Our Century 1910 to 1990
Our Century
decade by decade
A Suppliment to the Gazette-Enterprise
Published in October 1999

Contributed by
Thomas Richard Crump, P. C.
Seguin, Texas

Prepared for the internet by Wanda Qualls

While the suppliment included all the world events, I am only including those items that dealt with Guadalupe County. 
The suppliments spanned from 1910 to 1990.   WQ


City of Seguin Celebrates
Elected Officials
A Proclamation by the Mayor of Seguin
Oddities - 1900 to 1920
Women's Federation
What Seguin Has
Quarantine Raised Tuesday
Did You Know? 1900-1920

Other National News
World War is at End
Lusitania goes down
Titanic Sinks


Armistice Day Celebration
Elected Officials
Polly Hollamon Honored
Aviation in Seguin and Guadalupe Co.
News & Notes
Public Notice!
Big man jailed
Drivers License required
Blumberg Fire
Williams Drug Store
Did You Know? 1920-1929

Other National News
Stock Market Crashes
Prohibition outlaws alcohol


College Building destroyed in fire
Elected Officials
Mr. H. A. King passes away
Farmers destroying cotton
Movement for the Recreation Park
Seguin sees building boom!
How To Grease Your Own Car
Four escape from Guadalupe County Jail
This and That
Did You Know? 1930-1939

Other National News
Financial Crisis - Great Depression
Bonnie and Clyde
Hindenburg explodes!


Guadalupe County residents answer the call for support
Elected Officials
Willy's Jeep rescues the Gazette-Bulletin!
Polio brings town to a standstill
Parallel parking next week
Medlin wins Sheriff's Race
Blumbert-Weinert Wedding
Bathing Beauty Revue
Seguin's first killed in action casualty
Man of the year
Seguin's first TV signal
Palace Theatre rebuilds
Fun in Seguin during the 1940's
Seguin's worst fire destroys compress
Gulf storm hits Seguin Sunday
Negro farmers in Guadalupe County
Wuest's air freight
Did You Know? 1940-1949

Other National News
United States at War

Doctor remembers the Korean War
Elected Officials
Influenza threatens Seguin again
Ward Burris, Publisher of Gazette, buried Tuesday
Desegregation still being discussed
Explosion rocks Seguin three local men injured
Recipes for you to try today!
Man of the year
Seguin oil boom increasing rapidly
New Owners at Aumont
Air Force plane crashes in Seguin
'Snowbirds' land in jail
Did You Know? 1950-1959

Other National News
Korean war comes to an end
Polio War is Near! Serum anxiously awaited

Local men bet on manned moon landing in '33
Elected Officials
Tejas Club
Maierhofer celebrates her 100th Birthday
New Year's Eve Dance
Seguin celebrates 125th birthday
Briesemeisters perish in 2-car collision, city pays respects
Hilda Weinert feted
Postal rates rising to new high on January 7th
Mean actor to visit Seguin Bank
Heroic police officer laid to rest
This and That
Arson suspected in Wuest's fire
Bawdy house in Seguin?
Seguin boy injured in Vietnam
Downed Seguin pilot rescued in Vietnam
Seguin Conservation Society buys Zorn Home.
Did You Know - 1960-1969

Other National News
Man Has Landed on the Moon!
President Kennedy Assassinated
King leads Civil Rights Movement
United States enters Vietnam War
'Summer of Love' (hippie movement)

Seguin Devastated By Flood
Elected Officials
Streakers in Seguin
'Miss Evelyn' the jailer
Starcke Furniture Co. displays "Spirit of Independence" Gown
Keehn-Sagebiel engagement
Seguin Junior Miss honored
TLC students volunteer to help clean up flood debris
Windle honored
Seguin Bicentennial, 1976
Did You Know - 1970-1979

Other National News
Ford escapes assassination twice in September, 1975
Nixon Resigns
Men arrested at Watergate Hotel
Students killed during protest
First women AF pilots

Seguin covered with blanket of snow
Flood hits Seguin and surronding counties
Seguin sees second flood in two months

Elected Officials
Did You Know? 1980-1989

Other National News
Challenger Explodes
Nation's worst oil spill blamed on alcohol
"The Wall is gone! Berlin is again Berlin"
Pope shot, in guarded condition
Hostages released
Reagan Elected
Reagan in good condition after being shot in chest
Beirut bombing
Iran-Contra Affair
Extra Strength Tylenol pulled from shelves
Supreme Court rules against women in Draft


Disastrous Flooding in County
State of emergency declared by mayor, help on its way
Seguin Mourns the Loss of E.G.
Amy Nash brings state title to Seguin
Seguinites in Kuwait
'True Women'  has had economic impact on Seguin
Stockdale man shoots local lawyers
Did You Know? 1990-1999
Elected Officials

Other National News
'Trial of the century' (O.J. Simpson) keeps nation glued to TV
Bill Clinton admits wrong, escapes removal from office.
Selena Killed in Corpus Christi
Oklahoma City stunned by bombing
Rioting in Los Angeles
Students and teachers killed in Columbine High School tragedy
Operation Desert Storm
Clinton suspends ban on gays in military
Cease fire 'holding fine' --- Persian Gulf War ends
Cellular phones no longer just a luxury
Internet has nation 'surfing'
911 goes into effect
FBI using new tactics in stand off at Waco

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