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Shaner Family of Chester, Montgomery and Berks Counties of PA

My immigrant Shaner ancestor was Melchior Schoener. He and his wife Anna Maria Geiger and their older children arrived in Philadelphia on Sept 21, 1742 on the ship Francis and Elizabeth. Melchior and Anna Maria settled in New Hanover township in present day Montgomery County, PA. Their children were John, Peter, Daniel, George, Christophel, Catherine, Andrew, David, Anna Maria, and Jacob. Melchior was born in 1710 and died in 1778. His wife Anna Maria was born in 1717 and died in 1801

Of the children of Melchior and Anna Maria, John was born in 1734 and died October 21, 1821 in the area of Pottstown, PA. He married a widow Anna Maria Ketterer on March 3, 1761. Her maiden name might have been Stump. The next son was Peter, who was born 1737 and died 1790 in Frederick, Maryland. His wife was Appolonia Benner. The next son Daniel died young, probably before the family immigrated. The next child was George. He probably married a woman named Elizabeth, but there appear to be more than one contemporaneous George/Elizabeth couple, so my information on him is sketchy at best. The next son Christophel was born in 1745 and died in 1802. He married Elizabeth Graff. They are my 5th great grandparents.

The next child, a daugther Catherine married Jacob Malsberger. She died in the Pottstown, PA area about 1820 and her husband died in 1805. Next was Andrew who was born in 1749 and died in 1806. His wife was Julianna Reifschnieder. The son David was born and died in 1752. Daughter Anna Maria was born in 1753. She was married to George Spangler when her father died in 1778. Son Jacob was born in 1759. He married Anna Barabara [unknown]. She died in 1791. Jacob and Anna Barabara are also my 5th great grandparents since their daughter Elizabeth married her cousin Solomon, son of Christophel and Elizabeth Graff.

For more information on the Shaners in my direct line, view the biography of my grandmother Ada Evans Garner. She was the daughter of Harry Evans and Minnie Shaner.

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