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Janis' Genealogy Family Tree Page

Janis' Genealogy Site

My Family Tree

My research goal, at this point, is to research backwards to find my immigrant ancestors, then research forward to find their descendants - my cousins. As I work toward this goal, my "family tree" has been growing quite large. In January of 2008, I obtained a tribalpages website to upload my extended family tree. If you would like to view it, click here. Please keep in mind that it is a work in progress, and as such it most likely contains some errors.

As an alternative, you can also view my family tree of direct ancestors, which has been uploaded to WorldConnection. To access that tree, click here. Same caveats apply.

The third alternate is to view the sourced pedigree charts that are stored on this site. They were generated by my genealogy software - Legacy Family Tree. Since no information on living individuals has been included, choose one of my four grandparents as the starting point for the pedigree charts. Or, choose to view the surname list or name index generated by Legacy.

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