  
Wray, Benjamin Harrison  
Wray, Brenda A.  
Wray, Donald I.  
Wray, Florence J.  
Wray, Jordan Connor  
Wray, Mary E.  
Wray, Regene E.  
Wright, Adrienna Eleanor  
Wright, Charles E Brenda Horton
Wright, Charles L.  
Wright, Charles W.  
Wright, Charley  
Wright, Ernest R. Diana Brown
Wright, Fannie Mae  
Wright, Gary Allen  
Wright, George A Brenda Horton
Wright, George W. Brenda Horton
Wright, Gracie  
Wright, Harriet M.  
Wright, Helen M.  
Wright, Kathryn M.  
Wright, Lena Florence Brenda Horton
Wright, Lillian M. Gearhart Brenda Horton
Wright, Manford B.  
Wright, Mary Frances  
Wright, Richard E. Mary Jo Koran
Wright, Robert A. Mary Jo Koran
Wright, Robert Kenneth  
Wright, Ruben W. Sr.  
Wright, Wylie Turner  
Wright, Wylle T. b.telfer@insightbb.com
Wrobel, Angela A.  
Wrobel, Clementine J.  
Wrobel, Sister Mary Arthur (Rita Ann)  
Wrobel, Sister M. Danielita  
Wrobel, Sister M. Macrina  
Wrobel, Stanley  
Wroblewska, Antoinette Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Alex Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Bernard A.  
Wroblewski, Bernice Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Carrie Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Casimir N. Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Catherine E. Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Edward Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Eleanor Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Frank X. Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Helen E. Mary Jo Koran
Wroblewski, James Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, John G. Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, John J. Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Joseph Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Leon Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Loretta D.  
Wroblewski, Marie Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Mary Mary Jo Koran
Wroblewski, Michael Jim Piechorowski
Wroblewski, Michael T. Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Regina  
Wroblewski, Valentine Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wroblewski, Wanda Rosalie Wroblewski Kimmerly
Wruble, Marion Mary Jo Koran
Wruble, Ruth M. Mary Jo Koran
Wruble, Stanley F. Sr. Mary Jo Koran
Wruble, Thomas C. Mary Jo Koran





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