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Photo Album

Photos of days gone by, placed in an album, buried in a drawer or kept safe in a family bible.  They may be all that is left to bring back a long lost memory, relive a better day, or give us a glimpse of the ancestors we will never meet.  By sharing your keepsakes others may also enjoy a glimpse of the past and maybe see for the first time, a photo of their ancestor. And you will be preserving a copy for future generations.

Do you have pictures of your ancestors with Central Illinois connections you would like to preserve and share with us? Scanning Photos to be placed in this album could be the best thing you could do to preserve them. If lost or destroyed a copy will always be here to retrieve and print out. You may send pictures of historic sights, buildings, cemeteries, etc. too, as well as Unidentified Photos.

I would like to place a time limit and not allow Photos after 1950, in order to conserve on Web space and in the interest of helping early researchers.

If you would like to submit a photo please follow these easy steps:
1 - Scan them,
2 - Save them in .jpg or .gif format, (.jpg is prefered for quality)
3 -Send me an email message with information about the photo, identifying the person(s), place, etc.
4 - Attach the photo to the email message and send to me

Murrayville School Photo - circa 1910)
Submitted by Frank Wild

Caroline Hall England (1855-1944)
Jesse England (1915-1902)
Perry Joseph "England (1849-1904)
5 Hall Sisters
Mahala Smith England (1812-1894)
Submitted by Barbara Neubert

Charlotte Frances Deatherage Gray
Milly Evaline Deatherage Dougherty
Submitted by Marlene Shake

Franklin First Methodist Church
Submitted by Patty Meado

Liberty School, Oct. 1, 1911
Submitted by Richard Sansam

Henry Otto Hendricks
Submitted by Nancy

Clara Bennett
Submitted by Mark Bennett

Lillian Tranbarger Drury
Arthur Clyde Gordley
Clyde Metz Gordley
Myrtle Metz Gordley
Mary Huber and her family
Lewis W. Massie
Martha Hart Massie
Andrew, Scott & Oscar Tranbarger
Martha Agnes Gordley Tranbarger
Willard Scott Tranbarger
John Lance & Mary Agnes Huber Tranbarger
Cleo Brockman Gordley - 1910
Clyde "Metz" Gordley - 1904
Hallie Armstrong
Martha Massie Home in Franklin, IL
Metz Gordley - School Photo
Metz Gordley & Kenneth Six - 1910
Metz Gordley & Kenneth Six - 1918
Tranbarger Reunion - 1933
Submitted by Scott Gordley

George Washington & Mary McCormick Burnett Family, 1917
Submitted by Susan Smith

Renner Peak Campbell
William R. Campbell
Hoots Children
Hoots Girls
Stice Family
Unknown Men
Wm. W. & Alice Hamilton & Bill Campbell
Photos of Winchester Square
Hoots Family Photo
Grandma Jackson
Tin Baby Picture
Old School Photos
Submitted by Bobbie Jo McKee

James Harvey Gum Family
Submitted by Carole Martin

Henry, Ollie & Gene Devine
Henry Devine
Henry Devine, approx. age 13
William Henry Devine, 1905
William Henry Devine, WWI
Dollie (Coker) Devine and daughter, Mildred
Dollie & Frank Devine and Ella & Lawrence Kinney
Ellen Mary Devine Kinney
Francis John & Harry Devine
Submitted by Kerry

Mary, Fern & Marvin Belk
Edith Whitlock Belk
Mary Belk
George & Matilda Bowyer
Taylor & Seymour Fishing Trip
Glenna Mae Seymour, Eleanor Sargent, Mary C. Hair & Marion Wells
General Gilmore
Ray & Thelma Hammerick
Mabel, Bertha & Jim Whitlock
Joe Jenkins & Shorty Snow
Lollie Miner, age 16
Lollie Miner
Lollie Miner, age 25
Whitlock mothers and babies
Mattie Petree
Railroad Crew
Ollie, Nelson & Taylor Seymour
Dale & Ollie Seymour with Burton Whitlock
Bird Seymour
Dale Seymour & Mollie
Dale Seymour Family
Glenna & Taylor Seymour
Nelson Seymour, 1917
William Jack Seymour
Glenna, Taylor & Nelson Seymour, ca 1918
Robert Shirley
Jesse, Bertha & Jim Whitlock
Alexander & Mary Whitlock
Alexander Whitlock, 1860
Alexander Whitlock Family
Bertha & Tida Whitlock
Bertha Whitlock, early 1900s
Bertha Whitlock
Burton & Carol Anne Whitlock
Burton Whitlock
Edith Whitlock Belk
George Burton Whitlock Family
Glenna Mae Seymour
Hardin Whitlock & Fannie Bonds Whitlock
Hardin Whitlock
Harry, Glenna & Burton, 1928
Harry, Kay & Sharon Whitlock
Harry Whitlock
Harry Whitlock Family
James Oscar Whitlock
Jessie Whitlock
Jewel, Edith and Albert Stanley Whitlock
John Whitlock
Kay & Sharon Whitlock
Macy Whitlock
Alexander Whitlock Residence
Work Crew
Submitted by Harry Whitlock

Dr. George Sims
Submitted by: Earl Deatheage

Walter Calep Sanders
Grant & Bertha Sanders
Submitted by Pam

Hull Family - 5 Generations
George Ortman Family
James Richard Hull Family
Submitted by Pam Ross

Hattie Lemon & Alden Ivo Johnson
1929 Murrayville H.S. Graduating Class
Submitted by Patty Clark Sims

Concord School
Jeremiah Pierson
House on E. State St., Jacksonville, IL
Submitted by Ellen Moss

Greenview High School - Class of 1932
Vincent Rue Hill
Dr. Thomas G. & Hattie Hill
Hattie Applebee Council Hill Family
Male Menard County Council Family Members
John Wesley & Mary Virginia Rue Council
Ellen Cresse Council
Hall - Hill Farm
Dr. Thomas Caldwell Hill
Hattie Applebee Council Hill
Dr. Harry Campbell Hill
Lettie Herrin Hill
Council Residence & Family
Dr. Tolbert Fanning Hill
Dr. Green Hill
Mollie Hall Hill
Thomas & Russell Hill
Thomas Green Hill
Dr. Thurman & Bessie Redmon Hill
Submitted by Susan Hill Davis

Lee Barkwell

Lyle Barkwell

1918 Call To War
Submitted by Carol Knight

James F. & Jessie Lemon Curtis
Submitted by Cheryl (Curtis) Behrend

Kehl Store
Pontiac School
Submitted by Betty Kehl Richardson

Mary Elizabeth Buchanan Metcalf
Earl Peebles
Louis Peebles
Submitted by James Simpson

Monroe Brothers
William Wesley Scott
Jacob Moore
James J. & Margaret Thomas Moore
Linford & Ida McGree Monroe
Submitted by Belle Braddock

Henry & Rebecca Wohlers Oberkotter
Submitted by Dick Wohlers

Benjamin & Sarah Elizabeth Cone Plunkett
Submitted by Marge Leevey

William & Cassandra Davidson Kesinger
John & Mary Kesinger with Grandchildren
Rachel McComb Kesinger
William Troy & Ruby Dean Cooper Kesinger
Daniel Kesinger
John F. & Lula Saxton
Submitted by Tom Saxton

Nathan King
Submitted by Marcheta Jones

Hezekiah South Kennedy Home
Gene & Lucille Delaney
Roena Delaney Henne
Mary Jane Goodpasture Layton
Hanna Goodpasture Job
1914 & 1915 Photos - Jersey College School
Cracker's Bend School
Gene & Kenneth Delaney
Floyd & Bertha Mason Goodpasture Wedding
Abram Goodpasture
Goodpasture Home
Louisa Ann Goodpasture
Zannah Richardson Goodpasture
Richard Parker Goodpasture Family
Goodpasture Siblings
Goodpasture & Mason
Goodpasture Grandchildren
Bertha Roena Kennedy
Charles Burven Kennedy
David & Rosalind Higold Kennedy
James O. Kennedy Family
Mamie Augusta Kennedy
James Oliver Kennedy
Submitted by Roena Henne

Calvin Hinman
Hinman Stable
1918 Yearbook - Hinman
Malvina Catlett Hinman
Charles & Amelia Smith Hinman
Submitted by Mary (Hinman) Herfendal

Lloyd Nelson Howard
Sarah Stead Howard
Submitted by Pat Frunzi

Isaac Hale Family
Submitted by James W. Burcham

Hunt & Leonard
Submitted by Jodi Morgan

Crimson J - Girl's Athletic Assn.
Submitted by Christy Dunne

Custer Barber Shop
William J. Custer Family
Custer Barber Shop
Chris Custer Family
Wm. J. Custer Shop
Elizabeth Markwell Power
Woodson B. & Elizabeth Markwell Power
Woodson Power - 90th Birthday
Submitted by Denny Custer

John & Catherine Farrell Family
Submitted by Donna Kendall

Russell Godbey
Eleanor Lanterman Carpenter Godbey
Submitted by Nancy Snow

115th Illinois Infantry
Judd & Laura England Casey
Dicken Family
William Banks England
William Banks England - Civil War Soldier
William H. & Clara Sprouse England
John & Elizabeth Helm Ewing
John & Martha Jensen Fortman
Carlyle Hall
Charles W. & Ellen Hodges Hall
James & Emeline Pestel Hall
Hall Sisters
James Wesley Hall
John & Martha Raikes Hardwick
Cal & Hettie England Jensen
Aanon Jensen Family
Bertha Jensen Thompson
Jens Jensen
Knud "Newt" Jensen Family
Jensen Family
Lawson Family
"Doc" Raikes Family
Elisha W. Raikes
Thomas A. Swaringuin
Kitte Swaringuin
Shannon Family
William Stanley Raikes
Thomas A. Swaringuin
Martha F. Hall England Swaringuin Family
Thomas A. Swaringuin
James Monroe Raikes
Submitted by Barbara Shannon Cox

Albert Cummings
Albert Cummings Family
Submitted by Ruby Morris

1913 Tallula Pocket Directory
Farquhar Restaurant
Tallula - Maypole
Tallula Grade School
Tallula business
Tallula - Old Salem Road
Lincoln Oak
Tallula - Elm & Ewing Streets
Tallula Country Scenes
Tallula 1906 5th & 6th Grades
Submitted by Dee Arrasmith

Mary E. Stokes Beebe
Submitted by Kathie Mirabella

Charles T. Bouillon Family
John Dan Campbell
Campbell Brothers
Anna Nix Elkinton & John Elkinton
Elkinton Children
Elkinton & Campbell
Waters - Stilwell
Submitted by Betty Bouillon

Reeve Family - 1930

Reeve Family - 1915
Isaac Reeve
Hurum Reeve
Jacksonville Baseball Team
- Submitted by Kellie Robinson

Jonas Edward Artz
Jonas & Frances Artz

John Boston
Jane (Emerick) Boston
William Henry Boston
Susan Magdalina (Wullenwaber) Boston
- Submitted by Ed Tatum

Becker Family - 1926
Submitted by Eileen Ball

Thomas & Hannah S. (Cox) Peaker
Isaac Hale
Thomas & Mary Woodrum
Lourissa Lake Hale
Martha Pike Baptist
1919 Centenery Church Men's Class
Irene & Jeanette Coats
Julia Ann Morrison Cox
William Gillham Cox
John & Dora Otken Douglass
Eliza & Louetta Hale
Peaker & Braden
Thomas Jackson Raikes
Thomas Jackson Raikes Family
Peaker - Robertson Family
- Submitted by Jeanie (Hale) Lowe

Ida & Inge Claussen
Submitted by Katja Bruhn-Keymling from Hanover, Germany

Emily Josephine (Cox) Wood
Rose Josephine (Harmon) Wood
Emma Kathryn (Wood) Carr Cubbage
Turner Homer Cully
- Submitted by Cheri Carr-Courson

William Thompson
- Submitted by David Starr

Alexander, Everett L.
Crain & Cisco
- Submitted by Rebecca Maberry

Dugger, James L.
Dugger, Sarah M. (Seymour) Dugger
Dugger Children
Hettick Children
Stephen Hettick Family
Jessie Barton Hettick Family
Mary Celia (Hettick) Dugger
Avery O. Dugger Family
Martha E. (Hettick) Wheeler
Children of Avery O. & Mary C. Dugger
Bruce E. & Martha E. (Hettick) Wheeler
John "Meigs" Pulliam Seymour Family
William & Hattie R. Hettick Neece
Oak Hill School
- Submitted by Jerry B. Dyke

Harry Dwyer - about 1951
Harry & Lula Dwyer
Harry Dwyer & Essie (Whitney) Mansfield
Ezra Rouland Family
Lula Belle Dwyer & her Grandchildren - ca 1955
James P. & Pearl Dwyer
William Dwyer's Funeral Card
James Patrick Dwyer
Robert & Ora (Rouland) Stewart
Lula Belle (Rouland) Dwyer
Harry's C.B. & Q. Railroad Crew
William & Mary (Rouland) White - 1958
- Submitted by Marsha Dwyer Thomas

Lula Belle (Rouland) Dwyer
Rufus & Essie Whitney Mansfield
Essie Whitney & Harry Dwyer
The Witherbee Family
- Submitted by Iona Wood Davenport

Ruby & Ruth Dwyer - 1923
Ruby & Ruth Dwyer - 1918
Ruby Dwyer as a Baby - 1915
Marietta Dwyer & Marilyn Vivian - 1937
Ruby & Marilyn Vivian - 1932
Dwyer & Vivian Family Members - 1932
- Submitted by Dena (Koontz) Shaw

James Albert Butcher Family
- Submitted by Denise

Dr. David Meeker
George Ohmart
George W. Ohmart
Ohmart Brothers-In-Law
Dr. David Thomas Meeker
Forrest B. Meeker
Submitted by Sherry Smith.

Funeral Card for Wm. A. Hensilwood/Henshilwood
Submitted by Joseph Murphy

1930 Routt Baseball Team
1931 Routt Football Team
Submitted by Gary V. Clark

Ira C. Clark I
Lovelace Brothers
Submitted by Don Clark

James & Lucy Caudle
Andrew Ruyle Sr.
Andrew Ruyle Jr. Family
Andrew & Charity Ruyle Family
Solomon Redfern
Isaac McCollom
Elvira Ruyle
Henry Ruyle Family
Moses Ruyle
Peter Ruyle
Ruyle Family
Milton & Elizabeth Ruyle Fisher
Submitted by Donnie Ruyle

Keplinger, Chester
Keplinger, John W.
Keplinger, Esther Ovelle
Keplinger, Maurice Bell
Keplinger, Maurice & Marion
Keplinger, James Miller
Keplinger, James Miller - age 5
Keplinger, Alan Marshall
Miller, James W.
- All above Submitted by Larry Carrel

Polly Ruyle Arnold
Alexander E. Claussen Family
Frank and Andrew Kehl Jr.
The McLamar-Henry Family
- Submitted by Juli Claussen

Brainerd Family
- Submitted by Carol Brainerd Harvey

Jeremiah & Lovina Cory Converse
Naomi Stewart
William Stewart
Submitted by Mary Ann Kaylor

Cox Family Reunion Photo
Four Generations of the Cox Family
John Perry Browning

Sons of Alvin Cox of Greene & Sangamon Counties
Meta (Browning) Evans and her 6 brothers
Osborne Family - 1934
All above Submitted by Jack Cox

Sarah Jackson Dugger
John Harrison Dugger

- Submitted by Carol E. Valantine Dugger

Charles & Minnie Floyd Wedding Photo
Kay Evonne Flynn

Bert & Eva Floyd
The Floyd Children
Eva Adell (Floyd) Flynn & daughter, Kay Eveonne
Charles Thomas Floyd
Clarence Flynn
Eva Adell Floyd Flynn
Flynn Family
Meredosia Grade School
Ethel S. Barfield Floyd
Eugene Victor Floyd
Carol Floyd
Floyd Brothers
Flynn Children
Gaines Children
Jersey College
Submitted by Kimberly Hicks

Manuel and Anna Goveia
Antonio G. & Margaret Pestana Baptist

- Submitted by Donald K. Goveia

Milton Ham
Jesse Hinman
Snow Brothers
Ham Family
Oren VanMeter
Van Meter Brothers - Oren & George
James & Agnes (Black) VanMeter
- Submitted by LaVerne Harvey

Henderson, Rev. D. P.
- Submitted by Ray Henderson

T. J. Houston Family
- Submitted by Ginger Weston

Lewis, Thomas Henry
Lewis Family
- Submitted by Mary Bradley

Moorman Sisters
- Submitted by Tom Pearson

Julia Ann (Northcut) Evans & 2 Granddaughters
Julia Ann (Northcut) Evans
John Henry Northcutt & Viola May Franklin
William M. Williard & Maude Jackson
Three Generations - Franklin/Avery Family
Archibald Northcut & ?
Franklin & Walters
Submitted by Norman Franklin Northcutt

Nortonville Public School - Primary Room: 1901-1902
Submitted by Robert Ridenour

Richwood Sunday School Class - 1912
Submitted by Susan Reno LeBlanc

William Vicroy Rhodes Family
Cora Reamer & George Winn Wedding Pictures
George & Nelle Winn
White Hall High School, Class of 1886 (Greene County, IL)
Amos Hotel
William & Shirley Williams
Philemon & Matilda Dawson Reamer
James & Matilda Amos
White Hall Water Contract
George & Cora Winn
Jerry Bethard Family
John & Mary Pinkerton Bethard
Nathan & Ruth Amos Dawson
All above Submitted by Shirley Winn Williams

Smothers Family Reunion
Submitted by Pat Mullen

Stone Family
Submitted by Ray Goodwin

Schumacher Sisters
Frederick Schumacher Daughters
John B. Stewart Family
William & Mahala (Henderson) Stewart
James & Sarah (Dennis) Stillwell Family
All above Submitted by Shirley A. (Stewart) Aleguas

Sellana Belle (Chapman) Staats Violett
Submitted by Nancy A. (Staats) Hausch

William Benjamin Childers
Katie Alice (Lash) Childers Luby Gillis
Mary Louella (Deever) Childers
Orville Monroe Childers
Submitted by Jane Childers Bruce

Solomon & Rebeca (Workman) Shetter
Arissa Shetter Stanton - "Dinner at Aunt Arissa's"
Submitted by Linda Hampton

Munitions Carpenters Gang & Damage Shop
Sangamon Ordnance War Plant

Submitted by Sue Ollis

Wilson Lee & Nancy Stewart Boring
Harrelson & Yoakum
Helena Bowers Neff
Martin Neff
Susan Jackson Neff
William H. Neff
Athens School
Otis & Anna Yoakum
Joe & Shirley Yoakum
Shirley Jean Yoakum
Gallagher & Rowley
Alfred & Margaret Yoakum
Ralph Wilson Gallagher
Raymond Lee Gallagher
Submitted by Rajean Gallagher.

Davis Family - 4 Generations
Alonzo Davis Family
Clara Belle Wilkey
Clarence Wilkey
Edmond Wilkey
Daisy Ruyle Wilkey
Lloyd Haywood Wilkey
Wilkey Family, Greenville
Martin P. Marshall Davis
Davis - Wilson Wedding
Caroline Cummings Ruyle
Submitted by Deanna Huber

David Lee
David & Ellen Thomas Lee
Lee Threshing Machine
Submitted by June (Hunt) Lee & Nancy (Brown) Lee.

DeSollar Family Reunion
Submitted by Connie Lawson

Calvin Martin
John A. & Rachel Kinney Martin
Nathan Martin
Nathan Leroy Martin
Thomas Martin
Submitted by Allen L. Martin

Cynthia Jane Tucker Donahue
Pearl & Stella Lake
Cleo & Clarence Pressey
Pressey - Tucker Davis
Gertrude Pressey
Clarence & Betty Pressey
Charles & Nora Pressey
Henry Donald Pressey
Peter David Pressey
Pressey Sisters
Tucker Daughters
John Miller Tucker
Tucker Sisters
William, Rhonda & Yvonne Pressey
William & Rhonda Pressey
Jacob & Ella Tucker Family
Tucker Family - June 1957
Stella & Sharon Pressey
William Laverne Pressey
Submitted by Rhonda (Pressey) Miller

Flora Agnes Bell Finley
Submitted by Betty Albert

Hall School, Athens, IL - 1925
Submitted by Bob Roth

Benjamin Raikes
Benjamin R. Raikes
Benjamin T. Raikes
Sapp & Raikes
James Monroe Rakes
James & Phoebe Bailey Rakes
John Thomas Raikes
Grandma Murrell Rakes
Martha Ann Helm Raikes
Submitted by Shirley Noel

Thomas Jackson Raikes, Marshall
Thomas J. Raikes Card
Submitted by Jim Paul

Milas, Minnie & Savilla Richards
Herbert Sr., Savilla & Milas Richards
Richards Grocery Store
Richards Home
Milas Hardin Richards
Submitted by Herbert Richards.

Eliza Robinson
Joel Robinson
John Robinson
Malinda Robinson
Submitted by Douglas Robinson

Reese Jones Family
Submitted by Patty Clark

Byrd Seymour
Sarah Austin Seymour
Submitted by Mary Reynolds

Brice & Elvira Stewart
Stewart Brothers
Submitted by Trudee Svaldi

Minnie Suhy
William Suhy
Suhy Home
Submitted by Chris Fisher Thiessen

Rhoda A. Thompson Taylor
Submitted by Mike Terry

Witherbee Siblings
Submitted by Norm Witherbee

Wright Sisters
Submitted by Mary Kirgan