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The Tomko/Stibrk Families of Austria-Hungary and Pittsburgh, PA

My husband's paternal ancestors were part of the large influx of eastern Europeans who immigrated to America in the early part of the 20th century. Their ethnicity was Slovak, but there was so much turmoil in that part of Europe at that time that his great-grandmother used to say that they would get up in the morning and look outside to see which flag was flying in order to know what country they were living in that day! As a result, many of them left their homeland, seeking a better life in America. Like many of these immigrants, my husband's ancestors found work in the steel industry - in the case of his ancestors, they wound up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The custom seems to be that the husband/father would come to America first, joining a family member or friend who had previously immigrated. Once he was established with a job and a place to live, he would be joined by his wife and children. Thus there is often a lag time of a couple of years between the date the husband immigrated and the date the wife immigrated. Also, occasionally the husband would make one or more trips back to the homeland, only to return to America alone, work a few more years and then be joined by his family a few years later. And, of course, sometimes the husband would return to his homeland and remain there. (I mention this because it is one of the issues that I have come across in trying to sort through immigration records and track and locate the families in the US Federal censuses.)

My husband's paternal grandparents were Pavel (aka Paul) Tomko and Anna Stibrik. Paul immigrated in 1922 at the age of 18. For more information on him and what is known of his ancestry, click on his bio below. Anna Stibrik immigrated with her mother and siblings in 1914 at the age of 4. For more information on her ancestors, click on her bio below.

Visit the biography of my husband's grandfather Pavel (aka Paul) Tomko for more information on the Tomkos in his direct line.

Visit the biography of my husband's grandmother Anna Stibrik for more information on the Stibriks in his direct line.

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